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Sunolut 5mg Norethisterone

Hi. I have irregular menses..the doctor prescribed me with sunolut 5mg (2 tablets per day for 5 days). I also want to get pregnant. Since my menses were delayed by 30 days, doctor advised I take the sunolut. After i took the sunolut finish, i got my menses but my menses was not the usual flow (on day 12). q1: Y my menses come early on day 12, it this normal after take the sunolut? The tablet is to be taken from day 2 of my menses. ## I took Sunolut 5mg Norethisterone for 5 days from 23-27 June to postpone my menses. I have stopped since 28/6 but my menses still not come yet. I'm having symptoms like gastric,dizzy,nausea and vomiting. Can someone please let me know what has goes wrong? ## Hi, Alicia! The Norethisterone is a progestogen, which is a synthetic form of Progesterone, a ho...

Use and side effects of femitrone medicine

Hi. I am 47 years old. I have irregular period twice a month with heavy bleeding. I have been to the doctor, had a ultrasound and everything. My doctor said everything is ok, might be hormonal problems and i have been taking femitrone 5 mg medicine but I missed just 1 day to take that pill and again had my period twice this month. ## This contains a form of progesterone, which is a hormone vital to the female menstrual cycle. Missing a pill may cause you to skip your period, according to FDA reports, other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and weight changes. Are you on any other medications? ## I had an ovarian cyst and I had taken Femitrone for 2 months. After that I've been I've been noticing unsual changes in my physique. Will my body ever g...

dosage of ovacare tablet

When should I start taking ovacare? Is it day 6 or day 7 of my circle? Battling with low progesterone and estrogen. My last hormonal profile is fsh 11, Lh is 13, progesterone 13, estrogen 3 and prolactin 19. Today is day 6 of my cycle. ## When is the best time to take ova care. Can i take it before or duing my period.

Ovacare tablet can help me to get pregnant

I am 28 years old and got married last year. I had two miscarriages. After my first miscarriage I had my period regularly but a less amount of bleeding. After consulting a doctor I was advised to take ovacare tablets for 6 months. Does this tablet help me to conceive a baby? ## Hello, Shakira! How are you? This is just a nutritional supplement, so the only way it will help is if your issues have been caused by a lack in one of the vital nutrients it contains, as reported by the NIH. I'm not sure if the doctor told you, but the amount of blood actually doesn't matter, it is whether or not you are ovulating each month and how much progesterone you are producing. Have you considered seeing a specialist? You really need to discover what specifically caused the miscarriages and how t...

is it possible you get pregnant while taking primolut n

Hello My doctor prescribed me primolut n because I had 2 irregular periods the first was late a couple days and then the next came almost 15 days early and I was spotting in between the two the whole time and a week after the last period I started bleeding again much heavier than spotting so they prescribed me this. I am taking it 2 times a day every day for 15 days. After the first 3 days my abnormal bleeding was gone. My question is could I still get pregnant while taking the 15 day course of the medication? I am TTC. ## Hello SB, Primolut N contains norethisterone which is a synthetic hormone similar to the natural hormone progesterone. Even though this medicine will help regulate your menstrual cycles it does not work as a contraceptive and will not prevent you from getting pregnant...

oralcon contraceptive pills to balance hormones

I have been on oralcon for morethan 3 months now before using da pill I had irregular menstrual cycle I would skip a month or 2 without seeing my periods I went to a local clinic and I was given oralcon pills to balance my hormones since they suspected that my hormones are not balanced. I want to go off the pill because We want to try for a baby but I dont know if that is possible since I have been trying before with no success due to irregular mentrual cycle. So now my question is does oralcon contraceptive pills balances hormes? Can I go off the pill and start trying again? ## Hello Bubu, Oralcon pills are a contraceptive that works by adding progesterone which is a synthetic hormone similar to estrogen. Oralcon does balance your hormones and makes your menstrual cycles more regular b...

how do oralcon contraceptive pills work?

