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Can i take ling zhi while breastfeeding?

Can I take ling zhi supplement while breastfeeding? Does anyone know the pregnancy category? ## Hello, Ann! How are you? Since ling zhi is a supplement derived from a type of mushroom, its safety during breast feeding has not been evaluated. The FDA warns women to check with their doctors, before taking anything new, to be certain whether or not it may pass through to the infant via your breast milk. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Good day, I want to take vitamins, but my baby is breast feeding. What vitamins would I be able to take? ## Hi it is okey to take lingzhi while breast feeding? My baby is 9 months old. ## Can i take ling zhi food supplement while breastfeeding ? ## Good morning. Can i take Lingzhi vitamins (capsule) while breastfeeding? Is it safe for my baby? She ...

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bakit po ba hindi pa ako dinadatnan ng regla sa pangalawang pakiti na iniinom malapit itong maubos

Hi po, please kindly answer my question. I've taken exluton pills for almost 2 months. In the first pack of Exluton niregla po ako, ng maubos na ang isang pakiti, i use another one-pack, almost one month na po akong umiinom sa pangalawang pakiti at malapit na itong maubos hindi pa ako dinadatnan ng regla. I'm afraid baka po nabuntis na ako? Wla naman po akong palta sa pag inom paminsan minsan nga lang imbis na alas nuebe ako sa gabi umiinom naging alas 10 y media.. paki advice at ppaki sagot nman po ako sa situation kong ito oh.... please.. thank you. ## Hi po, umuwi po ako ng pinas ng august 6 ng 5 palang po ng start na me iminum ng pill..so na ubos po yong isang pakiti ng august 26th wala pa rin po reglang dumating ng start naman po ako ng onother isang pakiti, na ubos na po y...

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if i start new pack of femilon a saturday do need to finish the friday first week

Hi, I have just started my new pack of Femilon on a Saturday after a period of break from the pill. When I finished this pack should I go back after the 3 week to the Mon-Friday pills to finish the pack on a Friday so as to use all 21 tablets? Then when should I start the next pack and on which day? ## There is nothing in the tablets that tells them what day of the week you're taking them, so you can actually take any of the active tablets on any day of the week, regardless of what's marked on the pack. Those are just there to try to help women remember to take a tablet each day, so they don't miss any. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi, I would like to start femilon tablets again. I used to have it before my first child. I would like to know what is the process ...

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mfg ethex 317

my daughter was prescibed these for prenatal vitamins, but they don't look or taste like vitamins. On the pill itself it says ethex on one side and on the other it says 317. ## I would like the names of all the prescribed prenatal vitamins. ## Well, you aren't supposed to taste them. LOL Personally, I'd not want to, since most vitamins won't taste very good. . The tablet with the ETHEX 317 marking is, indeed, a prenatal vitamin called Natalcare RX, it is prescribed to pregnant women to help ensure they have the proper amount of nutrients for both them, and the baby. They are very potent, so according to FDA reports, they sometimes cause nausea, and constipation, as side effects. Ref: Prenantal Vitamins Is there anything else I can help with?

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Can I take Graviola with Tamoxifen?

I am diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 six months ago and had bilateral mastectomy and after that prescribed with Taomxifen-Nolvadex. I am taking two tablets per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, meaning 20mg per day. My CA is positive in progesteron and estrogen. My brother bought me Graviola as he was told that is a good one for cancer, but I am afraid to have it with tamoxifen, If someone knows anything please tell me. And my periods did not stop yet I have them on monthly basis and my gynecologist now insists to remove both ovaries and uterus. ## Hello I'm looking for that information too. Maybe we can talk about your experience. My wife is the patient and I have been researching for a lot.

