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How to use St Mom

How do you use this medicine (st mom)? Plz tell me. ## Mery Beve ke Manses 15 January ko ane te per nahi aye jab ham ne pregnancy test kya to wo positive aa gaya ab qareban 40 den ki pregnancy hai kya ab wo S.T MOM use kar sakti hai? plex Jawab lazmi dy. Shokria. ## hello my last mensis had came at 11may now in June I haven't mansis till now so can Iuse this medicine without having test because I m sure I m not pragnent ## Sir mare Wife 1 month sy mensis nai hui. Kia mai ST mom teblts us kr sakta hn ## Sar mere beve prednet hai 90 din se ziyda ho gaya kia main os ko st mom dedo to use sab clear ho jainga ## I need to know how to use s.t mom? Mere bate k age 20 sal h 2 month sy period nhi arhy ky ma s.t mom k istemal krwa sakte ho or kesy. ## My period date was august 7th but it did ...

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Yutopar Aka Ritodrine

This drug was used for women going into pre-mature labor it was used to stop the contrations. Unfortunatly it had major side effects on the babies. This was an experimental drug used from 1980 -1990 and was then discontinued. I was given this drug and my daughter was born 6 weeks early, had her by c-section. I begin to notice around 12yrs old that problem were arising in her mental health, still not realizing that this drug played an important factor. I have found many women that this to has happened to, and I'm still looking for more families that this has effect. It is devasting and a nightmare for my daughter who is now 30 yrs. old. If you have any information I would really like to visit with you about your child. Thank you for reading this, we need to ban together for our kids....

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Given Ritrodine at 26 through 34 weeks

I was given Ritodrine intravenously from 26 through 31 week’s then orally through 34 weeks. I gave birth at 39.5 weeks. My son who is 24 years old now has gastrointestinal issues IBS, Gastritis, Gerd, and possible Leaky Gut. He suffers from anxiety and intermittent depression. Kidney stones too, at 24 yrs old he’s already had 5 stone (2 of which have required hospitalization). Who else’s child has had similar issues? Please connect. Thank you. ## Hello AAA, Thank you for sharing your story, that's honestly terrible to hear about your son. I was looking up the side effects of ritodrine and though I was unable to find anything regarding the long term effects it has on children I did find a very concerning case study that compares ritodrine to nifedipine. This case st...

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Formitrol for PCOS and losing weight

Hi. I am suffering from PCOS and have been advised to take Formitol tablets. Is it useful for PCOS? Can I lose weight by taking it? ## Hello Priya, Formitrol is not a drug sold in the United States and is not accepted by the FDA. Since I live in the states my knowledge of this drug is limited but I will share with you the information that I was able to find. According to the manufacturer Formitrol can be used to treat PCOS and is more of a vitamin than a medicine. This vitamin is also reported to aid the following issues depression, schizophrenia, alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, high cholesterol, nerve pain, psoriasis, PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), impotence. There are no listed side effects so I don't know if this will cause you to lose weight. Since this drug doesn't ...

Primolut-n and Clomid... a workable solution to conceive?

Hi. I want to become pregnant. I am old enough to...I am in 26-27ish. I have a boyfriend, n wud love to have a baby by him. But d problem is that he lives and works in a place which takes about six hours journey by road. Both of us r working n often would get leave from work to meet during the natural ovulation days.....so I heard abt Clomid tabs dat can release eggs/induce ovulation five to six days after intake. The thing is I had my last menses period on 3 nov 2014....very light watery blood for three days after which heavy real red blood bleeding came,for four days etc...later in nov 15. Nov 23rd we met n had intercourse....well nov15 comes under natural ovulation date as per ovulation calculator....n my nxt mensus was due on dec 3rd....i didnt....i was almost into believing that I ...

