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steps to reduce wysolone side effects

hi, i'm 22yr female, i'm consuming wysolone 10mg 3times a day.. i'm having effects like swelling of cheeks and round face.. can anyone help me to recover from it.. please... ## AM ALSO 22F.FACING SAME PROB WITH WYSOLON.IF U KNOW SOLUTION TEL TO ME pls pls ## hi, i m using wysolone 5mg twice a day , along with wysone i am consuming COQ FORTE, POTKOLR SYRUP, SHELCAL, LOPRIN 75, GLYCOMET SR 500 due to 3 miscarriage and high antibodies of thyroid.i m facing side effects like facial hair growth, due to wysolone 5mg. i want to know to reduce the side effects of wysolone. please help me. ## take dis tab b4 8am ok ## Know the natural ways to get rid of medicines & its side effects. ## Know the natural ways to get rid of medicines and their side effects ## ya, same problem is wit...

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What medicine should I take for Ovarian Cyst?

I am 24 years old unmarried. Last month I was diagnosed with functional cysts in left ovary of 5 cm. My doctor gave me OVRAL G for 21 days and told me to repeat for two cycles. After seven days of 21 days I got my period only for half an hour. What should I do? I am very confused. ## Hi. I'm 36 yr old nulliparous. I have lt. adnexal cyst 7.5cm. I used to danazol before 3 month bt no any changes in cyst size. now dr prescribe tab ovral g for 3 cycle can I use ovral g? I'm trying to be pregnant. ## I was having a problem with a cyst in my ovary and I was getting operations in 2009 in Mumbai. Before the operations I was getting regular periods, now the problem is that my period was delayed by two to three months. My age is 29 and I'm unmarried. ## It is always best to follow yo...

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