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I am searching for vimax porridge, it is finely ground oats, also should come coarsely ground. VIMAX PORRIDGE. WOULD BE grateful if somebody could let me know where it is available. ## Jude says: I have had no response to my search for availability of VIMAX PORRIDGE. I reside in New Zealand. This was available during to 70's and 80's, it was discontinued in the late 80's ot early 90's I think. Brand Sanitarium. Came in fine ground and coarse ground. The contents of this mixture might be known by somebody, which would emable me perhaps to make it up myself. ## Hi Jude, If you find some Vimax please let me know as it is the only porridge that I ever liked! ## Hi Jude...funny...I have just come to the computer to look this very same thing...only porridge I liked too and my ...

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fertomid 50 success stories

I started taking fertomid in April with no periods and i saw my periods and i took it again in May hoping to be pregnant...Now I'm cramping with watery brown discharge. I'm due for my periods on the 24th of May. I'm crossing my fingers.... ## How long do I have to use fertomid 50? I've been using it for 5 months already and my period has never been irregular. I'm feeling depressed already. Your assistance would really be appreciated. ## Good day ladies. I see most of the posts are rather old. I completed my first dose of Fertomid 50mg today. I would like to know if any of you have used it with success? I'm really desperate. ## According to the Fertomid (Clomifene Citrate) drug monograph, this medication is classified as a non-steroidal, ovulatory stimulant that w...

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Bkit Po Gnun Nung Nagtake Aq Ng Exluton Monthly Ngkkroon Period Mnsan S Isang Bwan 3x Mgkroon Normal B Un Or Ndi

bkit po gnun? nung ngtake po aq ng exluton, every month ngkkroon aq ng period, tas po sumtyms 3x or 2x p aq nagkkroon ng means. ## Normal ba ang ilang beses reglahin sa isang bwan pag umiinom ng exluton pills at kapag nakalimutan ng isang arw na di uminom OK lang ba at OK lang ba kahit anong oras inumin? ## Patulong din po sa akin please. Excloton pills user din po aq. Last April 4 nag ka means aq. Ngaun po may na 5 na Wala pa din normal po ba. Nag aalala po Kasi aq. 5 months plang ang baby q?

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Super Apeti and breastfeeding

My baby is 2 months old. Can I take super apeti while breastfeeding? ## Can I take super apeti while breastfeeding? ## Can I take super apeti while breastfeeding a 4 month old baby? ## Is super apeti safe to take while breastfeeding? ## Did you ever find out if it was safe to take super apeti while breastfeeding? ## Is it safe to take super apeti pills during breastfeeding? ## Yes. If not, please explain cause I want help too. ## Is it safe to take super apeti while breastfeeding? ## Can I take super apeti while breastfeeding my baby? ## can I take super apeti while breastfeeding a 6 month baby? ## Can I take Super Apeti if my baby is 7 months old? ## Is it safe to take super apeti while breastfeeding

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Estratest is back

I had to change hormone treatments as Estratest was taken off the market. I have been taking estradiol for a year now and was not happy with it. Last week I had to see my doctor for yearly visit and guess what?...Estratest IS back on the market. The same dark green pills as before and I am ecstatic. I have my prescription filled at our local CVS instead of Wal Mart, where I always seemed to get partial script. Hopefully now I will get my libido back and the relationship I used to have with my husband. Just wanted to let other women out there know that Estratest is truly back!! ## Hi Paulette, Thank you for sharing that information! Here's some additional information regarding Estratest: Estratest is a hormone replacement therapy medication that combines esterified estrogens with met...

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what pharmacy carries greenstone 2.5

I have successfully taken.mederoxyprogesterone for years but some of them have sodium laurel sulfate, I can't take them. I need greenstone 2.5 mg. Where can I find it? ## Hello Linda, Sorry to say but almost nobody will be able to answer this question for you. The reason is that most pharmacies refuse to put out the information regarding which brands/generics that they carry to avoid incentivizing thieves from targeting their store. I know it's inconvenient for people who need to take specific generics but realistically it's a necessary precaution to avoid having prescription drugs stolen, sold and abused. Other users have claimed that they found luck calling around in some areas while others had to go to the pharmacies in person in order to get this information. Many also c...

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Estratest User 11 years - I miss it, need it. Is it avail outside US

Estratest is the only hormone that fit me perfectly for weight, attitude, sex drive, energy, youth. I have been miserable without it. Can't find anything, not even bio's that take it's place. Can we get it in another country - Mexico? Canada? Everything has changed with me since I quit taking it because it's not available in the US. ## Estratest contains the active ingredients, Esterified Estrogens + Methyltestosterone. The company "Solvay" has discontinued the manufacture of Estratest and Estratest HS Have you considered looking at other brands which contain the same active ingredients? Brand names with these ingredients are listed below: Covaryx, Covaryx HS, EEMT, EEMT DS, EEMT HS, Essian, Essian H.S, Menogen HS, Menogen, Syntest HS, Syntest DS I've also he...

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Can i take ling zhi while breastfeeding?