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Una Nagsex Po Kami Tapos Kinabukasan Na Ako Nagtake Ng Pills Hndi Ba Mabubuntis

nagsex po kami ng bf q kagabi...tapos dis day lang po ako uminom ng pills...anu po ba ang epekto nito? mabubuntis ba ako? ## Sis. nabuntis kba noon aa ganyang paraan? Ganyan din kc aq. pero wala pang isang oras uminum agad aq ng pills. 8 days after my period. makbubuntis kaya aq? Pls reply. tnx... ## gals help nman. nkunan kase ako ng january 23 tpos hindi pa ako nireregla then nag sex kme ng asawa ko ng january 31, pero bago kme mag sex uminom ako ng phills. mabubuntis ba agad ako non khit hndi pa ako niregla? pasagot po plss I need to know if im pregnant; ayoko pa masundan ang panganay ko maraming slamat. ## Nag sex po kc kami ng bf KO march 30 d ako sure kung naipasuk nya yung sperm sills nya..... Tapus na ulit... Kahapon!!! Ng April 7 takot po ako mabuntis dto po kc ako Riyadh ano p...

Nagkabaliktad na pag inom ng trust pills

Good day! I'm jan. Anu po ang dapat gawin kasi nkabalikyad ang iniinom ko na trust pills.. Imbes 14-21 ang nainom ko ay 21-14... ## Natakot ako ayaw kopa mag ka bb.. Nagkamali ako uminom ng pill dapat #16 ang nainom ko is 21...ang ginawa ko cnabay ko Yong dalawa now..d ko Alan kong Tama ba... ## Nagkamali ng pag inom ng pills imbis na 8-14, 14-8 po nainom ko? Possible po ba akong pregnant? Please reply. ## Nagkamali ako ng inom ng pills imbers na #13 na inom #15 natakot ako ininom k agad kanina umaga #13 please answer dis question. ## Hi. I just want to ask about taking a Diane Pills. It's 8th day today but I have a deep breathing and a migraine after taking it. Should I stop taking the pill? What I should do? Please enlighten me. Thank you. ## Mali po yung nainom ko kagabi, ins...

Estratest (generic EEMT) made by Seton Pharmaceuticals

Hello: I have been a long term user of estratest HS. It has been the only medication that has helped me completely. I was very happy with it for 7 years with the brand name, then it was switched to generic EEMT made by Amneal Pharmaceuticals and I continued to be very happy with the product. But...once Amneal stopped making this medication and production was made by ANI pharmaceuticals, the medication was just not right for me. Began to have very uncomfortable systems with the ANI EEMT product such as greasy skin, and insomnia and mood changes. I decided to try and use other hormone replacement therapies and nothing helped. Then I discovered recently that the same generic EEMT product by Amneal pharmaceuticals, was being produced by Seton pharmaceuticals. The color of the pill, and the ...

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Pwede ba mabuntis ang bagong panganak kahit hindi pa nireregla?

Please po i need some details. Pwede po ba ko mabuntis kahit hindi pa ko nireregla pagkapanganak? Pero megative naman po ako sa p.t. Withdrawal naman po ang asawa ko. ## Regular mentration pero ngayon hindi pa nagstop ung mentration ko 3weeks na walang asawa ## hi . po im joan po 19 years old . nanganak po ako nun ja.12 .. at nag decide po ako na mag pa. inject nung april8 .. ask ko lang po sana kung normal lang pong magkaroon kahit injectable kse nagka spot mens po ako nung may15 nagstop po nung 16 then bumalik po nung 18 hanggang ngayun normal lang pu ba yun ? salamat po kung mssagot :) worried lang po ako kse 1st time ko po ito gmiten.. ## pwede bang mabuntis after manganak kahit di pa nireregla ## hello po ask ko lang kung pwede na ko magbuntis my skit po kc ko sa puso at my mainten...

USA Equivalent to Trimebutine?

I have irritable bowel syndrome and end up with distended, miserable abdomen and the inability to go to the toilet at all. The first time I had this, I was living in France, diagnosed and treated with Debridat (Trimebutine) and Movicol (a stool softener). I was so happy to get rid of this miserable problem. Several times in the years I lived in Paris, I had to take this medicine, but always with excellent effect. Eventually, the maximum dose of Debridat per day (6 pills per day) had stopped being effective. Then, I discovered "graines de lin" made by Arkopharma, which you can buy in the pharmacy. That often works for irritable bowel-especially constipation prone, which was my case. For years, I used those little individually wrapped sachets 2 or 3 times a day with extraordinary ...

