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Premarin- reddish brown oval pill

Reddish brown oval pill. I would like to know more about this medication. ## Here's some info I have This medicine is a female hormone and is usually given to women who do not produce the proper amount. It is used to reduce menopause symptoms (such as hot flashes or vaginal dryness), to prevent bone loss (osteoporosis) in some post-menopausal women, to treat certain cancers in men and women (such as certain types of metastatic breast cancer or androgen-dependent prostate cancer), or to treat low estrogen levels caused by certain conditions. It may be used to treat other conditions as determined by your doctor. SIDE EFFECTS that may occur while taking this medicine include dizziness, gas, or nausea. If they continue or are bothersome, check with your doctor. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR AS...

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is 44 a bad egfr reading

what would make a low reading on the blood test result of a egfr ## My wife has endstage renal syndrome. She is African American age 65. her recent eGFR scores have been 10. 5 13.2 13.0 11.5 10.2 10.5 What if anything can she do with diet to stabilize these scores? Medication: iron, blood pressure meds(2 types) premarin and vit d, 2000. She has no obivious symptoms yet. Thanks ## A normal EGFR is considered to be 60, or more, numbers lower than that are considered abnormal, and may indicate renal failure. You can learn more about EGFR on the Kidney Foundation website. Safeharbor, does she have a medical condition that is causing these numbers? What have her doctors advised her to do?

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side effects espiride 50mg

I am on espiride 50mg once a day will that make me put on weight ## Espiride contains the active ingredient Sulpiride, which is an atypical antipsychotic that's used to treat several mental health disorders. And no, it isn't known to cause weight gain in most people that take it. But you may experience other side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, somnolence and insomnia. Learn more Espiride details here. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Im lost as im suffering from Menapause and heavy night sweats at night.He stopped my premarin and became worse so Dr gave me a script for this.He dis not say that his gonna give me good for stres....Menapause is this gonna stop or did i get a wrong Dr note

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USA Equivalent to Trimebutine?

I have irritable bowel syndrome and end up with distended, miserable abdomen and the inability to go to the toilet at all. The first time I had this, I was living in France, diagnosed and treated with Debridat (Trimebutine) and Movicol (a stool softener). I was so happy to get rid of this miserable problem. Several times in the years I lived in Paris, I had to take this medicine, but always with excellent effect. Eventually, the maximum dose of Debridat per day (6 pills per day) had stopped being effective. Then, I discovered "graines de lin" made by Arkopharma, which you can buy in the pharmacy. That often works for irritable bowel-especially constipation prone, which was my case. For years, I used those little individually wrapped sachets 2 or 3 times a day with extraordinary ...

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TAKEN PREMARIN 37 YEARS AND NO PROBLEMS. NOW DR WANTS ME TO QUIT. I DO NOT WANT TO. ## I have recently cut my dose way down following 10 years of high dose. I am finding that all my joints are achy and I have a constant headache as well as the dreaded hot flashes keeping me up at night. does anyone else react this way? ## This is a normal reaction to severely cutting your dosage or stopping a medication. Even if you take a medication exactly as prescribed, your body still becomes dependent on it and when you cut the dose or stop taking it, your body has to readjust to not having it. ## Hi, I purchsed Premarin from an online Pharmacy. I was excited so I took more tablets. But then I was prescribed lesser. I am happy now. ## After 32 years on premarin,I tapered off & quit 9/09 resulti...

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why do i poop my premarin out whole

I am on premarin and I've been noticing that the pills are coming out whole when I have a bowel movement why would that be? ## Hello, Renee! How are you? It is just the outer shell and is completely normal. Many medications use an outer coating that isn't digested, the medication inside is released and then the shell is expelled as waste. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Premarin as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ## No that was it thanks I just gotten scared when I saw it ## Just had my Premarin increased from .625mg to .09 mg because symptoms were not under control. Been taking 0.9 for one week and I'm having a lot of intense anxiety and insomnia. Will this anxiety go away? Is it common? How ...

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xanor weight gaining

I would like to know by using these 2 medicationgsxanor sr 0,5mg and premarin 1,25 make me gain weight by using it ## Hello, Merle! How are you? The Permarin can sometimes cause weight gain in some people that take it, according to the U.S. FDA. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with?

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how long should you take premarin

I had a total hysterectomy at age 33, I'm now 57. Do I absolutely still need to take this? I'm a smoker (1pk a day) & my Dr just had me sign a form that it is dangerous to my health! Do I really need it? ## Hello, Toots! How are you doing? That is entirely up to you. Unless someone is a danger to themselves or others, which caused some situation to occur where they are under court order, no one can force you to take any given medication. It is your choice and you are free to stop, if you don't feel comfortable taking it, anymore. If you stop taking it, the FDA warns that you may experience symptoms of menopause, which could include hot flushes, headache, irritability, and spotting. Some women need the assistance of HRT, some women don't. My mother-in-law is 70 and ne...

