Yutopar Aka Ritodrine

Pat Says:

This drug was used for women going into pre-mature labor. It was used to stop the contractions. Unfortunately it had major side effects on the babies. This was an experimental drug used from 1980 -1990 and was then discontinued. I was given this drug and my daughter was born 6 weeks early, had her by c-section. I begin to notice around 12 yrs old that problems were arising in her mental health, still not realizing that this drug played an important factor. I have found many women that this to has happened to, and I'm still looking for more families that this has effected. It is devastating and a nightmare for my daughter who is now 30 yrs. old. If you have any information I would really like to visit with you about your child. Thank you for reading this, we need to band together for our kids.

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Verwon Says:

This is actually a drug that I am not very familiar with, though I am very sorry to hear of the issues it has caused your daughter.

Are they solely mental health, or are there other medical issues that it's suspected of causing, as well?

Learn more Ritodrine details here.

The article in that link doesn't even provide a lot of information.

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Pat Says:

It is mental and emotional, a study was not conducted or a follow up to check on these children this drug was used on. Many mothers that took this drug didn't realize that the problems their children were having was because of this drug. My daughter didn't begin to show any signs until the age of 12 and I knew there was something wrong, just wasn't sure what, now I know. I have located so many families with the same problems my daughter has, and all took the same drug as I did.

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Glenda Says:

My dayghter has problems. Please contact me.

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Glenda Says:

Pat, how do we ban? We need to figure out how to contact or meet via conference call.

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Pat Says:

girl I've had so many replys, these forums and no way to contact any of them....here's my number {edited for privacy} if it goes through please contact me.

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Pat Says:

hopefully this will make it through {edited for privacy} try that way....if you can email me at this address.
Thanks Pat

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Pamela Says:

I used this drug and my son is schizophrenic. He is 24 now and began to show signs in adolescence. Please contact me.

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Gigi Says:

Hi! I took this drug and the only thing I noticed is my son has slight hand tremors. I could be missing more symptoms and would really like to hear about other symptoms!

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Pamela Says:

Pat, I am trying to get something through to you. {edited for privacy}. Oh I also have early onset Parkinson's at age 46 and I noted someone said their child's hands tremor. I'm a nurse by the way. So many adverse effects needs to be addressed.

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Pat Says:

If you are in this forum by now you know as a parent we are all in the same situation with our kids by taking this drug. Please know we have to stand together and get the word our there and find more parents willing to come forward, there are power in numbers and this is coming from a doctor and lawyer who says they will take this case, the more parents that get on this forum, a lawyer will look into it, as it stands now there is not enough complaints about this drug and the effects it had on our kids, get people you know to go to this forum address, later we will figure out a way to contact each other. Lets fight this for our kids that suffer on a daily basis.

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Michelle Says:

I was taking yutopar when I was pregnant. My daughter started having serious anxiety issues at 14. Where can I find your page?

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JuanRogers Says:

please contact me.. my daughter has the same symptoms..

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Lili Says:

Hi Pat, I can't tell you what it feels like to finally realize the cause of my mental/social issues. I'm 29, turning 30 in 4 days. My mother has always told me about the drug Ritadrin when telling me about my birth because she almost died. She heard about it being pulled from the market and she blamed it on her hemmorage that almost killed her. I am learning to be a health conscious person in my adulthood and hearing the story again, I realized, could it had effected me? I have always been different. I've always had emotional, mental and social problems and still do. It's been a personal battle for me my entire life. My own personal hell. I don't talk about it... I fake it until I make it... but it takes a toll. To be able to find what caused it, and to realize it isn't just that I'M WEIRD is a feeling I can't begin to describe. I believe that the pharm company has to know.... I believe they do know and they are flying under the radar. Something should be done. I would love to speak to someone about this... Thanks for your post.

