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Terconazole vaginal cream expiration

I have have a yeast infection. This is not my first time, but the last time I had it to took Terconazole vaginal cream. And I still have some left so I was wondering if it can expire? ## Yes, all medications expire with time, due to being exposed to the elements that cause degradation, such as heat, light, and moisture, according to NIH reports. The main question is: How old is it? You might need to obtain a new supply. ## The discard date for my Terconazole cream was 2013 but it was never used or the seal broken. Can I still use it?

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Shelf Life of terconazole

Is it unsafe to use Terconazole. Cream o.4 (TerAzol) after the discard date? ## Although I wouldn't recommend using any sort of medication (cream or pill) after the expiration date, I suppose it largely depends on how long it has been expired for? I located a good deal of information on this cream, provided in the link below.... ....But nothing stating the shelf life of it. The precautions on the packaging merely note the following: "Do not use if seal has been punctured or is not visible. See crimp of tube for lot number and expiration date" Since it doesn't really specify I wouldn't suggest taking any risks, depending on if it hasn't been more than a week or two. They put the expiration date on there for a good reason, so just know that it's for your own sa...

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