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Regestrone Tab To Postpone Periods

I am going to be intimate with my husband this thursday and on that day it's my periods day. Can I have regestrone 2 days before? ## Regesterone contains the active ingredient Norethisterone. If you wish to delay your menstrual cycle, then it is very important to start the medication before your cycle starts, as it will not stop it, once you are already menstruating, though it may shorten the duration. Also, it is hormone, so if you haven't been taking it regularly and your body isn't used to it, it may cause you to start your cycle, rather than delaying it. It really depends on how your body reacts to the medication. Learn more: You should also know, that while it can be messy, it is perfectly safe to have sex while menstruating. It isn't dangerous, at all. Are there an...

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Ferpill kit tablet uses

I've been planning for a baby for the past year......Doctor has prescribed me ferpill f....I want to know what is ds medicine taken for? Kindly answer. ## Hi. I am taking ferpill kit but on the 20th day my periods started... Normally my periods are regular so what is the problem? ## Hi Tanya , Ferpill-F is containing multi ingredients that increases the chances of conception and improves the ovulation rate and pregnancy rate. You can refer FERTILITYBLEND for more details which is a international brand for same indication. ## Hi DHANA There can be a multiple reasons for the delay in periods. Ferpill-Kit is containing clomiphene citrate that is required to be taken from day-3 to day-5 of the menstrual cycle to improve the follicular growth and rate of ovulation. It also contains the E...

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Will Fertomid 50 Help me get Pregnant?

I want to know what my chances are to get pregnant. I have missed my periods for quite a while and now my doctor put me on Fertomid 50. Will it help me to get pregnant? ## i started fertomid 50 on 22-07-2011 and was wondering if one dose fall pregnat and if so how long would it take before it works? ## I cannot tell you whether or not you will get pregnant, there are far too many factors that can affect that. However, Fertomid contains the active ingredient Clomiphene and it is used to stimulate ovulation, so it may increase your chances of getting pregnant. To have the best possible results, you should follow your doctors instructions for the usage and dosage of this. How often and how long has your doctor instructed you to take it? ## Can you have intercourse when taking Clomid and st...

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Clomiphene testosterone

I read online that I should be using clomiphene or clomid at the end of a steroid cycle to help with my testosterone levels and to help my body recover, but when I asked my doctor about it, he said that he wouldn't prescribe it for off label use. Well, I've been doing a lot of my own research, and I definitely think it's worth a try, it available over the counter anywhere? ## Hi Steven, I don't know if you ever found what you needed OTC in a retail pharmacy, but I find mine over the counter online. Plenty of very reliable, reputable sources if you just do some research. ## My testosterone level is 503 ng/dl. My age is 39. It's in normal range I know, but I would like to increase my testosterone level to 800 and then to 1000 ng/dl. Can I use clomiphene 25mg fo...

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prolifen medication for conceiving

I am really trying to have a child and I really need help. Will Clomiphene help? Plz get back with me. ## Hi Shon, From what I could gather, Prolifen (Clomiphene Citrate) is indicated for treating infertility. It would seem however that you'd need to contact a doctor or gynecologist for an in-person evaluation in order to receive a prescription. Clomid also appears to be a more common brand name for this medication (in case Prolifen isn't available). I would just encourage you to discuss any viable treatment options with your doctor to ensure that you're taking the best type of approach. I hope this helps! ## Asslam o alaikum, meri shadi ko 6 sal hony waly hain meri aik beti h 5 sal ki or ab main phr conceive krna chahti hon mujhy doctor ny prolifen di h ab ye smjh nai aa rh...

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Ovi F Side Effects

want to know side effects of tablets ovi f ## Hi, Sum! How are you? Ovi-F contains the active ingredient Clomiphene, which is used to induce ovulation in women. Side effects may include nausea, hot flashes, blurred vision and abdominal discomfort. Learn more Ovi-F details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Everyone said ovi-f works well but after one month of pregnancy, my baby's growth has stopped. Am I at risk of miscarriage?

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what do u have to see to know if fertomid pills are really working

I am taking fertomid pills. But now I've been getting headaches and dizziness, also vomiting. I am experiencing a lot of mucous discharge and I also want to know how much of this I should be taking? ## I am 28years old famale,i and my hub are try i ng for pregnancy from last year. I was put on 50mg of fertomid last year in october. i just want to know how long does it take to get pregnant Regars Roxy ## Hello Zelda, According to the NIH Fertomid contains the active ingredient Clomiphene citrate. This medication works by simulating ovulation which increases the chances of you getting pregnant. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will get pregnant, there are just too many factors at play. If you are concerned with the side effects you are feeling I suggest you schedule an app...

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ferpill kit tablet how to take

What uses ferpill kit medicine It fastest medicine ## Dear Shaikh Ferpill-Kit is generally prescribed to increase the chances of pregnancy. It is containing two types of medicine - One is clomiphene citrate which helps in egg production and second is estradiol valerate which helps in implantation of fertilized egg. ## Meri yak bar abosion ho chuki hai uske bad ferpill kit tablet diye hai esse me conceive ho sakti hu kya

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thyronorm & pregnancy

Hi, my wife is taking thyronorm 50 mcg daily on an empty stomach. Now after testing, we found out that she is pregnant. Kindly suggest whether she should continue to take thyronorm 50 mcg and whether it may lead to some side effect? ## I take thyronorm 50 microgram weekly and want to get pregnant ## My wife is pregnant now. After consulting the doc she tested the TSH and started Thyronorm 25. I would just like to know what types of foods she could eat while on this medication? ## Hi. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I'm taking thyronorm 100 mcg. My tsh level is 7.8. I'm very worried as to whether it will help or not? Please advise. ## I am taking thyronorm 100 mcg daily and taking medicine for pcos. Last month I took clomiphene citrate to become pregnant. But this month my pregnancy...