I have started using oralcon contraceptive pill, I wanna know how they work ## HI, Tshepo! How are you? Oralcon is a hormonal based contraceptive, so they work by adding certain amounts of synthetic estrogen and progesterone to your body to prevent ovulation from occurring each month. That's why you have to take one each day, for 3 weeks until your menstruation week, if you don't, then the drop in hormones may allow ovulation to happen which makes it possible for you to get pregnant. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Do I drink this pills during my menstruation week ## Hi, i would like to know how long it takes for the Oralcon birthcontrol pill to be out of my system / body. ## does oralcon cause abnominal pains? am using oralcon for about 3mnths nw nd i alwyz hv pains ...

oralcon contraceptive pills-missed periods

Hi. Last month of December I saw my periods twice a month and the second one wasn't normal as usual and on the first week of January I went to check and the nurse told me its hormonal balancing and also gave me the oralcon pills. I have been taking everyday as instructed and now am on the red pills but I haven't seen my periods till today and only few days left for the month to end. Does this mean am pregnant? ## I have used oralcon but never the red pills. I used it because I had my period for 4 months straight. But oral con tales 3 to 6 months to leave your system so it might just be an irregular. ## Hi there I always get my period on the 4th red pill and it usually falls on a Monday,I don't know if I miscounted or if I skipped of my white pills but yesterday I drank my 4t...

Dubagest 100 is prescribed for what

I am 26 yrs age. I have irregular periods and also trying to conceive. The doctor has prescribed Dubagest 100 twice a day from 16th to 25th day of menstrual cycle. I want to know why this medicine is presribed for me? ## what is the use of dubagest 100 tablet? will it prevent the pregnancy? my wife has delay period last 10 days, she is talking dubagest 100 tablet to prevent the pregnancy from last four days, please let us know what to do to prevent the pregnancy as we do not want child at this stage... ## Dubagest contains the hormone Progesterone, it is vital to the overall health of women, especially to their fertility and ability to get pregnant. Learn more Dubagest details here. Shrinivas, this can be used to prevent pregnant, but only if it's taken in the proper dosage within t...

Pentogen and Pregnancy

Is it true that if I have a child and start using pentogen, that when i stop using it, it will take 5 years to fall pregnant again? ## No, that is not true, at most it usually only takes a few months, it is just a form of the hormone Progesterone and is used to prevent ovulation. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, irritability, weight changes, headache, and mood changes. Is there anything else I can help with?

Regestrone for irregular periods

Hi all, I'm suffering from irregular periods. I had a skip in my cycles for 2 months so i was advised to take Regestrone 5mg for 5 days (2 tablets a day). The course is over and even for the next 5 days I haven't got periods. How many more days do i gotta wait to get my menses? ## Regestrone contains the hormone Progesterone, it is often used to try and help regulate the menstrual cycle. It can, sometimes, take a week or more to start your period, after taking it. However, like any medication it does not work for everyone. Have you spoken to your doctor, yet? ## Hi. I am 18yrs old. I have skipped my periods for the last 2 months. I do not have any kind of problems relating to mensturation. plz do suggest a medicine for getting regular periods. ## hi i am married my age is 29 ,i ...

Susten 300 and pregnancy

I have an irregular period problem. I got married and have no children, but I want to become a mother. My doctor suggested I take susten-300 for 15 days. Is their any side effects? ## I HAVE IRREGULAR PERIOD PROBLEM. I GOT MARRIED BUT NO CHILDREN. I WANT TO BECOME A MOTHER. MY DOCTOR SUGGEST SUSTEN -300 FOR 15DAYS.IS THEIRANY SIDE EFFECTS. SHALL I HOPE ON PREGNENECY ## Susten contains the hormone Progesterone, if a woman's body doesn't produce enough of it, she can have difficulty getting pregnant and it is also needed to support a full-term healthy pregnancy. Yes, you may experience some side effects, such as: nausea, headache, weight gain and breakthrough bleeding. Learn more: Whether or not it will help you become pregnant is not something that anyone can definitively say. It...

susten 300

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and was experiencing pain in my lower abdominal region. I was advised to use susten 300 daily for a period 10 days. What is susten indicated to treat and are there any side effects I should be aware of? My gynecologist also told me to take susten inj.'s (once daily) for 15 days. Please help me. ## Susten contains Progesterone, it is a hormone replacement medication. ## I am just trying to get pregnant, My periods were irregular, My Doctor has prescribed Susten 300mg, I request you tell me what is the use for that ## I have also been asked to take Sustem 300mg orally. It is said to regulate hormone imbalances. One tablet a day for 10days. I'm in my 5th wk of pregnancy. ## I AM 5 WEEKS PREGNANT,MY DOCTOR TOLD T CONTINUE SUSTEN 300 MG FOR THE GROWTH OF MY C...

is susten tablet used to conceive

hii my name is khushali. i m try to conceive but i not get pergnancy. my last period date is 7 feb 2014. my docter advice me to do follicula monterion. my report are very good like left ovary is 24*23mm,and right ovary18*20,Et is 12.8. after that my docter gave me hcg IV to repature my egg and my egg allso repature then my docter gave me susten 300 for 10 days. know i want to know that i will conceive or not and which date i want to do pregnany test. plz help me ## Susten contains a form of the hormone Progesterone, which is vital to a woman's overall health, her ability to become pregnant, and to carry a baby to full term. The NIH warns that it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and weight changes. As to whether or not you conceive and when y...