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Estratest Replacement

i need EXACT replacement, dosage, for Estratest HS. EXACT. thanks for any help. ## The exact replacement is a new product called Covaryx. It has the same active ingredients as Estratest. This was according to Centrix Pharmaceuticals. ## This whole thing is so strange. Costco would not fill my script for Estratest, or any generic, but Krogers would. I don't know what is going on with this stuff. I know Syntex is a replacement but as far as I can tell, it is unavailable. I have read from the company that the generic will be available soon, it is a matter of reclassifying the drug as a controlled substance because of the testosterone and the abuse of it by men looking for steroids. Thanks for your answer.... ## yeah, and since that is not a generic, i bet it costs a fortune. not that w...

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medroxypr ac 10mg

I take this medicine for heavy bleeding but I have gained soo much weight since after taking it. Is that normal? ## I AM TAKING MEDROXYPR AC 10 MG TAB GENERIC FOR PROVERA 10 MG TAB IT STOP THE BLEEDING BUT IT CAUSES ME TO HAVE SO MUCH PAIN IN THE BOTTOM OF MY STOMACH WHAT COULD CAUSE THIS TO HAPPEN ## the doctor prescribed medroxypr 10 mg tab for my heavy bleeding to regulate my heavy bleeding will this med. really work i thought this med. is to start your period not stop or slow it down so can you help me out and let me know thank you ## my cycle has been on now for 25 days i've been on provera for 8 days i have 2 left im wondering when will the heavy bleeding stop someone please help me i've read some of the other women ?'s do we ever get answered ## on my second round of ...

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Micropil Pills Side Effects

I have been taking micropil for 2 years. I experience spotting when i miss taking the pill, but this time i didn't miss taking the pill but im still having a mesntrual flow for 5 days? ## If you're taking the actual micro pill that just contains Progestogen, then spotting at any time while you're on it can be unpredictable and is just a possible hazard of taking it. Learn more Micro Pill details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## is that true micropill pills makes the breast large? ## d namn yun totoo kc ako tagal ko na gumamit ng micropil alomost 3 yrs to 4 yrs ata. ang mga nkakabiger ay yung mamahalin na pills worth 500-600 plus. i think nakaklbigger din cy akung tataba ka kc may mga kakilaka ako na mga tumaba talaga sa mga pills kahit yung mga mura lng kaya ...

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how to take daphne pills?

Nagstart ako uminom ng Daphne pills last august 6, then august 12 bigla ako dinatnan. Nagstop ako sa paginom last august 21. Kailan ba ako dapat magstart ng paginom ulit and pag ba dinatnan ka continue pa din ang paginom ng pills? Paano ba ang tamang paginom ng pills. Please I need full details and an answer to my question. ## I need to ask about daphne pills and how to take it... If i take it now and after that my husband makes contact me, is it the wrong approach?

skipped lo loestrin placebo pills no bleeding

I didn’t want to bleed this summer so skipped the 4 placebo pills and started the next month and didn’t bleed for 4 weeks. I just finished the 4 placebos and no blood. I’m worried it’s pushing off the blood. I’m starting the blue pill tonight. Can the body even bleed once the blue pill is in the system? Would appreciate someone’s experience. Thanks ## Hello Momo5, I hope you are having a good day. I'll start by explaining how this medication works. This combination hormone medication is used to prevent pregnancy. It contains 2 hormones: norethindrone (a progestin) and ethinyl estradiol (an estrogen). It works mainly by preventing the release of an egg (ovulation) during your menstrual cycle. Because this medication changes the hormones in your bod...

