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Estrogen, or oestrogen, is a category of sex hormone responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. There are three major endogenous estrogens that have estrogenic hormonal activity: estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), and estriol (E3). Estradiol, an estrane, is the most potent and prevalent. Another estrogen called estetrol (E4) is produced only during pregnancy. Estrogens are synthesized in all vertebrates[1] an...

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Susten 100 Vaginal Insert

The tablet is like capsule and do not know where to keep the tablet in vagina exactly ## Susten is a form of Progesterone, which is a hormone that's vital to the normal female menstrual cycle and the ability to get pregnant and carry a baby to term. You should just place it as far up as possible, so it rests against, or near the cervix and leave it there. Are there any other comments or questions? ## I am 13 weeks pregnant and my doctor told to use susten 200 two times daily vaginally, but after sometimes if I walk and seat I feel some warm water discharge so is that ok. I don't find any itching or leaking and all.

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use for hotflashes

May I purchase this drug online without a doctor's prescription? This is the only prescription drug I take, no over the counter with the exception of supplements, vitamins, etc. what is the brand name for this drug? ## Bellaspas Tablets has been the only help I have ever had my hot flashes! I can go maybe half a day without one but most of the time I have a hot flashes every hour on the hour and some inbetween. I sweat from head to toe, which means I have to change my colthes alot. How can I share my life with someone when I have this problem? Please help me!!! My last scrip was in 2008. I've in hell since. ## No, this is not available over the counter, you can only obtain it via a doctor's prescription. Bellaspas is the brand name, it contains Ergotamine, Phenobarbital, and...

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canex v cream side effects

Hi, I had used canex v cream for the past two weeks, but now I have developed this aching rush and I have noticed white discharge. Is it normal? ## Hello, Monica! How are you? I'm sorry about what you're experiencing. Can you please describe your symptoms in more detail? This cream is normally used to treat yeast infections, so some skin irritation, bleeding and discharge can be normal side effects of it, as listed by the U.S. FDA. What were you using it to treat? ## morning everyone, am 21 weeks pregnant n have itching n burning urine is it safe to use canex v? ## I'm using canex v since Monday this week so I'm starting to have redness and burning outside of my vagina n its painting, so I want to know that I can continue using it or not or its normal. ## I'm experie...

Super Apeti and breastfeeding

My baby is 2 months old. Can I take super apeti while breastfeeding? ## Can I take super apeti while breastfeeding? ## Can I take super apeti while breastfeeding a 4 month old baby? ## Is super apeti safe to take while breastfeeding? ## Did you ever find out if it was safe to take super apeti while breastfeeding? ## Is it safe to take super apeti pills during breastfeeding? ## Yes. If not, please explain cause I want help too. ## Is it safe to take super apeti while breastfeeding?

Wrong intake of trust pills

I need help. Ngayon ko lang narealize na mali ang naiinom kong pill. Instead of pill #8, i took pill#14. Supposed to be, pill #12 ang iinumin ko kanina pero nakita ko pill#10 ang ininom ko.. Next pill for me should be pill #13 pero since mali ako ng inom, nainom ko na xa.. Ang naiwan, pill#9 and 8 tapos pill #15 na.. Wat should do?.. Please help.. ## Wrong pill intake, instead of 8-9 i took 14 and 13 what should i do? ## pls help po ngtake ng pills from 1-7 instead of #8, 9, 10 ang nainum ko po ai #1, 13, 2, 11 anu pongggawin ko? mbubunis po ba ko nyan? ## What if I took a pill 1 tablet in advance?I already took the pill that will supposed to be tommorow? Is there any side effects????? ## Instead of #8 yong nainum ko po ay #14 tapos sunod ay #9 ..saka yong #6 nakalimutan ko inumi..itutu...