Can I take ling zhi supplement while breastfeeding? Does anyone know the pregnancy category? ## Hello, Ann! How are you? Since ling zhi is a supplement derived from a type of mushroom, its safety during breast feeding has not been evaluated. The FDA warns women to check with their doctors, before taking anything new, to be certain whether or not it may pass through to the infant via your breast milk. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Good day, I want to take vitamins, but my baby is breast feeding. What vitamins would I be able to take? ## Hi it is okey to take lingzhi while breast feeding? My baby is 9 months old. ## Can i take ling zhi food supplement while breastfeeding ? ## Good morning. Can i take Lingzhi vitamins (capsule) while breastfeeding? Is it safe for my baby? She ...

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regestrone 5mg for 14 years child

Hi, my daughter had irregular periods problem from the time she matured (i.e Jul/2010). her age 14 years. she is studying 8th class, she was suffering with very heavy bleeding for 15 to 20 days. and next the periods will comes within 20days, My Doctor adviced me to use REGESTRONE 5mg 3 tab/day for 30 days, is it safe to use this tablets at this age? any side effects will occur in future? ## My name is nisha. My period has not come in time. Only white water has come in. Why is that? I've checked for pregnancy but the report was negative. Plz advise if regestrone is right for me. ## It is always best to follow the doctor's instructions. Regestrone is a form of the hormone Progesterone, which is vital to a woman's menstrual cycle, as well as her overall health. If a woman isn...

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Anong gamot effective pang regla

Anu po bang gamot ang pang regla kasi po guxto kunang datnan ayaw ko pang ma buntis. ## 1week nko delay tpos kinakabhan ako nag PT ako lumabas positive Peri sumasaket puson ko buntis po kya ako salamat ## ano po bang gamot na effective na pamparegla kc 3weeks na po aq di dinadatnan nag pt aq positive lumalabas pero smskit po ung puson q sana matululungan niyo q. ## Ano po pwde gamot sa pag regla,delay na po ng 4 days? ## anu ponq gmot anq pwdinq inomin ksi 5days na akunq deley sna po m2lunqan. niyo ako nqaun gusto datnan na ako nqayon ## delayed po ako ng 1week and 3 day posibling buntis po ba ako? ang huling regla ko po nung feb. 7. nag pt po ako ng march 10 at march 15 ng umaga pag ka gising ang resulta naman ay negative, hanggang ngaun po kc di ako dinadatnan regular naman po ako nag...

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Is bioflu safe for pregnant women?

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and I took bioflu once. Are there any side effects? I'm worried about my baby. And are there any meds that I can take when I have flu and cold? ## A few days ago I had a cold & flu so I took Bioflu 3x a day (for 4 days). And this morning I did a pregnancy test and it's positive. I'm pregnant! I'm scared as to how this med may affect my pregnancy. ## My last menstruation was January 3rd, 2023. During the last week of January, I had a flu, fever and cough. I took Bioflu and Ambroxol... although Bioflu was only 5-10 tablets. It was a total of 3 days, 1 tablet every 4-6 hours. Every day I'm also taking Vitamin E (Kirkland). In Feb, my pregnancy test was positive but when I visited an OB for a check up, she just advised that I should check ba...

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Yutopar Aka Ritodrine

This drug was used for women going into pre-mature labor. It was used to stop the contractions. Unfortunately it had major side effects on the babies. This was an experimental drug used from 1980 -1990 and was then discontinued. I was given this drug and my daughter was born 6 weeks early, had her by c-section. I begin to notice around 12 yrs old that problems were arising in her mental health, still not realizing that this drug played an important factor. I have found many women that this to has happened to, and I'm still looking for more families that this has effected. It is devastating and a nightmare for my daughter who is now 30 yrs. old. If you have any information I would really like to visit with you about your child. Thank you for reading this, we need to band together for...

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bakit po ba hindi pa ako dinadatnan ng regla sa pangalawang pakiti na iniinom malapit itong maubos

Hi po, please kindly answer my question. I've taken exluton pills for almost 2 months. In the first pack of Exluton niregla po ako, ng maubos na ang isang pakiti, i use another one-pack, almost one month na po akong umiinom sa pangalawang pakiti at malapit na itong maubos hindi pa ako dinadatnan ng regla. I'm afraid baka po nabuntis na ako? Wla naman po akong palta sa pag inom paminsan minsan nga lang imbis na alas nuebe ako sa gabi umiinom naging alas 10 y media.. paki advice at ppaki sagot nman po ako sa situation kong ito oh.... please.. thank you. ## Hi po, umuwi po ako ng pinas ng august 6 ng 5 palang po ng start na me iminum ng pill..so na ubos po yong isang pakiti ng august 26th wala pa rin po reglang dumating ng start naman po ako ng onother isang pakiti, na ubos na po y...

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why won't prescription coverage cover estratest or eemt?

My doctor just renewed my prescription for eemt (originally estratest) but my insurance won't cover it and the pharmacy said it would be $407.00 for a 90 day supply. I can't afford it any longer. I have used estratest &/or eemt for many years and it was the only thing that works. My hot flashes and night sweats are miserable. The pharmacy said it was not "Obama care" that cut off our HT. ## Hello, TutuTerri! How are you? Many insurance plans are starting to question covering HRT, due to the possible risks that can be associated with it, such as cancer and cardiac events. Especially, if you've been using it for years, most women don't need it for that long, they use it for awhile, until they are through menopause and things settle back down, then they stop tak...

