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i am 2 months pregant my doctor adviced me to take susten200. what is the purpose of this drug ## Susten contains a Progesterone hormone, this hormone is vital to your being able to have a healthy pregnancy and carry the baby to term. If you doctor has any reason to suspect that you may not be producing enough of it, it is normal to supplement it, to help protect you and the baby you are carrying. Are there any other questions? ## Is susten 200 and susten vt 200 same compositions..medicine kindly please confirm ## Can we take susten 200 instead od gregest 200 in 9 months of pregnancy
Updated 9 days ago.
Purpose of susten 200 mg
31 Replies RSS
I have ovulated on nov 12 2010 and i have missed my periods for last 10 days and my urine test gave negative results. Doctor advised me to use the susten 200mg tablet. Can you please advise me for what purpose do we use this tablet? And if at all i have a pregnancy will it get aborted by using this? ## Susten contains a Progesterone hormone, this is a female hormone and if a woman doesn't produce enough of it, it can cause her to have irregular menstrual cycles and to have trouble maintaining a pregnancy. So, no, it would no cause you to loose a baby, it will actually help you to prevent that from happening. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and weight gain. Read more: Are there any comments or questions? ## Right now i am not pregnant, But the doctor has prescr...
Updated 14 days ago.
Primolut N during pregnancy
34 Replies RSS
I had taken 7 tablets of primolut N and at that time i didn't know that i was pregnant. So will this medicine have any affect on my baby or do I have to abort this child? My pregnancy is only at 1 and half months. ## i had taken premolute N after 2 days of having sex with my partner. n now m having periods on 15th day of my last cycle n today is 2nd s hvy like periods with cramps n thnk its not implntation bleeding as i had sex on 9th day of my cycle..i m not just getting wht 2 do...plz help ## As far as I know, it is not safe during pregnancy, for Primolut N the 5mg is used to reconstruct the whole uterus, making it (the uterus's wall thicker) it also does a bit of work on the DNA ... It is stated clearly in the Pamphlet to not use during pregnancy ... Primolut N is on...
Updated 16 days ago.
what is use of progesterone sustained Release tablets 300mg
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What is use of progesterone sustained Release tablets 300mg? Currently i am using this tablet so i want to know why my doctor prescribed this. ## Hello, Deepti! How are you? Progesterone is a hormone that is vital to a woman's menstrual cycle and her ability to maintain a healthy pregnancy and carry the baby to full term. It may be used to help restore the natural hormonal balance, or to increase a woman's ability to become pregnant. It can also help prevent a possible miscarriage. The U.S. FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, spotting and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi I'm planning for pregnancy. On 11 th day of my periods i was given a dose to induce ovulation. It started on the 12 th day. My doc...
Updated 19 days ago.
Dubagest Sr 300
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Dr advised my wife to take this tablet "Dubagest SR 300" after detecting the pregnancy. In its brochure its clearly mentioned that it can be continued for 12 weeks after pregnancy. Now 12 weeks are over but still this tab is prescribed by Dr to continue for more four weeks . Pls advise whether this is ok. Secondly in Contraindication "Dont" of its brochure its mentioned that Progenterone "This tablet" should not be used by women in case of known or suspected pregnancy. What does this mean? Is it that when a woman gets pregnant then it should not be used. Wherein our Dr has already prescribed this tab after getting pregnant. ## Dubagest contained Progesterone, which is a hormone that's vital to a woman's health, as well as her ability to get pregnant and c...
Updated 21 days ago.
Sandoz Regestrone Tablet 5mg
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will sandoz regestrone destroy early pregnancy? i am five days late and a really scared..please help me..suppose am pregnant and if i take sandoz regestrone will it make my periods come? ## FAST ANSWER ## Yes, if you are pregnant, there is a chance that the synthetic Progesterone that is contained in Regrestrone could cause a miscarriage, when it is suddenly withdrawn. For instance, if you're pregnant and take it for 5 to 7 days, then stop taking it, the withdrawal could result in your not having enough Progesterone in your body to continue to support the pregnancy. This is actually similar to how some of the emergency contraceptive pills work, aka the morning after pills. They add a high dose, then it is suddenly withdrawn to prevent pregnancy from occurring. This will not happen, ...
Updated 23 days ago.
progesterone soft gelatin capsules naturogest 200mg
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I'm in my 13th week of pregnancy. My consultant prescribed me naturogest 200mg on a daily basis for 1 month after dinner orally. Is it safe to take these capsules? Will it affect my pregnancy in any way? How can it help my pregnancy? I'm in a confused state so pls help me. ## Hello, Aysha! How are you? I'm not a doctor, but I can tell you that the proper amount of progesterone is vital to your pregnancy, you need it to make sure you carry the baby to term. Women that don't have enough of it often suffer miscarriages. The FDA lists the typical side effects of progesterone as possibly including nausea, dizziness, irritability, headache and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Am in 4 mnth pregnancy..this tme i used progesteronesoft tablet make any ...
