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Did they stop making Estropipate? If not, can anyone please tell me about its current availability? I love this drug. Been taking it for over 30 years. Now I cannot find it anywhere. I have to take estrogen and progestin. Age 75. It made me young and never got any cancer. Please bring it back, even if costs more. ## Sorry to hear about your trouble getting it filled. Can you list which dosage / manufacturer you were taking before? You can see a list on the Estropipate NDC page. It might be possible to try and contact them and see what's going on. Also, I am unfortunately seeing this drug listed as "discontinued" on a drug shortage page from the FDA, but very few details are listed, so I'm not sure where they are publishing that info from. ## Same here Ruth. It's a sa...

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round orange pill with watson 415 imprint ## Pill Image Click Here This is Estropipate 1.5mgs, a generic for Ogen or Ortho-Est, this is an Estrogen tablet for hormone replacement. ## This pill is eactly what I posted above, I always double check my information to make sure it is accurate. Providing accurate ids for those who need them is why I am here! I have removed the iincorrect response to avoid confusion for others who might be wanting an ID on the same pill.

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