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Taking the wrong day

I'm 22 years old with irregular periods my doctor has jst put on premarin I started it on Sunday and Monday I realised I took the wrong day I didn't know there was days at the back of the card and she wanted me to take 8 a day I stop it on Monday is it a serious problem that I took the wrong day?

premarin 0.3 mg hormone tablets

Could you tell me how long the side effects of premarin last I am only on 0.3mg and I have been experiencing bad stomach pains feeling bloated and feeling irritated I have only been taking them 2 weeks should I go and see my doctor to discuss this I changed to these from Estelle solo as they were causing me bad skin rashes any advice would be great ## Hello, Lisa! How are you? When taking a hormonal medication it can take about 3 months, or so, for the side effects to taper off and go away. As listed by the U.S. FDA, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache and PMS-like symptoms. Thus, it would be best to wait a bit to see if things change, but if they don't, or if they get worse, you should see your doctor. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Premarin Cream

I am going through menopause I've got hot flushes and I am too scared to use HRT, now my vagina is feeling a bit dry, my doctor gave me Premaric Cream. I haven't used it as yet but I read the pamphlet the risks out ways the benefit. Please help is there anything that I can use to stop these besides taking the drug meds? Natural stuff maybe...I can't even socialize especially at night because of hot flushes . ## Hello, Thembi! How are you? I am not sure if they are available where you live, but you may want to check a natural supplement store or vitamin shop to see if they carry bioidentical hormones. Research by PubMed has shown them to be much safer than the synthetic ones like Premarin, but to still be effective. You might even be able to order them online. Their typical s...

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Premarin is made from tortured horses

If you're going to take this drug understand that mares are kept pregnant for 11 months in stalls where they cannot turn around. There are many bioidentical alternatives that are better for you and do not involve the torture of animals.

premarin, and side effects in men, what are they?

I understand some males take conjugated estrogens for different indications. What if any side effects do men have when taking estrogen. My doctor gave me a female hormone to reduce breast enlargement when also using ANDROGEL(III) ## Hello, Kim! How are you? Mostly similar to what women experience, according to the FDA, you may experience headaches and irritability. However, on the other side, unlike women, it may change your hair growth, so you lose some facial or body hair, if you have any. Though, there's a good chance that the Androgen will prevent this. It's side effects are very similar, you may experience headaches, irritability and anxiety. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Premarin Vaginal Cream

My doctor reassures me that the Premarin cream gets absorbed into the vaginal muscles and will NOT go into my blood stream and therefore will not have Cancer risks. My sex life does not exist due to vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse, and I was hoping to try the Premarin cream. Help! I don't know what to do. This problem is affecting my marriage.

premarin cream use and side effects

I have just been advised to start Premarin Creme 2x/wk with use of pessary. I am 53 yo and in menopause. I am nervous about using an estrogen creme and/or any hormone therapy. Any thoughts about use and negative effects. ## Hello, B! How are you? I understand your concern. Many women do well with it, but yes, there are risks, such as increased risk of cancer and heart disease. The typical side effects of hormonal therapy, as listed by the FDA may include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability and PMS-like symptoms. However, you don't have to use it. Whether your doctor recommends it, or not, it is still up to you. So, if you're not comfortable, no one can make you use it. What types of symptoms are you having? Some women do well taking a low dose of Prozac/Fluoxetine to allev...

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was on amox clv for cat bite and now have itching and burning in pee and poop area

I was on anti biotic for cat bite and now I have itching and burning around the rectum and pee hole. Can I use premarin crème down there? Or can triamcinolone crème be used. also I applied the premarin there and now I don't have to wear pads for incontinence for a few days. Is that good? I don't have to urinate as often. Did do something wrong by trying this or have I just found a CURE for bladder incontinence. Any advice or info would be so appreciated. Thank you ## Hello, Dotty! How are you? It sound like you've developed a yeast infection from the antibiotic and will most likely need an antifungal medication to clear it up. Some are available over the counter, but please check with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to take. And please, do not apply any...

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Cost Effective Hormone Therapy with Extra Benfits

I had a total hysterectomy in 2000 at 44 years old. My GYN did not prescribe Premarin until the signs of menopause were apparent. I've been on Premarin for 6 years. Though it worked very well to keep the night sweats and mood swings at bay, it's become INCREASINGLY expensive. My doctor provided me with options such as a patch (something called Vi Vance, I think.) Horrible...I was on the phone, begging for the Premarin. Well, 3 mos. ago I went in for my check up and he gave me samples of Elestrin. It has worked so well for me. Not only are my night sweats and mood swings kept at bay, but at age 57 my libido has truly come alive again, as if I was a 20 something! For those of you looking for an alternative to the very expensive Premarin, ask you doctor about Elestrin. ## Hi, Mallo...

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would like moreinformation on this drug. Is it bio-equivalent to Premarin? ## For anyone else looking for such information, they both contain estrogens, but without knowing the dosage, I can't say if they are completely the same. And these are synthetic hormones, so there are many risks associated with them, especially for older women and for smokers. Additionally, it isn't safe to take them, without also taking some type of Progesterone. And due to the risks, I strongly urge everyone to explore their other options first, such as using the natural bio-identical hormones. Are there any comments or questions?

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premarin and celiacs


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Cough as side affect of drugs

Do any of the following drugs have cough as a side affect: Premarin, Nexium, Detrol LA, or Alendronate? ## My doctor priscribed Ramistar 2.5, Cardace-5 and Telma-40 for my BP in the range of 140/100 to 160/110. All these 3 drugs showed the side effect of dry cough. Hence, now I have been advised to take Amlong-2.5 for High BP. Please inform me why there is a dry cough and which is the best medicine for my BP with less side effects specificaly dry cough. ## my mom takes TELDAY H for bp but for the past six months has developed coughing, no amoutte of medication has helped

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