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Removing Estring

I can't reach far enough to remove my estring - I can barely touch it but not hook on to remove - any suggestions? ## Did you resolve this issue? For future reference, if you are unable to remove it, you should contact your doctor, or go to your nearest urgent care facility, where they can assist you. ## I can not remove my estring. I have tried but can not reach it... ## I removed the estring and forgot to reinsert it for about 22 hours. Is it still effective? ## Is there any harm in the Estring staying in for 2 weeks past 90 days? I cant get an rx appt any earlier and am totally frustrated that I cant remove it! ## My Gynecologist prescribed Estring due to my prolapse. I used the Estring on Nov 17th and on Dec 6th after almost 3 weeks, I removed it because of breast pain. Today is...

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Bad vaginal smell with Estring

I am post menopausal. I was prescribed Estring because intercourse was becoming very painful. I used almost 2 rounds of Estring (3 months + 1.5) Estring really helped rebuild my atrophic vagina. Being intimate is not fine but I have a new problem: a terrible vaginal smell. When i remove the ring, the smell disappears. Interestingly, i didn't have this smell the first 3 months. I know that the smell comes from the ring because when i remove it, the smell disappears. I have since switched to Vagifem and the smell is about the same just that since i use Vagifem twice a week, the smell recedes between the two insertions of the vaginal ovule. I wonder if other women have experienced this issue with vaginal estrogen. ## I experienced the same thing recently. I had the Estring in for 2 mon...

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Estring moves-uncomfortable

Ive been using the estring for about 1.5 years. I'm happy with it as far as relieving itching etc. but lately it is uncomfortable and seems to move around when I move and just doesn't feel good when I walk. Any suggestions. I have a dropped uterus. ## Hello Cherie oh, Really the only advice to give in this situation is to talk about it with your primary care doctor or OBGYN. I'm glad that it relieves your itching but if it has become uncomfortable it could be caused by a physical change or something to do with the ring shifting. Only a doctor would really be able to give you a reliable and accurate answer. Good luck hope you get this resolved soon. ## You are not inserting it far enough. I used to have this problem too.

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How Long can you safely remove estring if needed

I had to take my ring out for a week due to an yeast infection.I washed the ring really good and dried it off put in plastic bag and put in a drawer. I called the company and they had no answers on how long it could be out ,there are no studies at $600 a ring I rinsed it off good and put it back in. Has anyone else done this

Estring stuck

I've only used one Estring so far, and it is time to change it. But it feels stuck when I hook my finger around it & tug on it. I can push part of the ring away from the vaginal wall lower down, but it won't budge from higher up. It totally helped my symptoms & I want to put in a new ring, but I don't know what to do. I hate to have to go to my gyne for this Any suggestions? ## I have difficulty removing the estring because my uterus is retro verged and my fingers are too short to reach. Easy solution, bear down like you are constipated and the ring moves down to where you can reach it! ## I usually struggle to get my ring out to change it, but this time was a real bear. Usually if I can get a finger under the edge, I can loosen it enough to pull it out, but not this...

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I have a bad smell and vaginal discharge

Hi. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we never used a condom but now when we have sex there's a bad smell like I have something rotten inside my vagina and I've never been pregnant. Now I'm afraid maybe I'm infertile. Pls help me. Today I bought canex v. ## I'm on estring and it smells on my private I take baths 3 times a day but it don't go away what can I do

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Estring questions about side effects

Has anyone been hit with constipation after starting to use estring? So strange, but that's the only change that I can pinpoint to have affected things. Also, is anyone experiencing a successful diet experience as a result? I am having better luck than ever losing weight and controlling my appetite. I'm just trying to figure out if either of these things are due to the extra estrogen. ## Hello, Attie! How are you? Constipation can happen due to the slightest change in your body, so yes, that's highly possible. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, breakthrough bleeding and PMS-like symptoms. The losing weight, however, is unusual, as these usually tend to cause weight gain. Have you experienced any other sid...

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what is the differance between vaginal ring estring estradiol and femring acetate?