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Pat Says:

No baby it's not you, and it's not fair, but please don't blame your mom, her doctor or yourself....My daughter is having the same problems as you are dealing with, she tells me it's a life of hell and no escape and she deals with it the same as you, but I can see there is no joy in her life...I have contacted so many lawyers and no one will touch this case, due to the only fact that the baby survived....the drug did what they said it would do...I remember asking the doctor "if this drug is doing this to me what is it doing to the baby"....his comment was "don't worry this will not harm the baby"....no it destroyed her life....and I just discovered that this was the problem just this last year...I have cried a million tears trying to find out what was wrong with her...doctor after doctor and I finally figured it out on my own...and finding all you kids and parents that have dealt with this all or your lives... and some still struggling to understand not having put this together....it's sad...and I know what kind of life you live...I call my daughter my mirror child, she is the total opposite of myself, everything she thinks and feels is just the opposite of everyone else around her...which is a consist reminder that she is different....I would love to be able to talk to you...try this {edited for privacy}...

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pat Says:

Sorry it has taken so long to reply...type yutopar aka ritrodine in your search engine. I'm all over the net trying to spread this like wild fire..the more people that know about this the better off our kids are...maybe we can get something done for these kids...thank you

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Judy Says:

I have a 27 yr old son who has all the emotional and mental issues many of you have written about. As a young boy he showed some odd signs but I thought he would grow of it, life circumstances (divorce) etc. I was so wrong because over the yrs. he has gotten progressively worse. He is miserable, hates his life, himself, feels like a failure and all the emotional issues discussed in these posts.
I was put on the drug to stop pre mature labor at 20 weeks. I was not advised of anything, meaning harmful side effects to my child etc. Had I known I definitely would have NOT taken this drug. My child suffers every day in every aspect of his life and it is killing me. I want to do everything and anything possible to hold the drug co. accountable. Forget all the money spent on therapists, learning disability examinations, etcetera. The day to day suffering is beyond any monetary value! What do we do next??

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Saddened motheer Says:

My first daughter has many mental/health issues and I was given yutopar when I was 36 weeks pregnant. During my second pregnancy, I was given yutopar at 16 weeks and my daughter has also suffered more severe mental issues. I, too believe it was the medication that has caused this issues in my children. With my third pregnancy, I did not take yutopar and my son is perfectly healthy with no mental issues. I was assured that the medication would not harm my baby at the time and was never told it was experimental. I wish something could be done and would like to join other in going after the makers of this drug.

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Pam Says:

Hi Pat! I continue to try and track you down somehow! Did you ever get a page up? Hope this note finds you well.

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judy Says:

We must ban together and go up against the drug co. with a legal suit. This will not make our children's suffering go away but it will help offset the cost of all the diagnostics, medicines and not least of all the anguish we have all endured. How can a drug co. put an experimental drug on the market without advising that it is experimental and the possible side effects? Did any one tell you what might happen???

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cathy Says:

So sad to hear your stories.. I'm in the same boat. It's important that we all talk and I'm trying to find out about a legal suit.

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Peaches Says:

Re: Czefree (# 151) Expand Referenced Message

I've only heard of children having problems what about the moms. All the side effects with the heart I've had for almost 40 years. I was told they would go away and never did. I've been seeing a cardiologist ever since.

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SusiEdge Says:

Re: Czefree (# 151) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, I also am really just starting to look into the long term effects associated with my 36 yo twins. I took riot drone for 7 weeks holding the delivery of them to 37 weeks. As children they were fine. But as they grew up we would have many issues with their behavior. Until a few years ago I never really gave it a thought. But as young adults I really started noticing their lack of social skills, depression, drinking issues. Emotional…. They started making really bad choices in their teens and have continued no matter what counseling they have had. I have said for years it’s like they are stuck as 18 year olds and just can’t move forward.
Anyway I’d love to talk with someone who took this drug and the issues they have seen.

