Triangular White Pill With Gp

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I found these pills of my Husbands. They are white triangular with the letters GP on one side then it is scored (a line) on the other.

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Verwon Says:

Okay, this one took A LOT of hunting to find. It is made by Geneza Pharmaceuticals. Almost all of their pills are triangular and marked with a GP, the only way to tell the difference is by the color.

The white tablets are 50mgs Clomiphene.

This is normally prescribed for women to help with infertility issues, however, men have been known to use it to block the effects of Estrogen in their bodies and increase the levels of Testosterone they produce.

You can see information on it here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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GinoB Says:

my son was found with these pills (triangular, white, marked with GP) when he was stoppd by police. They took the pills and are having them tested to determine what they are. He had them in a baggie - no prescription. Are these illegal? Is he in trouble when the lab results come back?

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Im thirteen I have a big teenage brother, i was looking through his safes and i found a little bottle with only a couple of triangular green pills and GP on it, im very scared for him because if hes doing something illegal i want to help him out so he could stoop, so please if you know what they are please tell me because im very worried

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So guys use it as steriods basically? for when they work out?

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Soha Says:

My son was found with the same described tablets but green.. they were small and triangular, and scored a line on the back but they were GREEN. What are they? please help as soon as possible

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Diver Down Says:

The white ones are clenbuterol which is a pill for fat burning. Yes it is a steroid
The green ones are also a steroid and those are anadrol which is to gain muscle mass

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Jason Says:

As someone who gets a lot of gear from gp just know they use the same pill press for all pills. Most anavar is identically pressed being only orange or peach in color. Many different pills they sell are white and identically looking. Example chlenbuterol an asthma pill looks like this, so does some of their oral steroids.

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