How Do Oralcon Contraceptive Pills Work?

tshepo Says:

I have started using oralcon contraceptive pill, I wanna know how they work

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Verwon Says:

HI, Tshepo! How are you?

Oralcon is a hormonal based contraceptive, so they work by adding certain amounts of synthetic estrogen and progesterone to your body to prevent ovulation from occurring each month. That's why you have to take one each day, for 3 weeks until your menstruation week, if you don't, then the drop in hormones may allow ovulation to happen which makes it possible for you to get pregnant.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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tshepo Says:

Do I drink this pills during my menstruation week

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Patricia Says:

Hi, i would like to know how long it takes for the Oralcon birthcontrol pill to be out of my system / body.

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aspy Says:

does oralcon cause abnominal pains? am using oralcon for about 3mnths nw nd i alwyz hv pains in my womb i wnt to knw if they hv an impact in those pains or what

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eisH Says:

If you're on oralcon for 3 weeks now and you have intercourse for 5 seconds, will you get pregnant?

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mohotle Says:

Hi I'm using oralcon contraceptive pills so I just want to know whether they could increase my weight or reduce it.

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patricia Says:

Hi,i was on injection for seven i want to have a baby and i am struggling.if i use oralcon will it help?i was using depo contraception

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precious Says:

Hi I've been using oralcon the wrong way I use to take three pills after having intercourse and I've just done a pregnancy test and its positive can I be pregnant because I would take three or four pills for only 2 days?

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prec Says:

Hi, can I use oralcon pills as a morning after pill?

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Teddy Says:

How does the red one's work? I was on the inj. and missed my appointment then after having intercourse i took the red 1 and the white 1 at the same time

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duch Says:

Hi my gf has started using the pills and I dnt knw what are they for cause wevbeen tryng for a baby and I think she's taking them behind my back

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fatima Says:

Hi. I'm on oralcon for a year. Everytime I start my red pill. I get severe headaches & I'm puttinng on a lot of weight. Please help

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pertunia Says:

hi I take off from oralcon pill the problem is that I don't go to the periods every month I sometimes don't go for the whole two month and then after I go ,is there any problem . please advise

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chai Says:

after 21 days of taking the pill and theres 7 days break it is still safe to have intercourse with your partner in the entire 7 days?

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khanyie Says:

Hi I want to know if I can still use the oralcon birth control pill if its expired

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muntima Says:

Hi dear! I used oralcon for few months and I start having Strong headaches, bloof discharge and abdominal pain.. I advice u tô stop using that pills, try tô use other pills

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kuda Says:

My wife wann start using oralcon pills what are the side effects and is she gonn add weight

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Shev Says:

Does oralcon help your skin if you have acne? or wil it make it worse?

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betty Says:

I am 34 years old have been using the oralcon pill for 3 months now I'm trying to get pregnant am I on the right track?

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Moeda Says:

Hi it's my second day on the red pill. I didn't get my period yet.

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