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Teribern Says:

Re: Saddened motheer (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Here is the really sad thing: I had preterm labor with my second as well (daughter #1 treated with Yutopar) my new O B told me to take a lot of Magnesium and that did the trick. No emotional problems. Very mellow baby good sleeper. As opposed to Yutopar baby

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Teribern Says:

My daughter is now 34, born 1988. She never consolidated sleep and has had a trigger-anger temper from day one. Could not be swaddled. Had to be carried slept for maximum 40 minute increments. Cried like a 4 year old at birth. I doted on her and she is VERY intelligent but struggles with mood symptoms and rage.

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Czefree Says:

I just today started exploring this topic and making possible connections. I would love to hear more and read more about it.

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Nessy Says:

Re: Reen (# 140) Expand Referenced Message

If you do anything, please.let me know. 2hat happened to us and our babies is deplorable and someone should bear some accountability other than the victims. We did this to SAVE our kids... not destroy their lives.

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Nessy Says:

I was 16 and told I could never have kids, so I wanted this "happy accident" desperately. I thought I was saving him! I honestly thought I was saving my child and preserving what I thought was my only chance at motherhood. I can't say I'd trade my son for anything but the mental, emotional, and random health issues have often made me wonder if what I did was right and fair. My child has suffered his whole life and I can't help but feel guilty for every second of it I know it's not my fault... BUT IT IS! I wanted to save him but I feel as tho I ruined every chance he ever had. I'm 52 now... he's 35. I hope one day I can forgive myself but it gets harder every year as his breaks get worse. The greatest thing I've ever done and I failed my first try.

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MJK Says:

I took yutopar for the last 3 months of my pregnancy in 1988.
Everytime I took it my heart would race, my nervous system reacted and my hands would shake. The worst thing was, My Son was very active in utero at the same time.
I worried about what the effect might be on my unborn Son.
He seemed to be healthy when he was born. Looking back at some things in Childhood such as clumsiness, and ADD symptoms.(undiagnosed)
At 12 he started having migrains as well.
He is 34 now, he was tested a few years ago with hemiplegic migraines and bipolar which are debilitating at times. He is also bipolar. He is on disability as of a few years ago and home living with us.

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Jenna Says:

Re: migi (# 92) Expand Referenced Message

I have ct scans, MRI's and MRI's with contrast, diagnosed from dr fried in hackensack nj, a hospital/renound medical center. A spot was found, he was the 1st of 5 dr. I had seen in 5th grade who knew what it was. Cholestorol granuloma. My mother took ritodrine in 1991.

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Jenna Says:

I am one of the babies that was in my mothers womb when given ritodrine in 1991 (I was born jan 3 92) . The amount of medical and mental issues that have effected my life over the years is absolutely astonishing. I would be a perfect example for any lawsuit. I was born breach with the cord wrapped around my neck. My parents wont admit but I always attributed certain aspects of my life to: having to have had oxygen loss at birth because of this. Some close friends of mine know I feel as though I have slight forms of autism. People think I make this up because of my personality and wittiness. I could go more into detail (I do still show signs however no one attributes them to being autistic, they thing I have resorted back to drugs, which isn't the case) but along the way I have trained myself to be outgoing, by putting myself being in uncomfortable situations I have been able to acclimate well. However because my lines of work only my close friends see it this way as well but internally I struggle silently and enormously. I had major kidney surgery at 3/4 yrs old, a routine surgery of 2 hrs took 7hrs because when the nephrologist got in me, my ureters were wrapped around my stomach liver and bladder causing "Back plumbing". That is a very dumbed down version of what happened, I had many complications before during and after the surgery and I continue to suffer as an adult from the results of. I urinated blood for quite some time before the surgery causing (now at 28 realizing) horrible ptsd. I have had fainting spells my whole life and lifealtering migraine a glance of the tiny crack of light from a side of the door could feel like I am sitting in front of sun gazing at it for hours. The pain is off the charts, researching treatment I found getting your tragus pierced relieves these types of migranes, so for about the last 8 years I have had minimal, knock on wood, but I do get them occasionally but certainly not as bad, strong and frequent. I did exceptionally well in school growing up although I have had every sickness under the sun, strep 1 year 9 times, mono twice, flu - uncountable and the list goes on. Although I had as in school I could not take standardized tests, because I was " so smart " everyone just thought I was being distracted and just needed to focus more or stop doodling.