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fluconazole tablets

I have a fungal infection on my fingernail and toenail and have been given Aspen Fluconazol 200 (1 tablet weekly for six months). Is this the correct dosage for my problem? ## Hello, Kay! How are you? Learn more Fluconazole details here. There isn't necessarily a precise dosage, it has to go by the severity of the fungal infection and that's really the normal amount prescribed for this type of problem. It may cause some side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, rash and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have seborrehic dermatitis on scalp and face. Some type of dandruff appear on my ear and eyebrow. Skin redness and acne appear due to oily skin. Hair break easily and falling and yellow dandruff on my scalp. What should I do? My age is 21. My Dermatologist pre...

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Althea pills before duphaston

Hi doc! I have a problem. I accdentally took the Althea pill before duphaston which my obgyne said that i should take duphaston for 10 days and when I already have mens thats the time I should take Althea. Should I stop taking the pills? I only took one pill last night. Thanks. ## hi po..im using duphaston po for my pcos because it was prescribed by the ob..pro gusto ko sanang mag change into althea after kac taking duphaston for 4 months parang dumami pimple ko tapos ang laki pa ## Althea pills first timer here. Hi po, ask ko lng po if posibli na mabuntis ako if i miss a month of taking pills irregular po ako may hormonal imbalance ako kaya pinatake ako ng ob ko ng pills. On my 2nd month we have a vacation and i forgot to bring my pills. I tried to buy but they dont have them so pag ba...

m2 tone tablet

I am taking m2 tone tablets, but after 2 weeks I saw white discharge coming out from my vagina for 5 days... I hope this is not a side effect. ## I saw dischage after using m2 tone for 5days hope is not a problem ## i started using m2 tone for about 2weeks now but for 3days now have been seeing whitish discharge in a watery foam.i want to know if every thing is okay ## Since about 2months I started using M2 tone I started since heavy whitist discharge from my private part.Please I need help. Precious ## My periods are not regularly coming. It has been 3 months without one. Should I start M2 Tone now or wait till after getting my period? Plz tell me. ## I HAVE JUST STARTED ME TONE FOR INREGULAR PERIOD SO HOW MANY DAYS PERIOD IS COME. ## can m2 tone cause ovarian cyst? because I went for ...

Althea, Provera and long menstruation

Hi, I just want to ask kung ganun ba talaga effect ng Althea. 6 months kasi ako di nagakamenstruation tapos nagpaconsult ako sa OB, after TRANS V sabi nya i have PCOS nga daw. Tapos nirestahan nya ko ng Provera para magbleed tapos on the 1st day daw ng mens ko start na ko mag- Althea pills, kaso mag 3 weeks na po mens ko ngaun. Normal po ba yun? Dapat ko gawin? Thanks. ## Same thing. Ako i am bleeding heavily. As in dripping yung napkin. I started bleeding day 2 of provera. I am currently on metformin. Then niresetahan ako ng provera. When i told my ob na nag blees na ako on day 2 of provera, pinastop na nya si provera and asked me to take althea. Ngayon, super heavy bleeding. Exag yung bleeding. im passing clots! Grabe.

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pang pa regla

Hello po. 5 months na po akong hindi nagkaka-mens. Medyo chubby po ako, tas parang pagod na pagod po ako all the time. Ano po ba pwede kong inumin na gamot? ## 5 months na po aq ndi nagkakaron.. pero nag check up nman poh aq sa ob.. ang sav skin polycistic ovary aq... then niresetahan nea aq ng althea pilss.. 5pcs nlng po ang natitira sa pilss q.. pero hindi pdin aq ngkakaron.. anu poh kaya ang dahilan? ntatakot po kc aq.. ## Mag 2 weeks na po ako delayed ano po ba pwd inuman para mag karoon. Thank you sana matulungan nio ko.. ## BkEt Po GaNun 7moNths nakung di nagkakaroON... Di nMan Po aKu BuNtis ... MaTaBA Po Aku... ANu Po kaYang PdEng InuMin para magkaroN aku huh... Paki SaGuT po SalaMat ## Hnd pa po aq ngkakaron ngung buwan..ng PT n po aq 2x ngative nmn po. ## Please po pa help, ano...


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