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Estrogen, or oestrogen, is a category of sex hormone responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. There are three major endogenous estrogens that have estrogenic hormonal activity: estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), and estriol (E3). Estradiol, an estrane, is the most potent and prevalent. Another estrogen called estetrol (E4) is produced only during pregnancy. Estrogens are synthesized in all vertebrates[1] and...

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hindi pa ako nireregla

2 years ako nag take ng injectable. Then tinigil kona sa una after 3 months ako niregla then 2 months naman niregla ako. After nun hindi nako niregla mag 1 year na po. What to do? Diko alm bkit. Pls pakisagot po. God bless. ## Hi eve. Bakit po ganun isang buwan higet na hinde pako nireregla. ## Nagtataka lang kung bakit lumalaki tyan ko at isa pa gumamit poko ng PT negative naman po. at tuwing mag off ako sa work ko. My ng yyari naman po samin ng xbf ko. pro iniinuman kopo ng gamot nka dalawang buwan ako uminom. ngaun October into nganu lang huminto uminom ng gamot. hanggang ngaun po. hinde pa dinadatnan bakit po ganun. yan lang po ty? ## Elow po ask kulang sana po kung ilan month makaroon ng regla and bago panganak ako kasi po 1 year na ang baby KO. Bakit wala pa ako regla. Na p.t namn...

Nagkabaliktad na pag inom ng trust pills

Good day! I'm jan. Anu po ang dapat gawin kasi nkabalikyad ang iniinom ko na trust pills.. Imbes 14-21 ang nainom ko ay 21-14... ## Natakot ako ayaw kopa mag ka bb.. Nagkamali ako uminom ng pill dapat #16 ang nainom ko is 21...ang ginawa ko cnabay ko Yong dalawa now..d ko Alan kong Tama ba... ## Nagkamali ng pag inom ng pills imbis na 8-14, 14-8 po nainom ko? Possible po ba akong pregnant? Please reply. ## Nagkamali ako ng inom ng pills imbers na #13 na inom #15 natakot ako ininom k agad kanina umaga #13 please answer dis question. ## Hi. I just want to ask about taking a Diane Pills. It's 8th day today but I have a deep breathing and a migraine after taking it. Should I stop taking the pill? What I should do? Please enlighten me. Thank you. ## Mali po yung nainom ko kagabi, ins...

Penorit tablet to regulate periods

my wife's periods was due on 5 march but she missed the period on 17 march we consulted our Doctor and pregnancy test. Negative test report and no sign of pregnancy in ultrasound. doctor gave penorit tablet for periods. my wife had the tablet but 4 days have been gone by but still no periods.. what to do? ## Meei periods date 14 the m ny bagair chck kiay 4 tab penorit kha len baad m chck kia possitve tha mujhy bht dukh hua m ny bhcg b krwaya pragnancy h...but kia yeh tablt mujhy nuqsan dn gy m ny yestrday nght ko 2 len 2 aj din ko nd test aj evening m ## Penorit contains Norethindrone, it is a hormone that is important to the female menstrual cycle, however, there is no guarantee that it will induce a menstrual cycle, she may skip the entire time she is taking it, there is really no...

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Ovacare tablet can help me to get pregnant

I am 28 years old and got married last year. I had two miscarriages. After my first miscarriage I had my period regularly but a less amount of bleeding. After consulting a doctor I was advised to take ovacare tablets for 6 months. Does this tablet help me to conceive a baby? ## Hello, Shakira! How are you? This is just a nutritional supplement, so the only way it will help is if your issues have been caused by a lack in one of the vital nutrients it contains, as reported by the NIH. I'm not sure if the doctor told you, but the amount of blood actually doesn't matter, it is whether or not you are ovulating each month and how much progesterone you are producing. Have you considered seeing a specialist? You really need to discover what specifically caused the miscarriages and how t...

