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Evamist dosing and absorption

Having been on Estradiol patch 0.1 mg/day with side effects and issues. Bloating weight gain, mood swings, added depression to current depression, and social isolation/ withdrawal. Complained to doctor and asked why she would prescribe strongest dose in patch without starting me at lowest and work up if need. ???? So doctor prescribed Evamist one pump per day. Yet it's 1.56 mg per pump. This concerns me as being 15x as much estradiol in dosing. Yet I seen on here that adsorption is much lower. I am confused how that could be. How did you find information verification on that. When I called company they wouldn't give me any confirmation or explanation only as what I read in pamphlet and online. No help. Could anyone help with this issue and concer? Pls explain more in depth. ## S...

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Weight Gain from Evamist?

I started Evamist in August 2013 and have gained nine pounds since starting estrogen. My doctor days it isn't the evamist but I'm struggling to believe that. I exercise at least 6 days a week - weight training and spinning classes - and am very careful with my diet. I'm exasperated. I can't keep the weight off. Every week another pound heavier lately. Has anyone had a similar experience? ## Hello, Susan! How are you doing? Sorry about the weight gain issue. Yes, Evamist certainly could be what's caused it, any form of estrogen can do that. Estrogens are the reason many women gain weight, when they enter perimenopause and the first phase of menopause. Once they stop ovulating regularly, they have higher amounts of estrogen in their bodies that is being unopposed by pr...

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