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pampalaglag na gamot

7 days na aku delay positive nag pt aku anu ba mabisang pampalaglag please reply ## Anu pong gamot ang pwede itake pampalaglag? Magtwo 2 months na po. Nag pt ma din po at positive. Pls Help me. Tnx ## san po pwede makabili ng gamot na cytotek? at magkano po? student palang po ako.. ## Anu po pede ko take n gmot pampa regla kc irregular po menstruation ko... Tnx po ## im 44yrs old.. my dr said that menoposal begins at 46-48.. but my mens is always delayed. whats the best way to have menstruations? pls advice. thanks ## Help po yung gf ko kac deley na sya ng 7 days di papo sya nireregla tapus tuwing ihi nya may spot ano kaya ang pwede inumin nya para reglahin sya salamat po ## A help nio po q nag do kme no hubby 3 tapos ng regla q..takot AQ bka mabuntis AQ...anu po b PD inumen para di mab...

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Vino De Quina effects on baby

2 months mhgit n pu aqng delayed positive pu ung pt q nkainum pu aq ng 4 bottle ng vino de quina makakasma b sa nggiging baby un ## Tanong ku lng kasi 2 months delay na po then aftr 2 months my lumabas na dugo na my halong duong buo pro maliit lng xa..tpos nun kinabukasan konti nlng ang lumabas na dugo sa akin..tpos after 3 days white blood na nmn ang lumabas at mdyo marami rami din po..ano ba ibig sabihin nun? Uminom po ng vino de quina pro wla na pong dugo lumabas sa akin....pro nung tym delay po nag PT po at positive po xa kya nagtaka ako at worried na po kasi di pa po ready pregnant..ano gagawin ko po? Please, I need your help po.... ## Makakatulong po ba ito para tumaba ako? After ko po kasi manganak sobrang nabawas ang timbang ko at nawalan ng gana kumain. Wala po ba itong effect ...

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Myrin tablet for treatment of blocked fallopian tubes

I am using myrin tablet to treat my blocked fallopian tubes as they are swallowed. I am taking in the morning before the breakfast. Is this tablet works with the conceiving baby? Also tell me is that tablet not used in pregnancy? I am taking this tablet before icsi procedure. ## I found out both my fallopian tubes were completely blocked from a HSG I had done about five months ago. After being told surgery was my only option I did the research online and found the traditional herbal medicine fuyan pills . After three months of taking it I just had another HSG done and right tube was opened and my left one is about half way there now. This therapy has been amazing for me. ## Hello. I had an HSG done and on my result I was told I have fibroid outside the uterus on the right side and that ...

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bleeding after using canex v cream

Hello, I used the canex v vaginal cream about 5 days ago and today when I woke up I was bleeding with a slight abdominal pain. Is this normal to experience bleeding 5 days after using the cream? ## Hello, Tracy! How are you? Yes, it can sometimes irritate the cervix and cause bleeding or spotting. Other possible side effects include dryness and irritation. If the bleeding doesn't stop after about a week, or so, you should consult your physician. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I used canex v cream and after 2 hours when I had gone to the toilet, I noticed red discharge or light bleeding. Is this normal or do I have to go see a Dr? ## I used canex v cream for three days , during the day on the fourth day I started seeing brown discharges for two days then after that I star...

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Estring stuck

I've only used one Estring so far, and it is time to change it. But it feels stuck when I hook my finger around it & tug on it. I can push part of the ring away from the vaginal wall lower down, but it won't budge from higher up. It totally helped my symptoms & I want to put in a new ring, but I don't know what to do. I hate to have to go to my gyne for this Any suggestions? ## I have difficulty removing the estring because my uterus is retro verged and my fingers are too short to reach. Easy solution, bear down like you are constipated and the ring moves down to where you can reach it! ## I usually struggle to get my ring out to change it, but this time was a real bear. Usually if I can get a finger under the edge, I can loosen it enough to pull it out, but not this...

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Nagkabaliktad na pag inom ng trust pills

Good day! I'm jan. Anu po ang dapat gawin kasi nkabalikyad ang iniinom ko na trust pills.. Imbes 14-21 ang nainom ko ay 21-14... ## Natakot ako ayaw kopa mag ka bb.. Nagkamali ako uminom ng pill dapat #16 ang nainom ko is 21...ang ginawa ko cnabay ko Yong dalawa now..d ko Alan kong Tama ba... ## Nagkamali ng pag inom ng pills imbis na 8-14, 14-8 po nainom ko? Possible po ba akong pregnant? Please reply. ## Nagkamali ako ng inom ng pills imbers na #13 na inom #15 natakot ako ininom k agad kanina umaga #13 please answer dis question. ## Hi. I just want to ask about taking a Diane Pills. It's 8th day today but I have a deep breathing and a migraine after taking it. Should I stop taking the pill? What I should do? Please enlighten me. Thank you. ## Mali po yung nainom ko kagabi, ins...

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