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prolifen side effect

i have been using prolifen ,please informe me about the side effects ## Prolifen is not known to be manufactured in the US. So I am unable to retrieve a full description of the drug. I did however locate that Clomiphene is noted to be the main ingredient of Prolifen in many countries. Common side effects associated with Clomiphene include: Hot flashes, abdominal discomfort, visual blurring (dose-dependent), and/or reversible ovarian enlargement and cyst formation. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## prolifen ## I have been married for 3 months... Last month i took prolifen but it did not work and i have nothing to conceive... Can i take this medicine again...

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what is ferpill kit tablet used for

how to use ferpill kit of clomiphene citrate tablet IP 50 mg & estradiol valerate tablets 2 mg . actually today 5th june is my periods 3rd day n today only my doctor gave me this tablet but i forgot to ask how to take this tablet please explain me in details how to take this. i am waiting please reply as soon as possible. thank you

fopymin and clomiphene for fertility

I have a problem with late periods. I'm not yet pregnant... My period is 3 months delayed... The doctor said to take fopymin and clomiphene medicine... Is it an appropriate course of treatment? Will I be able to get pregnant soon as a result of taking these medications?

triangular white pill with GP

I found these pills of my Husbands. They are white triangular with the letters GP on one side then it is scored (a line) on the other. ## Okay, this one took A LOT of hunting to find. It is made by Geneza Pharmaceuticals. Almost all of their pills are triangular and marked with a GP, the only way to tell the difference is by the color. The white tablets are 50mgs Clomiphene. This is normally prescribed for women to help with infertility issues, however, men have been known to use it to block the effects of Estrogen in their bodies and increase the levels of Testosterone they produce. You can see information on it here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## my son was found with these pills (triangular, white, marked with GP) when he was stoppd by police. They took the pills and...

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Clomiphene dosage instructions

I live in Taiwan and recently just finished a course of clomiphene citrate. But the instructions were in chinese so i think I may have taken it incorrectly. I took 1 tablet 3 times a day separately for 5 days. Was this incorrect and if it is does this mean it won't work? ## Hi everyone is doc prescribed two tablets once a day for 5 days....start taking them on the first day of your menstrual cycle...hope that helps

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Fertomid-50 uses

What are Cipla Clomiphene tablets used for and are there any side effects? ## Clomiphene Citrate, this is a fertility drug to help women ovulate and get pregnant. ## Please tell me the use and sidifact of Zyncet and Fertomide _50? ## I have taken Fertomid for 2 mnths now and my most fertile day was today and yesterday. Last month it didnt work, but will see how the treatment worked this time round. ## We are trying to get pregant to no avail. Im currently on fertomid-50, how effective is it? ## I used Fertomid last month for the first time and now my breast tips are paining, i can not tourch them even. What is wrong maybe? or should i call my Dr? ## This month i used fertomid 50 from 3rd day to 7th day...15th day i did ovulationtest result it showed negative , after taking fertomid how ...

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My wife used Clomitab in her previous period, can she use it again in her current session. ## Hello, Safdar! How are you and your wife? What has her doctor instructed? Some women do need more than one round of this, to increase their changes of getting pregnant, but she should only take it, if her doctor has said that it is safe for her to do so. Clomiphene is listed by the FDA as being used to treat ovulatory failure and its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, hot flushes, stomach discomfort and breakthrough bleeding.

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susten 100mg tablet

i am planning to conceive . my doc has given clomiphene citrate for ovulation .i have got 34 days cycle .. she has also given tab susten on the sixteenth day of ovulation. i heard that if taken before it will suppress ovulation. is it true? ## Hello, Ashu! How are you doing? Good luck getting pregnant! :-) As to suppression ovulation, it depends on the dosage and that usually occurs 10 to 12 days, before your period. If you're starting it on the 16th day, that should be after you've ovulated, unless you've got a strict cycle of 28 days or less. Do you know how long your normal cycle is? ## its 34 days cycle ## Thank you Vermon for your reply. i think my ovulation will be around ninteenth day. so how about this tab susten 100 mg if taken from sixteenth day

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Productive M

Due to weak erection i consult doctor n he prescribed me productiv -m ,is it safe n wats its side effect ## Productiv-M is a combination product that contains 25 tablets of Clomifene and 30 tablets that contain a vitamins and minerals. Clomiphene is sometimes used to treat male infertility and, it is believed that a deficiency in various nutrients may contribute to such problems, including erectile dyfunction. Side effects may include: nausea, flushing, headache and flushing. Learn more: Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor?

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prolifen tablets

for what purpose we use prolifen ## Prolifen is not available in the US. Clomiphene seems to be the active ingredient in Prolifen. Clomiphene is commonly used mainly in female infertility due to anovulation (e.g. due to polycystic ovary syndrome). To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do.

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clomiphen citrate

fertility enhancement? ## Yes, Clomiphene is used as a fertility enhancement, helping women ovulate. ## Thanks - I do ovulate now. However, my age - 40 is part of the problem we believe. Will the clomiphen help me anyway? ## I need all news concerning new drugs.

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