I Have Safely Taken My Pain Medications For 10 Years Without Ever Having A Problem, My Md Will No Longer Prescibe, It Is Unfair To The Patient

Dennise Says:

I have been on Fiorinal w Codeine and Fioricet as well as Valium for Sleep. I have 3 herniated disks in my back, Scloroisis, Nerve Damage in my left leg and Chronic Migraines. No Doctors in Rhode Island will any longer prescribe medication, if they do it is only one medication, I used to get all 3 of my medications for these problems from one Doctor who was my primary until he informed me that he could no longer write those. If anyone know's anyone in Rhode Island Please Help!

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Dennise Says:

Hello Thank you for your reply. I was wondering if this is just in Rhode Island, becuase I am close to the border of Massachusett's. Perhaps I might be able to find a good Family Physician there? My regular Md, just told me to go to see a pain Specialist and that they have alternative ways of managing pain. I have been on 2 Doxepin and Gabapentin and neither one worked for me , they just made me feel like I was in a fog, I stuck with it, but it did not change. I don't understand why people have to suffer now, I mean the ones that have the MRI's and Catscans that were ordered to show that I am not taking these meds for recreation. I had been on them for 10 years, my physician would never give a refill, which is fine, and it stated that the amount had to last me 30 days, this was in the past 2 years, and I never had a problem, with running short, or abusing my medication, I think they should look at the patient's history with these medication's before pulling them and telling the patient they can no longer write for these medication's. I never once had an incident, where I could have taken more than prescribed. I take them only because I need to, they really should allow the Doctor's to look at the patient's history while they were on these medication's before telling the Doctor they can no longer write for these

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Dennise!

No, this is not isolated to just Rhode Island, the new regulations apply to the entire U.S.

If you require such medications for long-term treatment, you'll need to see a specialist, which will most likely be 2 different doctors, one for the migraine pain and one for the sleep issues.

And few are going to be willing to prescribe both Fiorinal with Codeine and Fioricet, since they are so similar. The Valium just being used for sleeping is also going to be an issue, most doctors aren't going to want to prescribe it for that, since it is a benzodiazepine that can be habit forming.

Is there a chance that your current PCP could refer you to someone?

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peanut Says:

i have cystic fibrosis and pancreatitis(50% of it gone) was in hospital every holiday, go home and be back in two days for 3 weeks. it was no life at all. very lonely. it gets old for people to come up to hospital for years. get your files from your doctor and start going to a doctor until you find one that both of you are happy with your pain plan. i went to cleveland clinin, mayo clinic some prefer to put a morphine pump in your stomach but weighing 72 lbs there isnt much room and its a square book like looking device. i said no way. my dodtor died suddenly of cancer. no one in the office knew how to handle things. i couldnt even get my files yet. luckily my gi doctor was my in patient doctor he agreed to write scripts only 2 months.he said thats what family doctors are for. i didnt know. talk about feeling abanded, if thou my doc was sick. well now i drive/ ride 60 miles to his brother, who is family doc. he knew his brothers writing. always type a list ,with dosage etc. have them look and sign it or have their staff. mu doctor was only 5 years older. i saw him every month. some scripts you cant get refills. so now i write everything down keep good notes. if you go to a new doctor, they shouldnt make you suffer. in my state its against the law. write your congress person. for me it was alot of work cause i was so sick had anxiety so bad. but the outcome was good but took time. i had doctors wanting to put shots into my pancreas to numb it. the pacreas is hard to get to plus it doesnt like to be touched. you can get really sick. i will never put myself in that position again. i lost my doctor. thank god for his brother. please get copies of everything so your never in that position. R.I. may have different rules my state puts out a booklet where to seek help with that, thinking about it, calling doctors i came up with it. i cant ride in a car without laying down my options were are limited thank god for his brothers. keep notes copies, copies of scripits. drug addicts have ruined it for us that are truely sick

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Ladyinpain Says:

No. It's not just NJ my primary told me couldn't write either. That I had to go to pain doctor. Not fair that is the damn government in our business. Lucky I got Medicare. Government telling doctors what they can do. Good luck I'm in Texas so can't help with doctors but your primary should be able to refer you to one.

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Mdemsdude Says:

My dr would only write nucynta 1 time. He then wrote a script to see pain management dr. I went to on close by in Maryland. I have had no problems with getting two month supplies of nucynta, lidocaine patches and etodalac. They are very helpful. Btw worker/comp case.