Vino De Quina effects on baby

2 months mhgit n pu aqng delayed positive pu ung pt q nkainum pu aq ng 4 bottle ng vino de quina makakasma b sa nggiging baby un ## Tanong ku lng kasi 2 months delay na po then aftr 2 months my lumabas na dugo na my halong duong buo pro maliit lng xa..tpos nun kinabukasan konti nlng ang lumabas na dugo sa akin..tpos after 3 days white blood na nmn ang lumabas at mdyo marami rami din po..ano ba ibig sabihin nun? Uminom po ng vino de quina pro wla na pong dugo lumabas sa akin....pro nung tym delay po nag PT po at positive po xa kya nagtaka ako at worried na po kasi di pa po ready pregnant..ano gagawin ko po? Please, I need your help po.... ## Makakatulong po ba ito para tumaba ako? After ko po kasi manganak sobrang nabawas ang timbang ko at nawalan ng gana kumain. Wala po ba itong effect ...

Trying to get pregnant

I'm a 28 year old trying to get pregnant for the last 3 years. I was on clomid, duphaston for more than 1 year. I underwent 2 iui also. I'm ovulating well every month and all the medical reports are normal but I'm not getting success. Now my doctor advised me to take m2-tone tabs for 3 months. But in the first month itself i missed my periods (periods are regular always). I had taken a home pregnancy test on the 7th day of my missed period but it was negative. So pls suggest whether these are tablet side effects or something else? And outside of this what else do u suggest for me to get pregnant? Thanks in advance. ## Hello, Dolly! How are you? Has your male partner been checked out by the doctor? If everything with you has checked out fine, there's a chance that the pro...

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Nagkabaliktad na pag inom ng trust pills

Good day! I'm jan. Anu po ang dapat gawin kasi nkabalikyad ang iniinom ko na trust pills.. Imbes 14-21 ang nainom ko ay 21-14... ## Natakot ako ayaw kopa mag ka bb.. Nagkamali ako uminom ng pill dapat #16 ang nainom ko is 21...ang ginawa ko cnabay ko Yong dalawa now..d ko Alan kong Tama ba... ## Nagkamali ng pag inom ng pills imbis na 8-14, 14-8 po nainom ko? Possible po ba akong pregnant? Please reply. ## Nagkamali ako ng inom ng pills imbers na #13 na inom #15 natakot ako ininom k agad kanina umaga #13 please answer dis question. ## Hi. I just want to ask about taking a Diane Pills. It's 8th day today but I have a deep breathing and a migraine after taking it. Should I stop taking the pill? What I should do? Please enlighten me. Thank you. ## Mali po yung nainom ko kagabi, ins...

Can Famynor stop bledding

I am 51 yes old still menstrurating,I stared my period on the 17Nov it's now the 12of Dec still heavily menstrurating,went to the clinic they first gave me logynon ED it didn't stop went back the gave me Famynor,I'm still bleeding,I'm bloated,no hot flashes,I only get a little pain on my right side and a little pain at the back not always but mostly in the morning after that I bleed heavily, please help it's now affecting me ## Femynor is a combination oral contraceptive that is commonly used to help prevent pregnancy, and to treat menstrual irregularities. Its typical side effects may include nausea, dizziness, weight changes, mood changes, headache, and irregular bleeding. Bleeding being heavier in the morning is normal, it is simply due to gravity, when you are la...

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daphne pills with no menstruation

Last june 2013 i started using daphne pills..I last took the tablet on july 3. And until now i dont have menstruation yet, its 10 days now. I sooo scared..i havent taken anything yet. I already have contact with my husband. Am I fertile or not? What should i do? ## Hi, Jeryln! How are you? It can be normal for your cycle to be off, when you are new to taking hormonal contraceptives. However, did you have contact with your husband during the week you first started them, without using other protection? Because it takes them a week to become effective, unless you start them the first day of your menstruation. And after not having one, you should have started a new pack on the same day as usual and contacted your doctor for further instructions. If you didn't start a new pack, when you ...


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