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Medication for High Prolactin Levels

Hi, I am wanting to conceive again, as I've had irregular periods for a long time now, especially after losing our first baby to pneumonia. I am having irregular periods, to hardly any. It's been nearly one year. The doctor gave me norithisterone. It brought on one period, but it has not come on this month, so I did a pregnancy test the day I was late and it was negative, yet I felt bloated and moody!! Does anyone have any info about reducing my prolactin levels and regaining regular periods? I used to have regular ones, but I noticed that I'm losing small amounts of milk from my left breast, when slightly squeezed, due to prolactin levels raised. Also, does anyone have any info on what's the best fertility tablets to get from the doctor to ovulate? I heard Clomid was go...

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tablet ovacare and clomid tablet

When is the best time to use ovacare and clomid tablet and can they help to get pregnant easily. ## Can I use ovacare and clomid at same time to get pregnant. I have been waiting 4 d past seven years now. ## i want to use clomis and ovacare tablets how do i start using it ## Personally, in order to feel safe and secure taking two different prescription drugs together, I think it would be imperative that patients contact their prescribing doctor(s) who administered these substances from the start... Perhaps they will have unique information or advice to offer based on your medical history, and could possibly explain to you what results may be realistic with regards to conceiving a child through the use of these medications. If you are still trying to get pregnant as of the timing of my p...

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What Is Lutenyl Used For And How Can It Be Taken

Please just let me know how to use lutenyl to get pregnant? ## to find out if lutenyl and clomid will help a great deal in getting pregnant ## Lutenyl is a hormone tablet, it is used to make sure you have enough of a vital hormone, Nomegestrol, to make sure you can get pregnant and support a healthy pregnancy, because a lack of hormones can cause these types of problems. You should take it, as your doctor directed. The directions state 1 tablet a day for 10 days, from the 16th to the 25th day of your cycle. Clomid contains the active ingredient Clomifene, this is used to help balance the hormone Estrogen in your body. Thus, the intent is similar to what I posted for the Lutenyl. Side effects for both may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and weight gain. Are there any other questi...

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Trying to get pregnant

I'm a 28 year old trying to get pregnant for the last 3 years. I was on clomid, duphaston for more than 1 year. I underwent 2 iui also. I'm ovulating well every month and all the medical reports are normal but I'm not getting success. Now my doctor advised me to take m2-tone tabs for 3 months. But in the first month itself i missed my periods (periods are regular always). I had taken a home pregnancy test on the 7th day of my missed period but it was negative. So pls suggest whether these are tablet side effects or something else? And outside of this what else do u suggest for me to get pregnant? Thanks in advance. ## Hello, Dolly! How are you? Has your male partner been checked out by the doctor? If everything with you has checked out fine, there's a chance that the pro...

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M2 Tone Tablet non stop period side effect

I take M2 tone (2 tabs twice daily), but I have been suffering from non-stop periods during the past month. Is this a side effect? I stopped taking the tab out of fear. Doctors sent me in for laproscopy & suggested a hormonal tab by the name of Gonablok 200; two tabs daily for 2 months. After taking this I bled, I stopped the taking this too. I do not know if both tabs cause any problems. Before it I took more hormonal injections for my pregnancy, but had no results. Also I stopped taking Gonablok 200. Can I continue M2 tone tabs now? ## I have been taking m-2tone for 2weeks now and my period has bin continuous for about 2weeks and a 2 days now.although d drug was prescribed to me cos of pcos,wot could possibly be the cause?do I need to stop now? ## i have been taking M 2tone for 2m...

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information about prolifen

I started taking prolifen from the 2nd day of periods till the 5th day. I'm suffering from polycystic ovaries. Is it ok that im taking prolifen for pcos? ## i was on the birth control pill called meliane for the last 2 years. want to have a family now, Been trying for the last 5 months. Still have not conceived. Should i try prolifen? ## i want to know prolifen use for what purposes?im using from last 2months to concieve but i want to know why doctor advise me for this medicine??? ## I am sorry, I can't find any information on this, does anyone else know anything about it? ## Gyni advice me to use prolifen for help in pregnency I want to know that by its use i m able to be pregnent? ## from the last january my periods r irreguler.the doctor ve nw rcommened me to ake prolifen is ...

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Primolut-n and Clomid... a workable solution to conceive?

Hi. I want to become pregnant. I am old enough to...I am in 26-27ish. I have a boyfriend, n wud love to have a baby by him. But d problem is that he lives and works in a place which takes about six hours journey by road. Both of us r working n often would get leave from work to meet during the natural ovulation I heard abt Clomid tabs dat can release eggs/induce ovulation five to six days after intake. The thing is I had my last menses period on 3 nov 2014....very light watery blood for three days after which heavy real red blood bleeding came,for four days etc...later in nov 15. Nov 23rd we met n had intercourse....well nov15 comes under natural ovulation date as per ovulation calculator....n my nxt mensus was due on dec 3rd....i didnt....i was almost into believing that I ...