Updated 24 days ago.
how do oralcon contraceptive pills work?
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I have started using oralcon contraceptive pill, I wanna know how they work ## HI, Tshepo! How are you? Oralcon is a hormonal based contraceptive, so they work by adding certain amounts of synthetic estrogen and progesterone to your body to prevent ovulation from occurring each month. That's why you have to take one each day, for 3 weeks until your menstruation week, if you don't, then the drop in hormones may allow ovulation to happen which makes it possible for you to get pregnant. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Do I drink this pills during my menstruation week ## Hi, i would like to know how long it takes for the Oralcon birthcontrol pill to be out of my system / body. ## does oralcon cause abnominal pains? am using oralcon for about 3mnths nw nd i alwyz hv pains ...
Updated 24 days ago.
Susten 100 Side Effects
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Susten use and side effects ## what is the side effect of susten 100 in pergnency ## Hi, Ladies! Susten contains Progsterone, which is a hormone that is vital to the overall health and well being of the female body. A lack of it can cause issues, such as PMS, PND, menstrual cramps, very heavy, prolonged menstrual flow, infertility and miscarriage. It really has no side effects of its own, other than causing a little drowsiness if the dose is too high….however, it does tend to wake up the estrogen receptors and when estrogen becomes the dominant hormone, it can make you pretty miserable. You may experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, weight gain, fluid retention and more. But as to taking it in pregnancy, normally your body produces very large amounts of it wh...
Updated 26 days ago.
Lutenyl pill availability in the UK
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Hi, I have been advised to take Lutenyl by a French Doctor for both contraception and balancing my hormones (too much estrogens versus progesterone - I have a fibroid 10x11 cm so hopefully with Lutenyl it will stop growing). I am 50, in good health, no signs of meposause. I live in London so when I get to see my GP she said that pill is not listed in the UK, but when I google it, it comes up so I am a bit confused. Is it under another name in the UK? Do you know the name? ## The actual ingredient is Nomegestrol, it's a hormonal supplement, so what you need to ask your doctor to look for is something that contains the same ingredient. Learn more Nomegestrol details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Hi, am 36 old and had my first child last two years with cesarean an...
Updated 28 days ago.
Ovacare tablet can help me to get pregnant
7 Replies RSS
I am 28 years old and got married last year. I had two miscarriages. After my first miscarriage I had my period regularly but a less amount of bleeding. After consulting a doctor I was advised to take ovacare tablets for 6 months. Does this tablet help me to conceive a baby? ## Hello, Shakira! How are you? This is just a nutritional supplement, so the only way it will help is if your issues have been caused by a lack in one of the vital nutrients it contains, as reported by the NIH. I'm not sure if the doctor told you, but the amount of blood actually doesn't matter, it is whether or not you are ovulating each month and how much progesterone you are producing. Have you considered seeing a specialist? You really need to discover what specifically caused the miscarriages and how t...
Updated 28 days ago.
susten 200 progesterone soft gelatin capsules for oral use
87 Replies RSS
I'm a mother of a child and planning for a second. My gynec prescribed me susten 200 to be taken for 3 months. I just want to know what are its do's n donts, its effect on my health and future conceiving as my periods are irregular? I took it for 4 days as my doc told me, then my period started. Now after two days I'm getting two three drops of blood. Just help me out. ## Progestrone Soft Gelatin Dapsules 200 mg-how to take this tablet?can i eat this tablet or it should be kept in vagina. ## About progesterone Detaling Story ## From what I was able to gather, Susten 200 is not maufactured in the US. I did however locate the active ingredient which is Progesterone. Progesterone has many uses, one is used to support pregnancy in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) cycles su...
Updated 30 days ago.
Regestrone Tab To Postpone Periods for 10 days
33 Replies RSS
Can i use regestrone tablet (one a day) to postpone my periods for about 10 days? Please let me know. ## can i use regestrone tablet each one a day to postpone my periods for about 10days pls let me know ## There is really no way to say, this is a Progesterone class hormone and, it may delay the menstrual cycle of some women, or it could actually have the complete opposite effect. I am afraid that there is just no way to say what effect it is going to have on any given person. Have you consulted your doctor? ## can i(17 yrs old) have medicine-meprate for 10 days to postpond menses. does it have any side effects? ## Hi, I took tablets to postpone my period by a week, and now the bleeding isn't stopping completely even after 10 days since it has started. ## Took tablet on 17.7.2013. S...
Updated 1 month ago.