People that know me call me a walking encyclopedia, however I couldn't even break a 1000 on my sats- it just doesn't add up. I know I have dyslexia, and possible add or schizoaffective disorder. But again because I was or am smart and a pretty girl - everyone just though I was being dramatic. I can be social inept at times, I'm hyper aware of all my surroundings at all times. I have horrible judgement in situations, my mother for years now has said you are way too smart to make such stupid decisions in life. She refused to believe my issues are from this. It has taken me 10 years to find out what the drugs name was that she was given to stop my early contractions. I stumbled upon 1 baby book she had saved with all the information from my surgery's and her very, very difficult pregnancy -- all written in extreme detail. The fainting spells I experienced allowed docters to realize I have aplastic anemia, lack most if not all essential vitamins, my immune system is compromised and I have a begnin tumor in my brain called cholestrolgramula of the apex petrious. I have may side effects of this. I have random deformed bones all through out my body. One of which is my crystal lattus in my brain and at some point in pregnancy, a fatty cells got stuck by this deformed bone and became a begnin tumor stuck in my brain, there are two types one where you just drop dead, apparently mine is the latter where you see signs of growth, basically stroke symptoms would happen. The surgery to remove is compromising and difficult so unless necessary, the location is difficult to get to, the doctor saw no reason to operate prematurely. So I was explained. The doctors attributed this to all the previous issues ive had in life. I never felt like the tumor was the sole reason because there are so many health issues ive had over the years, I always felt there had to be a bigger picture going on. I have searched for hours because I have been diagnosed with a rare form of an auto immune disease - dermagraphism/dermabiographism and multiple forms of urcartia (cold hot, rashes, welts, water air pressures, hives), that I have had and will continue having for life. I am non stop itchy all day, every day because I am allergic to physical pressure. (side note: before my kidney surgery the dr had me on bactrum for about a year prior - makes no sense as to why she thought that was suiting since you are to prescribe it for 5 days at a time but I thought this was why I had the auto immune happen- however going through baby pictures I had these markings before that point at 2/3 yrs old so it must not hae been because of the bactrum although I do think it has some slight part possibly).

Yes you read that right, physical pressure. Most people experience at max 2 months worth of dermagraphism from taking antibiotics and it goes away. Not me since infancy I can itch myself to relief the pain to the point where I could bleed, I know and have known better than to do that. But it has and continues to cause unbelievable amount of anxiety and irritability. The moment the pressure is released .. Ie, release of a hug, move of your bra strap, adjustment of pants, removing shoes after all day the lace marks, basically day to day antics- makes welts and imprints for at least 45 mins and coincides with 10 outta 10 itchiness. Most of my life I didn't know everyone else wasn't itchy like that until a few years ago when I went to school for special effects makeup where they thought I may have been allergic or gained an allergy to latex, unfortunately it was not that, that would have atleast been manageable. Doctors tell me to just learn to cope, the one medicine they prescribes was doxepin - I told the doctor it made me want to jump off bridge, I also fell asleep while drive and crashed thankfully okay, and she said there are no other medicine she could prescribe. (the only medicine I have every found to help most if not all my symptoms I feel in life are doses of gabapentin a nerve pain receptor medication and also thc - edible forms work best for me over smoking but both do far better than any drugs.)

Tell me when you feel that way, itchy or anxiety ridden yourself once in a while, if someone tells you to learn how to just cope - does that help you? No it absolutely does not. Especially when you feel this way all day. Every day. For as long as I live. Its unbearable.

