Norco Ip110 Vs Norco M365

c Says:

I have been taking Watson's m365 (10mg) for nearly a year. I've never had any adverse effects. Recently I switched pharmacies and they have ip110's instead. I'm now experiencing itching, headaches, bruising, more pain or less effectiveness and (as weird as this sounds) I pass out and sleep 3-4 hours after taking 2. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. What's the difference and how do I explain this to my pharmacy, so they understand the importance of ordering Watson? Thank you for your help with this. The pills look alike. Both are white and oblong. The only difference is the imprints listed above.

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Verwon Says:

The bruising is a concern and could signal a medical problem that requires treatment, as reported by the NIH. You need to see your doctor and have that checked out. Easy bruising is usually a sign of blood thinning, which shouldn't occur that severely, with a medication like this.

The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

As to getting them to order the other, they actually have no control over that. Which one they receive depends on who was offering the cheapest price to their distributor at the time they needed to restock their supply. There are some pharmacies that will go out of their way to stock the one a customer prefers, but you will have to pay the different between it and the cheapest generic from their supplier.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Kimber Says:

That pill you are taking is made by Amneal. They are garbage!! I had the same problems. I filed a complaint on their websire. You should do the same. We need to get this lousy medication off the shelves of pharmacies!! We will get more done if more people complain. Sorry you are going through what I already did. Please file a complaint.

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Spirit Says:

After the whole 5 year mess I now realize I was allowing doctors to verbally and emotionally abuse me.

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Hurting Bad Says:

I DON'T know who invented that Ip110 I'm in so much pain this pills do not work and the pharmacy won't replace them with my regular Norco365 they replaced them because there where out of stock but didn't tell me till they filled my script then said I would have to take the Ip110 they don't work I'm in so much pain I Don't know what to do.

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Green Mamba Says:

Re: Hurting Bad (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I also was changed from Watson to Amneal recently they are useless they are white oblong and and taking and Aleve gel cap actually works better I called around everywhere nobody seems to have Watson anymore but many of the major pharmacies so I don't know if that company went out of business or not I'm trying to find out I have a doctor's appointment next week going to tell my doctor that this new generic brand of pain med for my Norco does not work at all I stopped taking them but I'm saving them to show the doctor so he can throw them in the garbage I'm going to ask him for something else I'm a retired law enforcement officer my whole career was going after natural green medicine distributors so now that it's legal in California it's more of an ethical issue for myself but I can't take this pain much longer looking forward to seeing the doctor to see what he suggest for me and the possible reality of actually going natural idk... Good luck.

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Shannon Says:

Exactly the same thing I go through. M365 are fine but Ip110 I get bad headaches.

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