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Effects of WATE-ON during breastfeeding

I am a mom and would like to gain weight after birth, but I'm still breastfeeding. Can I still use the WATE-ON supplement? ## Am a breastfeeding mother and I want to gain weight. Can I take wate-on emulsion? ## what is the side effect of wate-on during breastfeeding ## Is Wate-On good for taking during pregnancy? I have lost weight during breastfeeding...and as a result of this I need to gain weight. My baby is 1 year old and I'm pregnant. ## Is Wate-On safe for nursing mothers to take? Are there any precautions one should be aware of? ## Pls can I use wate-on emulsion to gain weight and pls is there any side effect on the baby of 2 months since am breastfeedin ## fect of wate-on doing breastfeeding CU's I lose weight that's why I get it ## Please can i take wate on whil...

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paanu kung nagkamali ka inum pills anung mangyayaru

Hai po anu pong mangyayari kong nagkamali ng inum ng pills imbis na 9 po kase nainum ko e 14 anu po ang mangyayari? Plss help me. ## ngkabaliktad ng inom 14-8 intead n 8-14 pero tinuloy ko pa rin nde me ng miss ## Ano mangyayari if nagkamali ng pag inum ng pills instead nah 8-14 Ang nainum is 14-9 ano mangyayari ## Paano yan imbes na 8 inomin ko naging 14 ngaun poh tinuloy ko pa din ang pag inom hndi ko na poh ininom ang 8 direct na poh ako sa 9 tama poh bah gnawa ko? ## What if nakabaliktad po ang pagtake q ng daphne pills may tendency po ba na pregnant ako? ## Tanung qoh lng poh .. ng kamali poh kc aqoh ng inom ng pills .. instead na 8 14 nainom qoh late qoh ndin napancn na ibang no. na pla nainom qoh .. pero pinag pa2loy qoh pdin poh ang pg inom .. anu poh pdie mangyare ? ## Gud even...

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daphne pills with no menstruation

Last june 2013 i started using daphne pills..I last took the tablet on july 3. And until now i dont have menstruation yet, its 10 days now. I sooo scared..i havent taken anything yet. I already have contact with my husband. Am I fertile or not? What should i do? ## Hi, Jeryln! How are you? It can be normal for your cycle to be off, when you are new to taking hormonal contraceptives. However, did you have contact with your husband during the week you first started them, without using other protection? Because it takes them a week to become effective, unless you start them the first day of your menstruation. And after not having one, you should have started a new pack on the same day as usual and contacted your doctor for further instructions. If you didn't start a new pack, when you ...

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I am searching for vimax porridge, it is finely ground oats, also should come coarsely ground. VIMAX PORRIDGE. WOULD BE grateful if somebody could let me know where it is available. ## Jude says: I have had no response to my search for availability of VIMAX PORRIDGE. I reside in New Zealand. This was available during to 70's and 80's, it was discontinued in the late 80's ot early 90's I think. Brand Sanitarium. Came in fine ground and coarse ground. The contents of this mixture might be known by somebody, which would emable me perhaps to make it up myself. ## Hi Jude, If you find some Vimax please let me know as it is the only porridge that I ever liked! ## Hi Jude...funny...I have just come to the computer to look this very same thing...only porridge I liked too and my ...

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Anong gamot effective pang regla

Anu po bang gamot ang pang regla kasi po guxto kunang datnan ayaw ko pang ma buntis. ## 1week nko delay tpos kinakabhan ako nag PT ako lumabas positive Peri sumasaket puson ko buntis po kya ako salamat ## ano po bang gamot na effective na pamparegla kc 3weeks na po aq di dinadatnan nag pt aq positive lumalabas pero smskit po ung puson q sana matululungan niyo q. ## Ano po pwde gamot sa pag regla,delay na po ng 4 days? ## anu ponq gmot anq pwdinq inomin ksi 5days na akunq deley sna po m2lunqan. niyo ako nqaun gusto datnan na ako nqayon ## delayed po ako ng 1week and 3 day posibling buntis po ba ako? ang huling regla ko po nung feb. 7. nag pt po ako ng march 10 at march 15 ng umaga pag ka gising ang resulta naman ay negative, hanggang ngaun po kc di ako dinadatnan regular naman po ako nag...

