Sunolut 5mg Norethisterone

alicia Says:

Hi. I have irregular menses..the doctor prescribed me with sunolut 5mg (2 tablets per day for 5 days). I also want to get pregnant. Since my menses were delayed by 30 days, doctor advised I take the sunolut. After i took the sunolut finish, i got my menses but my menses was not the usual flow (on day 12). q1: Y my menses come early on day 12, it this normal after take the sunolut? The tablet is to be taken from day 2 of my menses.

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NatalieThan Says:

I took Sunolut 5mg Norethisterone for 5 days from 23-27 June to postpone my menses. I have stopped since 28/6 but my menses still not come yet. I'm having symptoms like gastric,dizzy,nausea and vomiting. Can someone please let me know what has goes wrong?

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Alicia!

The Norethisterone is a progestogen, which is a synthetic form of Progesterone, a hormone that's vital to the female menstrual cycle. It's the hormone that's usually released when an egg sack isn't fertilized, it lets your body know that pregnancy hasn't occurred, then it suddenly falls off, which is what starts your menstrual cycle.

So yes, if you take it for a few days, then suddenly stop it will usually cause you to start your period. So it is normal for that to happen after taking this hormone.

This hormone is also vital to your ability to get pregnant and carry the baby to term. It seems your doctor knows what he's doing and is trying to help you with your problem by getting your cycle back on track.

And Natalie were you sexually active during that time? Because this won't prevent pregnancy and the symptoms that you've mentioned may be signs that you're pregnant. Have you done a test?

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Natalie Says:

I just did the urine test and scanning today, I was pregnant for 5 weeks already but now what I'm worrying is: will the Sunolot affected my baby since I consumed it without realizing of my pregnancy. Can you advise please?

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Sky Says:

I have heavy flow for more than 10 days . Doctor give me progyluton but it never stop the bleeding . I went back to the doctor , he gave me 5 :days dicynone and almost 18 days sunolute . My question is did the doctor give too much medication as my gastric is givine me problem after these medication . I suspect the over dosage of sunolute .

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lpl Says:

hi, does taking sonolut (Norethisterone 5mg ) causes cancer in long term medication?

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piya Says:

im not sure when was my last period, i only can remember that i had period on AUG. i took the pregnancy test for 4 times and the results were negative ( not pregnant) and i went to see doctor and doctor gave me this Sonolut 5 mg so i just want to ask that how long do we have to take this sunolut? i mean my first day of taking this medicine was 4/11/13. cuz doctor gave me 42 T and i think its too much.

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Brin Says:

Hi, my period delayed for 6 days (my last period start date is 5th Nov 2014). When tested with home pregenancy kit, it shows as positive. If I start to take this oral tablets for 5 days from now, will it affect my pregnancy?

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Justinaaa Says:

I'm previously late for my menses for 4 days and doctor gave me sunolut To consume for 5 days. I have finished the medicine last night. When will my menses be coming?

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rathi Says:

Hello, My period date is 18th. i want early period and doctor give me sunolut 5mg. is it sunolut can help me to get early periods?

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Viki Says:

Hi. I'm worried I might get pregnant due to being intimate with my boyfriend. Will sunolut 5mg noresthisterone help protect me from pregnancy? Please reply asap. I need your assistance.

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Heng Says:

I'm taking sunolut tablet 2x a day and i'm intimately active with my partner. Is it safe for me?

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Umami Says:

I've been taking the femirone norethisterone 5mg tablet for 4 days at 1 tablet per day but i have heard that taking only one tablet per day cant postpone the period. Is it true? If it is true, how many tablets would i have to take per day? Answer me please....

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Ana Says:

Im pregnant for 3 weeks. Im not ready to have kid now. Im taking sunolut 3 times a day.. Is this helpful?

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e2e2 Says:

I have irregular mensus. Doctor prescribed me for Sunolut for 21 days. But I wish to stop after taking for 2 weeks. Is it OK? Also will I have my period soon after I stop Sunolut ?

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Jane Says:

Hi, i wish to delay my menses so my dr gave me sunolut to take in 2 days more... but today i started to have brownish discharge..i guess its the menses. Can i take sunolut to stop my menses. Will it take immediate effect of menses?

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wish Says:

Hi, I have missed my period this month and I am not pregnant. My doctor gave me medicine called sunolut norethisterone 5 mg, 3 tablets 3 times a day. I have been taking it for 2 days but still did not have a period. Please give me advice on how many tablets may be taken in a day?

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Nard Says:

Hi. I have had an irregular menses since I started taking sunolut, & sometimes no menses at all. Will it affect my ovulation cycle?

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pravithra Says:

Hey, so my friend has missed her period for the past month and then on the second month she had intercourse with her bf. She then took sonulut for 3 days after 10 days of intercourse but she still never got her period yet. Is she pregnant?

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Viel Says:

Im having heavy periods .how long shud i take sonulut 5mg.if i take one dose is dat ok

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Viel Says:

Can u plz tell many days can we take sonulut 5mg for long doctor gave me tab for worried will it affect one day ok to take the tablet

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