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Estrogen, or oestrogen, is the primary female sex hormone. It is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. There are three major endogenous estrogens in females that have estrogenic hormonal activity: estrone, estradiol, and estriol. The estrane steroid estradiol is the most potent and prevalent of these. Estrogens are synthesized in all vertebrates[1] as well as some insects.[2] Their pr...

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How to take daphne pills?

Nagstart ako uminom ng Daphne pills last august 6, then august 12 bigla ako dinatnan. Nagstop ako sa paginom last august 21. Kailan ba ako dapat magstart ng paginom ulit and pag ba dinatnan ka continue pa din ang paginom ng pills? Paano ba ang tamang paginom ng pills. Please I need full details and an answer to my question. ## I need to ask about daphne pills and how to take it... If i take it now and after that my husband makes contact me, is it the wrong approach? ## Hello. Uminom po ako ng pills tuesday night diko po napansin sa likod po pala ng pills may nakalagay na (MON. TUE. WED. THUR. FRI. SAT. SUN) Ang nainom ko po is yung saturday na nakalagay sa likod ng pills effective pa po kaya yun kahit di po ko po sinunod yung sa likod ng pills? Kahit di po magkamatch ng araw? Paki sagot...

is it possible you get pregnant while taking primolut n

Hello My doctor prescribed me primolut n because I had 2 irregular periods the first was late a couple days and then the next came almost 15 days early and I was spotting in between the two the whole time and a week after the last period I started bleeding again much heavier than spotting so they prescribed me this. I am taking it 2 times a day every day for 15 days. After the first 3 days my abnormal bleeding was gone. My question is could I still get pregnant while taking the 15 day course of the medication? I am TTC. ## Hello SB, Primolut N contains norethisterone which is a synthetic hormone similar to the natural hormone progesterone. Even though this medicine will help regulate your menstrual cycles it does not work as a contraceptive and will not prevent you from getting pregnant...

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Conceva F tablets

I have been taking Conceva F tablet from the 4th day after my period and Susten 200 mg from the 17th day after my period but still no success. Why would that be? ## Can you sharel what is the content of this medicine? it should be printed on the back. ## This is a wonderful combination for Conception and lot of patients have success stories with this brand. It has all the needed ingredients with vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy conception. It has ingredients which helps in your reproductive organs development and its receptivity apart from having a combination of antioxidants for complete cell protection and also improves the fertilization rate, improve placenta function and prevents miscarriage. It is a ideal supplement for conception and it also helps in overcoming pregnancy...

Althea, Provera and long menstruation

Hi, I just want to ask kung ganun ba talaga effect ng Althea. 6 months kasi ako di nagakamenstruation tapos nagpaconsult ako sa OB, after TRANS V sabi nya i have PCOS nga daw. Tapos nirestahan nya ko ng Provera para magbleed tapos on the 1st day daw ng mens ko start na ko mag- Althea pills, kaso mag 3 weeks na po mens ko ngaun. Normal po ba yun? Dapat ko gawin? Thanks. ## Same thing. Ako i am bleeding heavily. As in dripping yung napkin. I started bleeding day 2 of provera. I am currently on metformin. Then niresetahan ako ng provera. When i told my ob na nag blees na ako on day 2 of provera, pinastop na nya si provera and asked me to take althea. Ngayon, super heavy bleeding. Exag yung bleeding. im passing clots! Grabe. ## hi nkakabili ba ng proveva over the counter? I need help pls re...

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Prolifen medicine for conceiving

My doctor has advised me to take prolifen as i got married from the last 4 years and still have not concieved. I'm taking this medicine for the first time and have been taking cerophene etc of the same formula. would u plz help me as to how long i should take it? when should i change my medicine?? plz rep. thanks ## 5 years ago my doc gave me prolifen and after using it for only 5 days i conceived twins. Now I'm trying for a baby. My doc gave me prolifen and then duphaston, but i got pain in the sides of my body, like kidney pain. Should i continue? ## My semen report shows that sperm count is approx 15 millions while Min req is 60 million. i show this report to a doctor & he suggest me to use evion & prolifen capsules for 3 months. Please help me if this decision is rig...

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No period after taking deviry

Hi. My last period was November 25th and my pregnancy treatment kar rahe he but my period is not coming aaj 4 December he me ne ghar bar pregnancy test kaya tha but negative aaya aur dr ne muje deviry 10mg tablet diya tha to mera period aasakata he ka. Please reply me in hindi language. ## Deviry (Medroxyprogesterone) 10mg is a female hormonal medication used to help regulate ovulation and treat certain menstrual/uterine problems; including but not limited to secondary amenorrhea (the absence of one's period), abnormal bleeding, hormonal imbalance, etc... Some Thoughts: If Deviry is used to treat an absent period, but ends up backfiring, my theory would be that this medication isn't necessary appropriate for that patient's unique situation OR perhaps more time is needed to p...

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Furtile 50 mg

I refilled my Clomid rx from a Canadian pharmacy and when I received the package it was sent from India. The name of the clomid is furtile 50 mg. However I cannot find any info on these pills and now I worried they are fake. Has anyone ever taken this clomid before - is it a legitimate brand? ## I'm sorry, but I have been unable to find anything under this name, either. One of the hazards of ordering medications in such a manner is not knowing exactly what you will receive, if anything. Is anyone else familiar with this medication? ## I received the same thing! Have you used them? Or found out anymore about them? ## My cycle doesn't start until Oct 5 on CD 5-9 which will be Oct 10 for me I will start them to see if there good or not I will keep you posted.however they sent free ...

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nustrate injection and not menstruating

Hi. My name is dineo and I have being using nustrate for 6 years now n I haven't been menstruating since. Pls help. ## Some women don't menstruate, when using hormonal contraceptives, according to NIH reports. Other side effects may include nausea, headache, irritability, and PMS-like symptoms. When was your last exam by your doctor? Are you on any other medications? ## Hi, I had the depo provera inj. on the 16th of march and I waited up until the 23rd of april to have unprotected intercourse. Is there any chance that I could get pregnant? ## Hi my name is lala I'm 32 years old and i have been using nustrate injection since from 2010 after giving birth to u first born child and i have stoped using the injection for the post e month now and me and my boyfriend we what to have...

Clomiden Hab pharmaceuticals Limited

Received my refill for clomid from. The pack says Clomiden. They are orange with a C in middle with two rings around the C. Are they a good brand? I can't find anything on them at all. ## I have the same question! They are not listed among their other products on HAB's website:

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Decilone Forte Advantages

decilone forte advantages and disadvantages and it's common side effects. ## Decilone Forte contains the active ingredient Dexamethasone, which is a steroid class medication. It is commonly used to treat allergic reactions, inflammation and immune disorders. Learn more Decilone Forte details here. The common side effects may include: nausea, headache, weight gain and fluid retention, such issues would also be the disadvantages to using it. Are there any other questions? ## Can somebody expecting pregnancy take Decilone Forte. (2) what are the disadvantages (3) Can it delay ones menses. ## i have allergy that's why i took decilone forte but the problem is when i was tired and i took decilone i could hardly wake up in bed because its like my muscle being hardened and i cant bend m...

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