I am using Femring now and wonder if I could change to Estring if it might cost less? My insurance doesn't cover Femring, I've had breast cancer and told this was the best way for me to get hormone replacement safely. ## It is always best to follow your doctor's instructions. The typical side effects may possibly include dizziness, headache, nausea, mood changes, weight changes, and irregular bleeding. They both really do the same thing, which is preventing pregnancy. Which one have you chosen to try?

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Stomach problems

I inserted the Estring and within two hours had diarrhea and cramping, then chills. I kept it in for six more hours but was really feeling sick, so removed it. Literally felt better within the hour. I'd like to try it again but wonder if this would likely be a permanent issue or if this stomach thing will resolve itself as my body gets used to it? ## Those can be side effects of using a hormonal supplement, and it may take about 3 months for them to go away, according to FDA reports. Other side effects can include mood changes, weight changes, and irritability. Have you tried it, again? Are you on any other medications? How old are you?

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Difficult removing and white substance on part of ring

I have been using Estring for several years and it has really helped with my vaginal dryness. The last time I went to take it out and replace it the Ring was very hard to remove. I pulled it loose from the vaginal wall and when I looked at it it had some white substance on it. I wasn't sure what that meant if anything. Since it has always been clean and easy to take out I wanted to find out if it was something to be concerned about or not. I have not put a new one in and won't until I get some answers. U ## How easy or hard it is to remove can depend on your hormonal cycle, since your cervix moves up and down throughout the month. Thus, if you're having a different hormonal surge, when the time comes to remove it, it could be harder to remove than at other times, as reported...

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Muscle Pain and coughing

I started the Estring after I went into menopause from Chemotherapy. I started to feel a heaviness in my chest, coughing and a lot of mucous along with muscle pain. I contacted my OB and she said she didn't think the symptoms I had were from the Estring. Did anyone else have these symptoms? ## The chest tightness is actually listed by the FDA as being possible allergic reaction, which could also encompass coughing and etc. How long have you been on it? Are you still on any other medications? Has there been any change? Have the symptoms worsened, or improved? ## Shortness of breath is a serious side effect (it looks like SOB from your symptoms. That's an allergic reaction and you should stop (I'm not a doctor, but I've had similar symptoms with other drugs)

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Length of use?

I've been on Estring over 10 years with absolutely no negative side effects. Of course 15 lbs heavier but could be many factors, less active, wine etc! My question if anyone has ever heard of this is, has anyone heard of using this for such a long time. I once stopped for a couple of months and began the sweating, fogginess and the same feeling as if I were going through menopause again. My doctor seems to think I can use it indefinitely. Also mother and sister have had great cancer. ## Hello, Janet! How are you? The FDA warns that it does carry the same risks as hormonal contraceptives, including several types of cancer. The most common side effects are listed as possibly including headaches, increased secretions, and itching. It is normal, however, to experience such symptoms due ...

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Excessive wetness with Estring

I'm coming to the end of my first year of using Estring. It has definitely helped with severe vaginal dryness. I noticed the smell someone else mentioned above but that seems to have stopped. My new concern is that I seem to have excessive wetness from the vagina. It's almost to the point of my questioning if I have incontinence but it is clearly coming from vagina. It's causing a lot of crustiness of the pubic hair around the area. Most unpleasant. As I consider other options they're all equally expensive and the rest seem even messier. So I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this issue? And if anyone has any better solutions? One thing I've done is give my body a break for a few weeks between rings. I figure that has to help minimize the exposure to the estrog...

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How much estrogen stays in the body when Estring is removed?

I had my Estring removed today by my Dr. because it was causing my migraines to get more severe. My question is once the Estring is removed how long does it take for the estrogen to leave the body? ## Hello, Mickey! How are you? It may take a month, or two, before things to return to normal and your body balances your hormones back out to your normal levels. Other side effects of removal may possibly include dizziness, irritability, spotting and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with?

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possible connection estrange and sacroiliac joint disfunction?

I have used estring for 2 months and experienced < lower back pain/sacroiliar joint disfunction. Could there be a connection? ## Have you consulted your doctor? These effects aren't listed as known side effects, but it is always difficult to know how any medication is going to affect any given person that uses it. You're also the second person post recently about experiencing unusual side effects.

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