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yutopar aka ritodrine

My husband and I have had our daughter which is now 30 tested for everything and the doctors can't seem to be able to give us a diagnosis, and things are not getting any better, my beautiful daughter has struggled and suffered so much and it breaks my heart to know that Yutopar that was given to me, which affected my baby and I knowing, my that daughter is the one who suffers from it on a daily basis. My second child is normal, and I did not take the drug while carring him. I would really like to talk to all of you, something needs to be done to care for these kids that are now adults that can not cope, sleep, eat, extremely depressed, sucidal thoughts, learning problems, unable to conform to society, lies, bi-polar, anti-social, can't function in everyday life and with everyday...

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Regestrone Tab To Postpone Periods

I am going to be intimate with my husband this thursday and on that day it's my periods day. Can I have regestrone 2 days before? ## Regesterone contains the active ingredient Norethisterone. If you wish to delay your menstrual cycle, then it is very important to start the medication before your cycle starts, as it will not stop it, once you are already menstruating, though it may shorten the duration. Also, it is hormone, so if you haven't been taking it regularly and your body isn't used to it, it may cause you to start your cycle, rather than delaying it. It really depends on how your body reacts to the medication. Learn more: You should also know, that while it can be messy, it is perfectly safe to have sex while menstruating. It isn't dangerous, at all. Are there an...

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Nagkabaliktad na pag inom ng trust pills

Good day! I'm jan. Anu po ang dapat gawin kasi nkabalikyad ang iniinom ko na trust pills.. Imbes 14-21 ang nainom ko ay 21-14... ## Natakot ako ayaw kopa mag ka bb.. Nagkamali ako uminom ng pill dapat #16 ang nainom ko is 21...ang ginawa ko cnabay ko Yong dalawa now..d ko Alan kong Tama ba... ## Nagkamali ng pag inom ng pills imbis na 8-14, 14-8 po nainom ko? Possible po ba akong pregnant? Please reply. ## Nagkamali ako ng inom ng pills imbers na #13 na inom #15 natakot ako ininom k agad kanina umaga #13 please answer dis question. ## Hi. I just want to ask about taking a Diane Pills. It's 8th day today but I have a deep breathing and a migraine after taking it. Should I stop taking the pill? What I should do? Please enlighten me. Thank you. ## Mali po yung nainom ko kagabi, ins...

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sintomas sa pgtigil ng paginom pills

1 month pa lng po akong gumagamit ng pills and then ng sex po kmi ng husband ko after christmas mga dec. 26 po un... hindi na po ako umiinom ng pills hanggang nagyon cmula nung naubos ung pills ko nung dec. 24... ano po ba ang magiging epekto nun... may posibilidad po ba na mabuntis ako... i need your reply po asap. thank you and godbless. ## Uminom po Ako Ng pills for 2 months Kc po OFW Ako at nag stay Ako Sa pinas them after Ng 2 months ko Na pag inom bago ko bumalik Sa ibang Bansa Nagkaron Ako after ko magkaron nag contact Kami Ng asawa ko at nag take nman Ako Ng pills...ask ko Lang Kung need ko pa ba umbusin yung pills eh nandito Na uli Ako Sa ibang Bansa at Wla nman gumagamit Sken d2? Pls I need ur advice salamat... ## Good day po . may prob po kc ako , uminum po ako ng pills nung ...

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What Is Lutenyl Used For And How Can It Be Taken

Please just let me know how to use lutenyl to get pregnant? ## to find out if lutenyl and clomid will help a great deal in getting pregnant ## Lutenyl is a hormone tablet, it is used to make sure you have enough of a vital hormone, Nomegestrol, to make sure you can get pregnant and support a healthy pregnancy, because a lack of hormones can cause these types of problems. You should take it, as your doctor directed. The directions state 1 tablet a day for 10 days, from the 16th to the 25th day of your cycle. Clomid contains the active ingredient Clomifene, this is used to help balance the hormone Estrogen in your body. Thus, the intent is similar to what I posted for the Lutenyl. Side effects for both may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and weight gain. Are there any other questi...