Updated in Progesterone
paghinto ng pills

tanong ko lang po kung ayos lang po ang nagawa ko nakainom po kc aq ng pills ng 4tabs ng pills ng late na at malapit na ang petsa na nag kakaroon ako at nag try ako ng pregnancy test negative naman OKAY lang po ba kung ihinto ko na ## Ok po b n itigil ko n pg inom q ng pills khit 2 or 3 months plng aq nkkainom, pghininto ko po b hnd nmn po pregnant? ## Hi sis, same question... Anu pong ginawa mo nung tumigil ka sa paginom ng pills? Ko din kasi tumigil na sa paginom ng pills. Thanks! ## Umalis po yung husband nung may 1 ng hapon nag ibang bansa. Itinigil ko na po yung pag inom kong pills kagabe po may 12th. Dina po cguro pregnant no? ## Ask ko lang po Sana may makasagot. Halos isang taon din akong nag take ng pills then biglaan akong tumigil nagkamens pa ako nung bandang October 24 natap...

How long does Oralcon last in the body?

Hi there. I have been on oralcon for a few months, perhaps a little bit longer than a year. Things have gotten so hectic lately that i forgot to take some pills. I completely lost track of what pill I was on in the pack. I then decided to wait it out, get my period and then start taking them again and start "fresh" and keep proper track. My cycles were always spot on and never longer for 3 days and 28 days in-between periods. I am however a week late. Stressing out here. What can this mean? No signs of it coming soon either? ## Hello Irene, First I'll answer your question, according to the FDA and NIH Oralcon has a half life cycle of approximately 36 hours and it is generally accepted that it takes between 4 and 6 cycles to completely leave your system. This means that the O...

side effect of primolut n during pregnancy

hi, i m Sweta from nagpur. I have taken Primolut N on 30th March onwards as i m getting signs of early periods on 29th march n so i have taken this medicine to delay my periods for 3-4 days . My last period date is on the 6th march. But during this month my period was delayed and till now i.e. 8th April , my period has not come. I also had a pregnancy test 2 times and it is negative. Is it some kind of side effect of primolut-n? Please suggest me some medicine to solve this problem ## This contains a form of the hormone progesterone, called Norethindrone, anytime you take some type of hormone, the NIH does warn that it might throw off your natural menstrual cycle. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, and mood changes. It is also normal for the spec...

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Uses and effectiveness of Fertilox tablets

My husband and I wish to conceive a baby. We already have a 13 year old daughter. I was told about Fertilox by a friend and I just wanted to ask if this really does help with fertility? ## Hi sunny. Best wishes with your health and hope that you are able to have another child. How were you able to obtain this supplement? It appears to be discontinued. According to the Amazon product page, this is manufactured by Jarrow Formulas, and is an over the counter supplement: "Jarrow Formulas FertilOX is a potent combination of nutrients that support sperm antioxidant status and motility. Pycnogenol is a potent antioxidant demonstrated to support healthy sperm motility. Also, Pycnogenol supports the production of endothelial Nitric Oxide (eNO). Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate (ALCA) is a combina...

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trust pills while breastfeeding

I'm 19 yrs. old and I had a child last Oct 28, 2014, and now I'm breastfeeding... I want to take trust pills.. but is it safe to take these pills while my child is breastfeeding? ## Pwede na po ba ako mag take ng pills kahit nag papa dede pa..at anung pills ba ang pwede? ## They can be taken, if your doctor has said they are safe for you. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, spotting, and PMS-like symptoms. Are you on any other medications? Has your doctor prescribed this medication for you? ## Ask ko po daphne pills po yung gamit ko. Kaso po last ko na inom ng pills hindi parin po dinadatnan ng menstration ko. Pwede po ba ko mgpalit ng lady pills? Kahit hindi pa po ko dinatnan? Thanks. ## Naubos kona po yung 1 p...

Can i take ling zhi while breastfeeding?

Can I take ling zhi supplement while breastfeeding? Does anyone know the pregnancy category? ## Hello, Ann! How are you? Since ling zhi is a supplement derived from a type of mushroom, its safety during breast feeding has not been evaluated. The FDA warns women to check with their doctors, before taking anything new, to be certain whether or not it may pass through to the infant via your breast milk. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Good day, I want to take vitamins, but my baby is breast feeding. What vitamins would I be able to take? ## Hi it is okey to take lingzhi while breast feeding? My baby is 9 months old. ## Can i take ling zhi food supplement while breastfeeding ? ## Good morning. Can i take Lingzhi vitamins (capsule) while breastfeeding? Is it safe for my baby? She ...


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