Tylenol 3 Compared To Oxycodone & Hydrocodone

Luvmydog Says:

How does T-3 30mg codeine relate mg to mg to hydrocodone and Oxycodone? Working on a weaning program after spine surgery. Prior to surgery I was on high doses of Oxycodone for quite a long time. Pain mgmt Dr is a joke, I feel they are looking at keeping me as a patient, I just want off all pain meds. It would be helpful to know how they correlate to make as smooth as possible ride down to zero mg/day. I am hoping once I get to zero if there is any pain, that my body can adjust with endorphins.

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Luvmydog Says:

I forgot to mention, so far I have made a reduction by 70% per day. Now the w/d symptoms are getting rougher. Yes, I know there is a danger from high doses of acetaminophen. Why I was switched to Oxycodone over Hydrocodone a long time ago. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Luvmydog! How are you doing?

Oxycodone compares to Codeine in a 10 to 1 ratio, so each 3mgs of Oxycodone is equivalent to 30mgs of Codeine.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Luvmydog Says:

Great info it will help a lot. So that means the T-4 is double the strength of the T-3 correct? I never got up to my max allowed dose of 270 mg of Oxycodone. I got to 225 mg and it just didn't take care of the pain. Went to surgery, stayed at the 225/ day, because of w/d symptoms. Pain mgmt says stay there. After talking with the surgeon, and my PCP it was clear to start on down. I was able to get down to a 90mg/day dosage fairly quickly, about 40-45 days. Wow, trying to get below 90 has been tougher. Now down to 65mg per day, and doing it by quartering 20mg Oxycodone giving me 5 mg doses. My PCP can still prescribe Oxycodone after the new law, but is limited now more than ever. He did say he could more easily help me with T-3 30mg codeine once I get down to a safe Tylenol level. Knowing this info tells me I am very close to doing that now. Yes folks my pain has definitely increased a lot since I have gotten to 65/day. I am getting anywhere from 5-7 and the occasional vocalized 9+ pain. I don't care. I am SICK of U/A's, which I have to pay some of the cost. I am also tired of the pharmacy ppl looking down their noses at me! How professional is that? Plus after reading the many, many, many posts about being dropped by pain mgmt, for various ignorant reasons, I am not willing to be stuck all of a sudden with a crisis of having to ride a rough ride with no help. Like many of you I certainly am not a junkie. When I went to pain mgmt they told me, "if you are looking pain meds we don't prescribe it". I told them, great, I am glad you have alternatives. What a JOKE. That's all they wanted me to do was take all kinds of drugs. If I end up in major pain again, I am going to move to a legal marijuana state and become a stoner.

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litlisa Says:

I went to my md... Well in a lot of pain she made me do 3 U/A's and sad they were all negative for the Percocet I had been taking.... Now she will not give me any thing cause of the negative results... Even took over the counter U/A just to see for myself and it showed positive for opiates... Now went another doc and she said I was red flagged by my me... Could any one explain to me why or what to do?

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mikey Says:

After taking four Tylenol 3's about 6 hours ago, can I take a 30mg oxycodone or two 15mg doses without doing any damage to myself?

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