Regestrone Tab To Postpone Periods for 10 days

Can i use regestrone tablet (one a day) to postpone my periods for about 10 days? Please let me know. ## There is really no way to say, this is a Progesterone class hormone and, it may delay the menstrual cycle of some women, or it could actually have the complete opposite effect. I am afraid that there is just no way to say what effect it is going to have on any given person. Have you consulted your doctor? ## can i(17 yrs old) have medicine-meprate for 10 days to postpond menses. does it have any side effects? ## Hi, I took tablets to postpone my period by a week, and now the bleeding isn't stopping completely even after 10 days since it has started. ## Took tablet on 17.7.2013. Still now no periods ## Hey i am 20 years old my periods are starting on 5th september but i want to de...

how to use susten 300 vaginally

My wife is advised to take susten SR 300 after iui. Is it an oral tablet? What is its use? ## Is susten SR 300 is an oral tablet? ## I am on day 19 of my period. My doctor advised me to take susten sr 300mg. My endometrium size is 8mm. Will I still be able to conceive? ## Hi. I'm 32 yrs old. My dr suggested I take susten 300 sr from the 16th to 25th day of my menses, but I had taken it two times in one day by mistake... He told me to take it only once a day. Can u tell me if this has any side effects? ## Hello Sirsendu, Susten 300 is a progesterone which comes in different forms of administration. There is an oral capsule method which your wife can use if that's what she prefers. I suggest that you and your wife discuss with your doctor which administration method would work bes...

Primolut N during pregnancy

I had taken 7 tablets of primolut N and at that time i didn't know that i was pregnant. So will this medicine have any affect on my baby or do I have to abort this child? My pregnancy is only at 1 and half months. ## i had taken premolute N after 2 days of having sex with my partner. n now m having periods on 15th day of my last cycle n today is 2nd s hvy like periods with cramps n thnk its not implntation bleeding as i had sex on 9th day of my cycle..i m not just getting wht 2 do...plz help ## As far as I know, it is not safe during pregnancy, for Primolut N the 5mg is used to reconstruct the whole uterus, making it (the uterus's wall thicker) it also does a bit of work on the DNA ... It is stated clearly in the Pamphlet to not use during pregnancy ... Primolut N is on...

Dubagest Sr 300

Dr advised my wife to take this tablet "Dubagest SR 300" after detecting the pregnancy. In its brochure its clearly mentioned that it can be continued for 12 weeks after pregnancy. Now 12 weeks are over but still this tab is prescribed by Dr to continue for more four weeks . Pls advise whether this is ok. Secondly in Contraindication "Dont" of its brochure its mentioned that Progenterone "This tablet" should not be used by women in case of known or suspected pregnancy. What does this mean? Is it that when a woman gets pregnant then it should not be used. Wherein our Dr has already prescribed this tab after getting pregnant. ## Dubagest contained Progesterone, which is a hormone that's vital to a woman's health, as well as her ability to get pregnant and c...

Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 200mg. How To Use

Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 200mg. How To Use? ## Most commonly, they are used by inserting them into the vagina as often as you have been directed to do so, by gently pushing them in as close up to your cervix as possible. However, they can also be taken orally, but it may affect the rate of absorption. What directions were you provided? Learn more Progesterone details here. ## HOW TO USE progesterone soft gelatin capsules 200 mg BEFORE intercourse OR AFTER? ## now i m trying to conceive and my doctor sugest me progresterone soft gelatine capsule ## 2 month pregnant how to use progesterone soft gelatin capsules 200mg how many tablet per day ## Hi My gynac has told me insert progesterone capsules into vagina and lie down.But as I get up..the contents of capsule starts coming out ...

d gest tablet

Hy.. I have missed my periods this month.. 9 days r abov from my date.doc took my pregnancy test but its negativ . then doc gave me d-gest tablet. I want to know why doc recomended me this tablet.. For wht purpose this tablet used ... l ## This medication contains a form of the hormone Progesterone which is vital to the health of women and their normal menstrual cycle. Thus, it is best to follow your doctor's instructions and take it as directed. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and PMS-like symptoms. Has there been any change? Have you experienced your period, yet? ## After how many days of dgest tables the periods are axpected to come????


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