Active Ingredient(s): Acetaminophen
FDA Approved: * May 26, 1976
Category: Pain Relief

* This drug may consist of multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or distributors. If applicable, they would be listed below under "NDC Database Records".

Tylenol Overview

Paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen,[a] is a medication used to treat fever and mild to moderate pain.[11][12] At a standard dose, paracetamol only slightly decreases body temperature;[11][13][14] it is inferior to ibuprofen in that respect,[15] and the benefits of its use for fever are unclear.[11][16][17] Paracetamol may reliev...

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Help me identify what I found in my sons laundry

I found some white oblong pills in my sons room that say Ex on one side and nothing on the other. They look like Tylenol but a little bigger. I don't think they are excedrine as I take them for headaches myself. Pill identifyers come up with nothing on the searches. Please help! ## Based on your description, the only white oblong shaped pill with this exact imprint is Excedrin migraine relief (acetaminophen 250 mg + aspirin 250 mg + caffeine 65 mg). Manufactured by: Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. I'd like to think that Excedrin comes in different forms depending on the dosage and manufacturer, but since I don't take this medication I'm not aware of all the dosage forms. If anyone else can confirm this, please do post back! ## Peach color squAre pill. One side has I or 1 ...

Doctors who will prescribe pain medication in rhode island

I am looking for an MD or Pain clinic that will prescribe pain medication in Rhode Island. I have 4 herniated discs, nerve damage in my leg, severe migraines. My former Md said that he could not longer prescribe due to the regulations, I dont want to have to move, that would be crazy to have to go through that, but I also do not want to continue living night and day in Agony, with not one Md that has any compassion, it seems all they care about is to look out for themselves, I only take 2 pain medications that I believe are both in class 1, but when you talk to a doctor about pain, they tell you to take tylenol. I am tired of theses doctors just caring about themselves, if you have a patient like myself, that has the MRI's and Catscans to show what my pain level is, they should be a...

AP 500 white pill

Found this white pill with the marking "AP 500". Not APO or anything else!! Please help. Again "AP" on one side and "500" on the other. Thank you. ## I'm trying to figure out the same thing only this one has AP 500 on the same side. ## What pill is AP500? I found a bottle filled with these, but no name, and can't seem to find it anywhere. ## I don't know the answer but it's most likely something over the counter, or it could also be from outside the US. If it were a standard US prescription drug I'd expect it to be found on DailyMed or another prescription database. ## It's an OTC pain medication. Tylenol, maybe generic, 500 mg

What is 44-175? Tylenol generic?

I have an oblong white pill with the number 44-175 on it and would like to be sure that it is Acetaminophen. Thank you. ## Just to confirm, this tablet does contain Acetaminophen 500 mg (NDC 0182-2152). Acetaminophen is a widely used over-the-counter analgesic (pain reliever) and antipyretic (fever reducer). ## Is the white prolonged pill with 44 175 on it considered Tylenol? I'm pregnant and I can ONLY take Tylenol. ## I'm 30 weeks pregnant today and all I can take is Tylenol. Is 44 175 (Acetaminophen 500 mg) the same as or still considered Tylenol? ## Yes, Acetaminophen is basically a generic Tylenol. It is the active ingredient used in Tylenol.

P500 white capsule shaped pill

I have a capsule shaped pill that has P500 on one side and plain on the other side. Is this Tylenol? ## Yes, this is over the counter Acetaminophen 500mg. P500 is one of the forms that it comes in. (NDC 49035-0494) Inactive Ingredients: - Starch, Corn - Croscarmellose Sodium - Hypromelloses - Lactose Monohydrate - Magnesium Stearate - Maltodextrin - Medium-chain Triglycerides - Mineral Oil - Polydextrose - Polyethylene Glycols - Polyvinyl Alcohol, Unspecified - Povidone - Water - Sodium Starch Glycolate Type a Potato - Stearic Acid - Talc - Titanium Dioxide

Little d in a V 014 oval white pill

Oval white big V little d on one side 014 on the other, what is it? ## is this pill i found a prescription drug it has a v with a small d in the middle on one side and a 014 on the other it is white and oblong ## I found an oval white pill in my sons jeans. One side has a big V and a small d in the middle of the big V. other side has the # 014. what medication is this? ## This is a 7.5 generic vike I take them daily.......some people get them confused with generic tylenol but they are Vicodin 7.5 ## I'm sorry, but the imprint provided is not correct. Turn it upside down and it's actually a lowercase p inside an A. The logo that incorporates the A over lowercase P that is only these tablets is used by Advanced Pharmaceuticals, they do not make prescription products. The tablet wi...