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Rootsgal Says:

Why don't you try the medical marijuana program? They have high CBD products out, and I am a non-smoker, who lives in CT. We have dispensary's close by to where I live. Rhode Island is "delivery only", so lucky you! I went off: KADIAN & oxycontin and I use an oil cartridge vaporizer instead. Setevia for daytime and Indica for PM. I still take 20 mgs of oxycodone BID. I use to take 40mgs TID, but was able to slowly drop the dose and then went to twice a day. You qualify so it might be an option. They have tinctures and strips if you also do not smoke. Vaporizers do not mess up your lungs at all. I am lucky my primary care doctor will prescribe this one narcotic. but he knows I have 8 screws and a plate in my neck, thanks to a drunk driver. I also found the most gifted osteopath, who is also my medical mj doc. He is the best at cranio sacral work. Its all up to us now. We have to figure it out alone, because they are all afraid they will be sued. It's stupid to become a doctor, and then fear prescribing for those in chronic pain.

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Deb Says:

Thank you. I never thought of making copies of my scripts for further use if necessary. This is such a great idea. Although, I believe that I can at least for now, ask the pharmacy for a copy of my prescriptions.............and as of now, I'll start making my own copies just to have on file. Thank you again for your great advice.

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kay Says:

I am in Ohio I have spinal stenosis been trying to get my meds back and herniated disk in lower lumbar spine and pain all day. Spine dr told me he won't prescribe to mgr because I'm under 40 so I know how you fell I hate our government. My family dr don't wanna help either or pain mgmt

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Rootsgal Says:

You can ask your pharmacy to print out all your meds from the prior year. They do it right on the spot for free.
There is a record for everything.

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lanie Says:

Only pain management docs can prescribe opiates for pain on a continuous basis. New York docs stopped prescribing these meds close to 5 years ago. Here, even the actual pain med docs are limited in the am out of meds and mgs they can prescribe. Most will say if you want a decent quality of life and you have severe RSD you have to move. It's not the docs fault. It's very hard to know they can't really help their patients do much more than exist. DEA is up their ass. My pain doc told me a lot of pain doc's patient are suddenly showing illegal drugs in their systems. These people are in agony and the DEA is torturing them. Now the docs are worried about suicides.

I believe that once a person is diagnosed with a chronic pain disease by more than one doc, the new laws should not apply to them. They should be able to live, not just exist in a state of severe chronic pain. I guess we can pursue happiness all we want, we just aren't allowed to attain it. Sorry about the venting. I am so sick of hurting so much. So, Massachusetts will most likely be the same way. This might help to your advantage though. After 10 years of the same meds THEY probably don't work like they used too. A pain doctor might be able to get you more relief. Ask your Dr. to give you a referral to a pain management doc. Maybe he knows a good one. I here that some pain docs are certified to prescribe higher mgs. than others. Good Luck and God Bless

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BL Says:

A pharmacist isn't going to copy your rx for.you. Any Dr can look.up a patient in their states Prescription Monitoring Program and that tells them.all if the rxs that patient has gotten filled. who the Dr was, how many tablets, etc and some states also.list the method of.payment used.
There have been.a large number of death, supposedly, reported in connection with narcotics and valium that is why some drs no longer will prescribe the combination.

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Jim Says:

You should definitely see a pain medicine specialist. With that many meds surprising you haven't been under a pain meds specialist before now.

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BL Says:

lanie, any Dr can write a rx for pain meds for chronic pain. Although, many drs have chosen to send most of their patients to pain managemen and many drs lie to their patients and tell them the laws have changed and they can no longer prescribe them. If someone has told you this, you need to ask them for the state or federal statue reference numbers so you can look it up.

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No Paddle Says:

Your doctor should be able to prescribe the same thing but may have to cut back on the amount per prescription. I used to take Fioricet w. Codeine, 30 per month, and Tramadol 50mg, 50 per month. These were for muscle tension headaches and migraine headaches, and tramadol for fibromyalgia. After the law clamped down, it became very difficult for doctors to be prescribing more than one narcotic medication or other controlled meds.
So, I now get only 18 Fioricet per month and that's with no codeine. Tramadol went from 50 to only 30 a month.
I guess this was the only way to keep the DEA off their backs.
No one had the time to explain the change to me, it just happened. I had to adapt. But my quality of life has suffered greatly. I also have depression and the tramadol boosted my seratonin, an unexpected benefit. So more depression...it's made things difficult. I only leave my house once or twice a month, and that's a challenge. I don't have agoraphobia either, it's just too much pain, depression, and severe fatigue. So you're not the only one. I'm very sorry, but we've been left with no alternatives.