It doesn't end there. I have suffered mental instability my whole life. I have an unexplainable anger towards my mom for what really has no reason for, I just cannot help myself from being irritable towards everything she does. Which I feel intense guilt for because I literally cannot stop it no matter how hard I try. There comes to a certain point mentally where I get so frustrated I shut down and to best describe it, cannot communicate; as if my mouth cant connect to my brain, knowing what I want to say but physically cannot speak. I rerun scenarios in my mind constantly, to practice ways of having to communicate to avoid this because its debilitating and exhausting. Its almost comparable to how football players have their brain injuries, that's how I feel. I cant sleep or I sleep to the point where a whole day could pass by. My mind does not stop, it consistently keeps running non stop. Anywhere from 2 to 6 thoughts are always running through of what needs to be done, get done along the way, schedules, new ideas, ways to improve day to day functions, reading and keeping up with the times, new art projects, getting back to clients and payments out and in, and even memories or things I have said and done in the past replay consistently. Creating the feeling that I could have done these things different or more effectively, better, or the overwhelming feeling of shame of how a situation went on or down, or guilt for any sort of reason. Ive dealt with residual drug and alcohol addictions from most of my 20s because I can not cope with life and its entirety and cant understand way because I have always made good money but never have to show for. I have outlandish scheduling set up that I do myself and carry with me and in my house but somehow cannot make it on time to anything, even if I allot myself more than enough time.

I have made some of the poorest choices in men although I knew I shouldn't have I could legitimately not stop myself. I know better but in that moment I just cannot make the proper judgement. Its like my brain cannot wire itself right and it is inexplicable to get across as a point of a reason because " its not a reason". I have been in severe physically and mentally abusive relationships in my life, boyfriend and friend wise. I am 100% emotionally unstable, as ive gotten older I cannot hold or maintain a loving or foreseeable marital relationship. It haunts me daily because love seems to be the only thing I am undoubtable able to give in it entirety and no matter how much ppl around me use and abuse me for that, I cant seem to stop being so naive that you cant trust and love everyone. I find myself crying for no reason for things that have no reason to cry for just because I can not express myself in words. I deal with multiple reasons for the ptsd that I suffer from. My memory is pristine, but I cant articulate what I am seeing. My artist ability is natural yet I am so analytically sound. I am ambidextrous in all aspects of my life, premierely write with my right hand but write, paint, shoot, throw, play darts, taekwondoe, you name it, just as well with my left, which is 1% of all people who have that capability. My eye sight is diminishing, my mother and I share the same contact prescription, mine is slightly different because I have bad astigmatisms in both my eyes. Recently my hands have been having tremors lately and I can see that I am not as strong as I once was but have never need more fit in shape and eating healthy wise ever in my life, and yet my eyes cant focus on a focal point most of the time. My shoulder randomly dislocated up and forward, shifting all my bones in my upper body. The doctor said that it is probably form wear and tear of the shoulder. I had dislocated it and popped it back in, and didn't realize it because it was already so out of line, it just clicked back in. Its extremely painful, I hadn't had health insurance the last 6 months so had to continue to work as a bartender and I professional paint, do special effects for tv and beauty makeup. All I use is my upper and full body. My joints feel as though they are shredding apart, I am able to dislocate both my hips for as long as I can remember, being called snapping hip syndrome, they just slide out of place non stop. I stay physically active but over the last year it has become much more difficult, my exhaustion has become more immense; I had thought my mono caused me to have chronic fatigue syndrome. Some days it feels I cannot get up out of bed.