44530 yellow cold and flu otc

Can I take Tylenol or something for the headache which is one of the side effects? ## Can you post back with the ingredients listed on the box? You would need to know what the active ingredients in your otc drug are in order to know whether Tylenol would interact with them.

AP+MC blue oblong pill

Light blue oblong pill with AP+MC imprinted on the one side and a cut line on the other side. ## Just trying to see what pill is oval light blue with ap+mc on one side and line on the other. Is it a Tylenol base? ## Did you ever find out what this was? ## Not sure but I found one too. ## TYLENOL body pain night ## What country was this pill found in? I don't think it's a standard US prescription drug. Could be over the counter or something outside the US.

V 15 on a blue oblong pill

I have some blue oblong tablets with V 15 on it, what are these? ## This is Acetaminophen PM Extra Strength (Acetaminophen 500 mg and Diphenhydramine 25 mg) this is used to treat insomnia, headaches, and minor aches and pains. NDC 51824-015 Inactive Ingredients: - Magnesium Stearate - Cellulose, Microcrystalline - Polyethylene Glycol - Polyvinyl Alcohol - Povidone K30 - Stearic Acid - Talc - Titanium Dioxide - FD&C Blue No. 1

White tablet with 771 on it

I have a white tablet with # 771 on it, can you tell me what this is? ## Could it be isosorbid dinitrate - it's like nitroglycerine for circulation and your heart ? ## This tablet is manufactured by Paddock Laboratories and they list it as containing 325mgs of Acetaminophen, a generic or store brand of Tylenol. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, and headache.


Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Capsule: 160mg, 500mg, 80mg
  • Drops: 80mg/0.8ml
  • Elixir: 160mg/5ml
  • Injection: 10mg/ml
  • Liquid: 1000mg/30ml, 120mg, 120mg/5ml, 160mg, 160mg/5ml, 160mg/ml, 48mg, 500mg, 500mg/15ml, 500mg/5ml, 650mg, 80mg, 80mg/0.8ml, 80mg/2.5ml, 80mg/5ml
  • Powder: 1gm/vial
  • Solution: 1000mg/100ml (10mg/ml), 160mg/5ml, 1gm/100ml (10mg/ml), 500mg/15ml, 500mg/50ml (10mg/ml)
  • Suppository: 120mg, 325mg, 650mg, 80mg
  • Suspension: 160mg, 160mg/5ml, 80mg/0.8ml
  • Syrup: 160mg/5ml
  • Tablet: 160mg, 325mg, 500mg, 650mg
  • Tablet, Chewable: 160mg, 80mg
  • Tablet, Extended Release: 650mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

NDC Database Records for Tylenol: (9 results)

Sorted by National Drug Code
  • 50580-422 Tylenol 500 mg Oral Tablet by Mcneil Consumer Healthcare Div. Mcneil-ppc, Inc
  • 50580-451 Tylenol 500 mg Oral Tablet by Mcneil Consumer Healthcare Div. Mcneil-ppc, Inc
  • 50580-488 Tylenol 500 mg Oral Tablet by Mcneil Consumer Healthcare Div. Mcneil-ppc, Inc
  • 50580-496 Tylenol 325 mg Oral Tablet by Mcneil Consumer Healthcare Div. Mcneil-ppc, Inc
  • 50580-499 Tylenol 500 mg Oral Tablet by Mcneil Consumer Healthcare Div. Mcneil-ppc, Inc
  • 50580-501 Tylenol 325 mg Oral Tablet by Mcneil Consumer Healthcare Div. Mcneil-ppc, Inc
  • 55154-1909 Tylenol 500 mg Oral Tablet by Cardinal Health
  • 55154-1918 Tylenol 325 mg Oral Tablet by Cardinal Health
  • 55154-1928 Tylenol 325 mg Oral Tablet by Cardinal Health

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