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Estrogen, or oestrogen, is the primary female sex hormone. It is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. There are three major endogenous estrogens in females that have estrogenic hormonal activity: estrone, estradiol, and estriol. The estrane steroid estradiol is the most potent and prevalent of these. Estrogens are synthesized in all vertebrates[1] as well as some insects.[2] Their pr...

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Can i take ling zhi while breastfeeding?

Can I take ling zhi supplement while breastfeeding? Does anyone know the pregnancy category? ## Hello, Ann! How are you? Since ling zhi is a supplement derived from a type of mushroom, its safety during breast feeding has not been evaluated. The FDA warns women to check with their doctors, before taking anything new, to be certain whether or not it may pass through to the infant via your breast milk. Is there anything else I can help with? ## good day , i want to take vitamins for me , but my baby take me a breastfeed. what vitamins need to me. thank you.. ## Hi tanung ko lang po pwd po ba mag take ng Ling zhi food supplement herbal po sya while im breastfeeding going 1month na po si baby? ## Hi it is okey to take lingzhi while breast feeding? My baby is 9 months old. ## can i take ling...

Estropipate Availability 2019

Did they stop making Estropipate? If not, can anyone please tell me about its current availability? I love this drug. Been taking it for over 30 years. Now I cannot find it anywhere. I have to take estrogen and progestin. Age 75. It made me young and never got any cancer. Please bring it back, even if costs more. ## Sorry to hear about your trouble getting it filled. Can you list which dosage / manufacturer you were taking before? You can see a list on the Estropipate NDC page. It might be possible to try and contact them and see what's going on. Also, I am unfortunately seeing this drug listed as "discontinued" on a drug shortage page from the FDA, but very few details are listed, so I'm not sure where they are publishing that info from. ## Same here Ruth. It's a sa...

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m2 tone tablet

I took M2tone for two months when I got pregnant. I had a miscarriage in the ninth week. I just had D and C done to remove the remains. Please, I want to know if I can start taking M2tone again or if I should wait for my first menstrual cycle? Thank you. ## I started using m2 tone tablets some few days into my period and it flowed, i still took until my next period which has delayed five days now. i have checked and am not pregnant. Sometimes I feel the menses is coming but it does not. Should I be worried? Please advice. ## Can I get pregnant after taking m2-tone tablets, even on my free days, because I took the drug due to irregular periods? ## I have been using m2 tone tablets for two months now. My last flow was very heavy, I am still taking it but my next period has delayed for 9da...

Menstruation non stop

Hi, good day. I'm afraid i don't know what to do as my menstruation is not stopping. It's already going on 2 months. Please advise. ## Hello, Angel! How are you? The NIH lists several different reasons things that could cause, but most commonly, it is due to a hormonal imbalance in your body. Have you consulted a doctor? Are you on any medications? How old are you? Have you ever had a child? How heavy is the bleeding? Has this ever happened, before? Are your cycles normally regular? ## What could be the possible cause of menstruating for more than 2 weeks? This has been happening to me since the last 2 months. What shall I do? ## I had a nonstop heavy bleeding for 2 months, early this year & I was diagnosed with having pcos. the doctor asked me to take tranexamic acid wh...

doxytet can delay period

Can doxytet delay periods? 2 months ago i was experiencing spotting and brown discharge between my period. Nurses gave me doxytet for an infection and i saw only spotting and brown discharge, no period. Are they late bcos of the doxytet i took? ## I took doxycline and i have not had my period 2 months after that. Anybody got any ideas what it could be? I ain't pregnant either. ## Hi, haven't seen my periods for a week now and I'm not pregnant but all I can see is brown discharge, and I have diarrhea. Can doxytet delay periods?

Menstruation questions

hindi po tumitigil ang menstruation ko for how many months until nagdecide ako na magpacheck-up. My Ob found out that I have PCOS. niresitahan niya ako ng metformin 3x a day, provera for 7 days and lastly althea, sabi din niya nga kelangan kong magbawas ng timbang. first day ko plng mag-take ng provera, nawala na agad ung menstruation ko until naubos ko ung provera for 7 days. sabi ng Ob ko, 1st day ng menstruation ko, that's the time na iinumin ko ang 1st day pill ko. right after i took my last provera, kinabukasan nun, 1st day menstryation ko na nman. i am taking up althea for 3 weeks pero hindi pa rin nag-stop menstruation ko..side effects ba to sa althea? how many days will I wait para mwala 2? sabi ng Ob ko, 6months treatment daw ako, does it mean na hindi pa mareregulate ang m...

Trigestrel and Oralcon

Hi, I've been using Oralcon for almost year now, but when I went to my Dr they didn't have oralcon in stock so the Dr gave me Trigestrel and said it's the same, but I'm concerned. Will the 2 clash and is it safe for me to use Trigestrel right away? ## Yes, you can just switch straight from one to the other. That is often done, when a woman needs to switch which one she takes. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have just moved from trigestrel to oralcon, do they function the same? I'm about to reach 50 years of age. Is it safe? ## Hi. I recently started using oralcon. When I went to the clinic yesterday they didnt have oralcon so they gave me trigestrel. I am so confused now on where to start my packet since trigestrel starts with red pills while oralcon end...

Medicine To Start My Period and Get Pregnant

i am a 22 year old women married for almost 7 years and i have no period and i want to start a family! What should i do or take so that i can have my period and get pregnant? Help please! ## well i had my period normal up yill december 2008 and then it just stopped and my husband and i have been trying but no luck and we know if you dont have a period you cant have a baby i just want to know is there is anything i can do to make my dreams of being a mother true is there any one that can help me please ## Okay, first of all, it isn't true that you can't get pregnant just because you don't have your period, if you're fertile it can still happen, even women in perimenopause that don't always get their period and may skip for months at a time can still get pregnant. Lear...

chances of falling pregnant after nuristrate and not on period

Is it possible to fall pregnant without your period after nuristrate ## There is a slight chance, if you are still ovulating, but it isn't very likely. In most cases, if you aren't having your period, then you aren't ovulating, which means there is no egg available each month to be fertilized. Have you had your hormone levels tested? You may be too low in progesterone, so it may need to be supplemented back. The short period of using the Nuristrate may not have been enough to do it. ## So what's the advice of getting back my period ## i stoped nuristrate 3months ago and had a normal periods,i recently had unprotected intercourse but the prego is negative. i need a baby asap ## Had intercourse wen my bby ws 2mnths so Is there a chance of getting pregnant ## Well ever sinc...

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Received my first injection April 13, 2015

I finally decided to take the 3 month injection. So far I have been on my cycle for 17 days, I have hot flashes at night and I have mood swings. I am praying this drug works and shrinks my fibroids. It is extremely difficult to live a normal life when you bleed constantly and have clots suddenly that requires you to go to the restroom often. Best of luck everyone! ## How is it working for you? Lupaneta is actually used to restrict the hormones that usually cause the pain associated with endometriosis. It works by suppressing estrogen, which is the same hormone that can sometimes cause the growth of fibroids. Its typical side effects may possibly include acne, headaches, hot flashes, mood swings and sadness. Have you considered surgery to remove them? ## I did the lupanetta pack about 12...

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