If I sit up or stand up to fast, dizziness spells and the feeling of fainting occurs. My muscles are always tight and feel like they are contracted. I have always been unusually strong, my stature is 5'2 120lbs and I could lift more than most guys. I also do karate now as an adult, I started two years ago at 26 to help me get mentally strong once I felt some what better from the abusive relationship I was in. It has helped in a lottttttt of ways that most people describe martial arts attributing in their lives. - I have seen a therapist for about 4 years ( leaving about a year ago) for addiction, abuse, self abuse not in the form of self harm but probably every other way, life coaching and learning how to cope with life in a way that I can practically use in term. I have had thoughts of suicide in the past as far back as middle school. I have random heart palpitations lasting anywhere from 5 seconds to hour(s), I always just figured it was because of my drug use and being pumped with morphine at 3 yrs for surgery - I have an unbelievably high tolerance to any and all drugs. No matter what type, my body could take abnormally high doses and be able to tolerate it, but I cant drink milk or simple foods that are normal to be able to digest. I have had all types of digestive issues with sensitivity. I recently got food poisoning over the 2019 summer from chicken, which has lasted the last 6 months of effects. Doctors don't believe me that it has effected me this badly this long. But I had mono for over 6 months when in high school. When I get sick, I'm deathly sick. To be honest I am myself surprised that I am still alive, I know I have an angel watching over me because that could legitimately be the only explanation why I am still alive, I have defied unremarkable odds.

I hope in some way this can help in future research for this problem because this cannot be that I am just one off with all these problems.

I truly believe that there are other children that are effected by this but maybe aren't as analytical or detective like attributes, I can depict and see what most cannot because of my upbringing which honestly I would have no other way. I am highly respected by so many people because of my personality and ability to be bluntly honest, realistic and self or other aware; most people tell me I'm just nuts to think that I'm like one of these kids and that this is all just in my head. But I know I am not nuts or neurotic. I have just reached an age were I am able to mentally connect and associate the causes of my life from being in therapy for so long and having a few good doctors and mentors in my life. I attract a wide variety of people in my life from what ive been told I magnetize people because of my intriguing life and lifestyles. Most people all other reasons as to why I shouldn't believe this and that I didn't go get my doctorate although I made it half way through nursing bsn program with a 3.67gpa, teachers didn't understand why I wanted to drop out they all believed and had a meeting to try and stop me since they truly thought I would have became an astounding doctor myself. I pick things up that I finding puzzling very easily and learn everything I can so to this day I still read many medical journals and articles of all natures amongst may other worldly findings.

So for someone like me, I am not believed - how could the pretty outgoing girl not be happy and want to live or be depressed for years and no one know. How could she be so sick and everyone just write it off and attribute it to a number of things, yet not to the one things that really caused it . It is walks like a duck and quacks like a dumb, its certainly not an elephant; that much I can tell you.

When so many people have the same stories and connections in life to their babies and selves who were administered this medicine how could the fda not do something about this. Its absolutely f***ing ridiculous.

Like I said I hope in some way that this could help others in the future see that all their small signs and symptoms are ten different illnesses but really all stem from 1 core source.

I tried to give an exact account of most of my major medical issues, in case I do end up like one of these poor parents children whom had randomly passed away around the age I am currently at.

I live in nj, so if there is any way I can contribute I would. If I am unable to, my parents arent unreasonable they just havent been brough straight evidence that is this all correlated, and coming from me quite frankly along they would think it was bs, or brush it off so that it isnt something I only focus my life on or around; naturally.

If youre child is one that feels theres symptoms and signs and emtional issues. The best thing you can do for that child is get them a really good therapist- no matter how much they may not want to go, I garuentee you it will be one of the best things that enteres their life and they will be greatful for. If they have drug or alcohol problems and relapse, continue to help them, because they cannot help themselfs. Just like someone that has liver disease and they cannot help their body from turning jaundice, someone with a mental disease cannot help their mind from turning on itself. Their brain and heart function is just like any of other internal organ fuction and sometimes it needs the right medicine combination, it can take a few different regamins or times or reguidence to get back on tract. There has to be something out there that can reconnect what went wrong in all of us because of this medicine. I refuse to believe that it cant be undone, I really feel like with a good team of doctors and research something can be done so random children like myself just doesn't drop dead at 27. Ignorance is bliss for those who cant see past what they choose, but by being there consistantly and actually listening can make that difference for your children.

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