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BL Says:

No Paddle. No one had time to explain it because it isn't true. Drs can and the vast majority of time prescribe more than one narcotic for chronic severe pain. Tramadol and Floricet are both Schedule IV and can be called in and refilled and there are no laws saying you have to see your Dr at least once every 90 days. Floricet with Codiene is a Schedule III. but the same rules apply to it as applies to Floricet and Tramadol. Your pain isn't chronic.

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No Paddle Says:

Are you a health care professional? You seem to have all the answers.

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No Paddle Says:

Medical definition for Fibromyalgia: fibromyalgia—a chronic pain disorder whose often debilitating symptoms overlap with many other diseases.
My migraine and severe muscle tension headaches are chronic.
Who are you to tell me my pain isn't chronic? By definition it is chronic and my body certainly proves it daily. I have symptoms every day of my life. Both conditions have been well documented by more than one doctor.
Why do you feel compelled to set everyone straight without actually being helpful?
If you are entertaining yourself by baiting me that is really pathetic.

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BL Says:

No Paddle. when I said migraines aren't chronic pain, I meant that the pain from migraines isn't constant because migraines aren't constant. Neither one of the meds you mentioned are used to treat migraines now days.

I don't understand who told you that changes in law are why your Dr can't prescribe the meds he dud before in the same dosage. With your Dr no longer prescribing Codiene for your pain, he is saying he doesn't believe your having the degree of pain you say you are. Although I'm sure your Dr has you on other meds that are suppose to help with fibro pain and ease and prevent migraines. But those meds aren't traditional pain meds.

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No Paddle Says:

BL. You don't know what you're talking about, you have not seen my medical records.
Why don't you address Denisse, I am not the subject here, nor am I in need of your opinion. And if you can't be helpful to Denisse at least be compassionate.

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Maxundergroundchem Says:

Got to agree with other guy, both of those meds aren't used for your conditions and seems odd your doctors even prescribed those to you but doesn't surprise me due to whats going on. Doctors want to look like they're trying different things and i do have degrees in pharmaceutical field and 2 years into chemistry for bachelors, so i have a small amount of education and there is no set dose for opioids, its whatever dose provides adequate relief without unmanageable side effects, thats what i learned in 2009, but the dea is up there ass because in 2004 a certain agency rated them a 0 out of a 100 and were threatened with shut down they didnt want to loose there jobs so bam and the doctors dont wana loose there jobs, bam sellouts thats what these people are putting money greed before the people of America. how long has this been going on? a long time. its not surprising to me anyway. any body in the medical field knows that opioids are one of the safest pain relief meds there is and not only that they make a more effective treatment for anxiety ptsd insomnia depression. they all know this but choose to ignore people who have degrees in human psychology and know these things. most people using illegal drugs are self medicating. any psychiatrist will tell you and would not need to abuse illegal drugs if treated in the first place. The fact of the matter is the dea needs to leave the decisions up to the people who are educated in the field. also the abuse off these drugs just drives the cost of them higher due to steps taken to tamper proof them which creates more profits. there's so many variables to this situation more than meets the eye. this will change soon tho because its just going to make things worse. I have to go into mexico to get my meds. ive got degenerative bone dessese, scoliosis, hurniated discs, pinched nerves, osteoarthritis in knees, ankles and shoulders, severe cronic pain 24/7. without meds id rather be dead. its agony. i mean withdrawing from 300mg ms contin a day and 180mg oxicodone a day was cake compared to the pain. i now have to drive to mexico every month to get what i need which is just 180 instant release morphine 30s becouse there are cheap in mexico and thats all i can afford, but its better than oxycodone 5mg 4 times a day. thats all they're willing to give me in america being 25 and all. after my degree i plan to move to a country where i can grow my own opium and make my own damn meds. i hate how they'd rather prescribe 3 4 5 6 medications that you could write a book with there side effects rather than just 1 medication with like a paragraph of possible side effects. for most peaple there are no side effects when used correctly. I do wish you the best tho on managing your pain. Everyone good luck.

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