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Round blue pill with 44 on one side

I have a pill that is blue has the numbers 44 on it. I don't know what it is. Can someone help me? ## Hello. I located a pill that is round and blue with 44 on one side and a lower case dp on the other (NDC 51285-444). If that is what you have, it is Cenestin 1.25 mg. Inactive Ingredients: - Ethylcelluloses - Hypromelloses - Lactose Monohydrate - Magnesium Stearate - Polyethylene Glycol - Polysorbate 80 - Starch, Corn - Titanium Dioxide - Triethyl Citrate - FD&C Blue No. 2

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Sluconazole 150 mg I was prescribe once a week for foot fungus, but on the label it says for virginal yeast infection can it be used for both? ## I think you should be fine. Vaginal yeast infection is also a type of fungus, most likely very similar to what you have on your foot. Therefore the medicine should work for both... ## Though frequently misunderstood, the medication name is actually Fluconazole, it is just a general antifungal drug, so as Roy said, it will work for both. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and elevated liver enzymes. Learn more Fluconazole details here. Are there any questions or comments? ## Stomach disorder, pain upon eating. ## Sorry to hear about your stomach pain. Were you experiencing this before starting the Fluconazole, or did...

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ilan buwan bago reglahin pagkatapos magpalaglag

Ilan months po ba reglahin pagkatapos magpalaglag ## What sympthoms are checked for before an abortion procedure? ## ilang buwan poba bago reglahin ang isang bagong panganak..pg breastfeed po ## Ilang linggo po b dapat reglahin after manganak 1 month na po ko mhgt pgkptos q manganak breastfeed din po ko niregla po agad ako natural lng po b un malakas pdn po kc regla q till now 5 days na kng nireregla ## Ano po ba gamot pamparegla 5 days na po akung delay, sana po matulongan niyo ako, salamat po. ## Nakunan po ako at niraspa. Gusto ko pong malaman kung kailan ulit ako rereglahin? ## Ask ko Lang po. pwde po ba mabuntis Ang babae kahit Sa labas pinutok ng lalake Pero nilabasan Ang babae? ## Tsaka ilan buwan po ba Mag kakaroon Ang bagong raspa? Nakunan pi kc Ako nitong May16 2017 tapos ng g...

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Penorit tablet to regulate periods

my wife's periods was due on 5 march but she missed the period on 17 march we consulted our Doctor and pregnancy test. Negative test report and no sign of pregnancy in ultrasound. doctor gave penorit tablet for periods. my wife had the tablet but 4 days have been gone by but still no periods.. what to do? ## Meei periods date 14 the m ny bagair chck kiay 4 tab penorit kha len baad m chck kia possitve tha mujhy bht dukh hua m ny bhcg b krwaya pragnancy h...but kia yeh tablt mujhy nuqsan dn gy m ny yestrday nght ko 2 len 2 aj din ko nd test aj evening m ## Penorit contains Norethindrone, it is a hormone that is important to the female menstrual cycle, however, there is no guarantee that it will induce a menstrual cycle, she may skip the entire time she is taking it, there is really no...

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bakit ayaw po huminto ang pag-bleeding ko

Nagpa-check po ako noong jan. 24, 2014 akala ko po kasi buntis ako dahil lumalaki ang tiyan ko, after ng ultrasound sa akin negative po ang cause daw po ng paglaki ay bloating. jan. 25, 2014 dinatnan po ako ng regla ko pakonti konti po, jan. 28 nagtalik po kami ng bf ko next day po uminom na ako ng contraceptive pills continued po. pwede po ba ako mabuntis kahit one time lang yun at bakit ayaw po huminto ang pakonti-konting pag-bebleeding ko. pls. po pakitulungan niyo po ako sa mga katanungan ko. Thank you. ## Doc, ask ko LNG PO, ngkaroon Aq July 31, 2016, mga ilan Araw 3 to 4 days Wla na Pero ito August 13, 2016 ngkaroon Aq ulit hanggang ngaun meron, bkit PO ganun? anu PO Kya poblema? nun una mlakas PO pero ngaun normal Daloy mpula n Medyo maitim UNg regla Ko, at minsan nkkramdam ng pa...

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