Sunolut 5mg Norethisterone
14 Replies RSS
Hi..i have irregular menses..the doctor prescribed me with sunolut 5mg (2 tablets per day for 5 days). I also want to get pregnant. Since my menses were delayed by 30 days, doctor advise i take the sunolut. after i took the sunolut finish, i got my menses but my menses was not the usual flow (on day 12). q1: Y my menses come early on day 12, it this normal after take the sunolut ? The tablet is to be taken from the day 2 of my menses. ## I took Sunolut 5mg Norethisterone for 5 days from 23-27 June to postpone my menses. I have stopped since 28/6 but my menses still not come yet. I'm having symptoms like gastric,dizzy,nausea and vomiting. Can someone please let me know what has goes wrong? ## Hi, Alicia! The Norethisterone is a progestogen, which is a synthetic form of Progesterone, ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Lupigest 200mg
4 Replies RSS
Hi, I'm 5 weeks pregnant and my doctor suggested I use Lupigest 200mg vaginally. Yesterday I took my dose, but after 3 hours when i went to the washroom some of the tablet fluid came out. So i had a doubt about whether the tablet fully came out or if it got inside. Can anyone please help me regarding this? ## Hi, I'm now 7weeks 5days having all the symptoms of pregnancy but in urine test [hpt for 7times], blood test [hcg], and in ultra sound scanning all reports are negative. So my doctor suggested me to insert lupigest 200mg tablet into the vagina two times a day in morning and in night for ten days. I have completed the course of ten days. Now i'm too much tensed because doctor has not said anything properly as whether i am a pregnant or not. So please help me out of this....
Updated 1 month ago.
Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 200mg. How To Use
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Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 200mg. How To Use? ## Most commonly, they are used by inserting them into the vagina as often as you have been directed to do so, by gently pushing them in as close up to your cervix as possible. However, they can also be taken orally, but it may affect the rate of absorption. What directions were you provided? Learn more Progesterone details here. ## HOW TO USE progesterone soft gelatin capsules 200 mg BEFORE intercourse OR AFTER? ## now i m trying to conceive and my doctor sugest me progresterone soft gelatine capsule ## 2 month pregnant how to use progesterone soft gelatin capsules 200mg how many tablet per day ## Hi My gynac has told me insert progesterone capsules into vagina and lie down.But as I get up..the contents of capsule starts coming out ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 200 Mg
15 Replies RSS
Dr prescibed Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 100 Mg twide daily, but my wife took 200 mg twice daily by mistake for about 15 days (28 capsule) and she is in her 3rd month and this is our 1st baby, will it affect the baby in any manner, please kindly let us know ## Has she consulted her doctor? Progesterone is a hormone that's vital to a healthy pregnancy, but it is hard to say if that dosage was too high and may cause any problems. Only her doctor is going to be able to evaluate that and let you know. ## My wife's pregnancy is 2 week late after the date of her periods time. Doctor give 200 mg progesteron soft gelatine capsule. This capsule is healthy for her or not? ## my sister use the progesterone soft gelatin capsules and she intake it my mouth and use as tablet it may cau...
Updated 1 month ago.
Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsule Endogest 200
6 Replies RSS
How do I insert the soft gelatin capsules (endogest 200) vaginally? Should I push it inside or just to keep in the vagina? Can u please help me? ## You should push them up in, as close to your cervix as possible, but gently, don't force it and only as far as your fingers can reach, don't use tools or implements to try to place it any further in. Are there any other questions? Learn more Progesterone details here. ## i am having pcod problem,gynic suggested 1.HSG 2.MEMPARATE Tab. 3.Day-3 Clomipure(D-3 to D-7) 4.Day-20 Endogyst 200 soft gelatin for vaginal use. i want to know what is normal size of focile(egg)on a woman? ## I m 7week pregnant....I had ultrasound. .bt there is no heartbeat of baby disappear. Dr giv me endogest capsule. ....hw it works? ## How to insert endoges...
Updated 1 month ago.
Why To Use Susten 300 Tablet
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doc advised me to take susten 300 mg and i am 9 week pregnant. After taking tablet, there are some side effects like headache,back pain and sometimes lower abdomen pain. Is this a normal or what ? kindly help me to have better reply. ## HI! Congrats on your pregnancy! Susten contains Progesterone, which is a hormone that's vital to being able to maintain a healthy pregnancy and carry the baby to full term. Those side effects can be normal from taking it, but you should double check with your doctor to be safe. How are you feeling today? ## hi i m 24 years old i have missed my periods today its 51th day and i have checked my pregnancy test it shown negative doctor has adviced to take sustan tab 300mg for 1 week i have taken 4 days at night after taking this drug i m getting giddness ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Susten 100 during pregnancy
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Hi, my wife is approximately 6 weeks pregnant. Today our doctor prescribed Susten 100 for 3 days (thrice in a day). Is it safe? I have found on some website that we should be very careful and sure while using Susten during pregnancy. Please advise. ## This is a hormonal supplement that contains a form of Progesterone, it is vital to a woman's pregnancy and her ability to carry a baby to full term, so she should take it as directed by her doctor. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and irritability. Is she also taking a multivitamin? ## Thanks for your reply. No, there is no prescribed Multivitamin now.. only Folic Acid. but earlier she took supradyn tablets. for some body pain etc. Thanks. ## Hi, I am 39 yrs old and 6 months preg...
Updated 1 month ago.

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