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Prenatal vitamins, also known as prenatal supplements, are vitamin and mineral supplements intended to be taken before and during pregnancy and during postnatal lactation. Although not intended to replace a healthy diet, prenatal vitamins provide women of childbearing age with nutrients recognized by the various health organizations including the American Dietetic Association as helpful for a healthy pregnancy outcome. It may be appropriate to start taking prenatal vitamins once the woman en...

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iNATAL Advance
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  • 63044-153 Inatal Advance (Vitamin a 2700 [iu] / Ascorbic Acid 120 mg / Calcium Carbonate 200 mg / Iron Pentacarbonyl 90 mg / Cholecalciferol 400 [iu] / Alpha-tocopherol Acetate 30 [iu] / Thiamine Mononitrate 3 mg / Riboflavin 3.4 mg / Niacinamide 20 mg / Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 20 mg / Folic Acid 1 mg / Cyanocobalamin 12 Ug / Zinc Oxide 25 mg / Cupric Oxide 2 mg / Magnesium Oxide 30 mg / Docusate Sodium 50 mg) by Nnodum Pharmaceuticals

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