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Clomiden Hab pharmaceuticals Limited

Received my refill for clomid from. The pack says Clomiden. They are orange with a C in middle with two rings around the C. Are they a good brand? I can't find anything on them at all. ## I have the same question! They are not listed among their other products on HAB's website: ## My friend bought clomid back from India when she moved back over here. State from HAB pharmaceuticals. Round whitish pills with a small c in the middle. My fertility treatment has been cancelled and was about to get clomid but can't now, so I want to know if these are these real or OK? I wouldn't take more than 25mg a say

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when and how to use clomid for effective results

when should I start using clomid after the withdrawal bleeding of primolut N? and what should be my clomid dosage ## Thanks for the audience given to me. I'm residing in Ogun State, Nigeria. I've being trying for baby since 1998 , I can't afford IVF , I've visited different Gynecologist to no avail. One of those Gynecologist concluded anovulation due to hormonal inbalance, he complicated my case by treating me with Parlodel which failed to correct my irregular menstrual period and give me unstoppable heavy bleeding which I always stop with primolutN tablets. I've just had withdrawal bleeding after primolutN and decided to go online may be I can get solution to my infertility challenges. Although I've administered 50mg of clomid for 5 days immediately after the wi...

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Espiride and trying to conceive

We are desperately TTC. The last 3 pregnancy have ended in miscarriage last one resulting in d and c. Had a very weird period, pos tests the neg then pos pregnancy test. Period started, 7 days late, very scant and dark. Lasted 2 days.followed by discharge tinged with blood for about 4. Went to see dr today, as pelvic area is sore, went for scan, have one small 2.5 cm cyst on ovary and fibroids. Nothing huge. he put sore pelvic area down to a colon spasms. Anyways while I'm there I mention that I'm hormonal and just down at the moment, stressed beyond belief so he prescribed espiride. How is that going to affect my chances of trying to fall pregnant? ## How can I know am pregnant after taking my primolut n and clomid

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I need your advise

Trying to conceive for 4 year, so my doc prescribe m2 tone and clomid,after a month missed my period and I was feeling dizzy I went for pt but the result is negative after 13 days I went for another test but I was told that clothed blood was found in my womb the next day I started seeing blood so I don't know what to do

Furtile 50 mg

I refilled my Clomid rx from a Canadian pharmacy and when I received the package it was sent from India. The name of the clomid is furtile 50 mg. However I cannot find any info on these pills and now I worried they are fake. Has anyone ever taken this clomid before - is it a legitimate brand? ## I'm sorry, but I have been unable to find anything under this name, either. One of the hazards of ordering medications in such a manner is not knowing exactly what you will receive, if anything. Is anyone else familiar with this medication? ## I received the same thing! Have you used them? Or found out anymore about them? ## My cycle doesn't start until Oct 5 on CD 5-9 which will be Oct 10 for me I will start them to see if there good or not I will keep you posted.however they sent free ...

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Furtile 50 as Clomid replacement for fertility

I have 3 daughters and the 2nd and 3rd were conceived with Clomid. I am 39 now and my doc would not prescribe it again for me. I bought Furtile 50 from india in the foil packs with the rubber band and took it this week. Hopefully something happens as my clock is ticking like crazy. I know how clomid works so im anxious to see how this does. The only side effect is im a little cranky. Def not typical of me to be cranky. I will let ya know what transpires. ## Thank you for sharing your story. Please do post back if you have any success with the medicine from India. They typically manufacture generics with the same active ingredients as domestic brands but it is not always as reliable and consistent because the quality control isn't mandated the same way as the FDA does. Would you happ...

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m2 tone tablets

I'm 47 and my last period was 273 days ago. I've had fertility treatment (clomid) that didn't work and then I started m2 tone on the 16th of June. I still haven't had a period only a white discharge and we've been trying to get pregnant now for nearly 4 years. M2 tone is a last resort as we are really desperate for our own baby and ivf is too expensive. ## pls I just finished seeing my menses today when is the right time to start M2-tone. is it immediately after my cycle or before it. ## Hi Janetann, The manufacturer's website states that if the medication is being used to treat female infertility or anovulation that the recommended dosages should be taken twice daily an hour after a full meal until conception occurs. I was not able to find any sources citing tha...

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Clomid-Furtile 50mg Journey

So I took Serophene (clomid) in 2012 and and conceived a beautiful baby girl. So now I'm ready to have another baby and I was given Furtile 50mg. I'm slightly scared because it's not what I originally took. I was wondering if anyone else took Furtile 50 mg? If so, please share your experience. It will be nice to know others are taking the same thing. ## Hi mama! I just received mine in the mail today and am gonna start them tonight cd 2-6 at the 50mg dose. There is another thread on here that's 7 pages long and has lots of others who have taken it successfully! I was so worried it would be sugar pills or worse, but it sounds like this is the real deal. Keep me posted on how you do on it and I'll do the same! Good luck! ## Thanks I definitely will. I'm just waitin...

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For conceiving pregnancy. ## My wife has been prescribed prolifen rom the 2nd day of periods end for 5 days. Is the prescribed days of medication ok? As the leaflet says that she has to take the tablet from the 5th day of her periods. we are married since a year and trying to make a family :) waiting for a helpful answer ## hi Awais, i am also on medication cuz its been three years since i ot married but couldnt conceive, doctor has prescribed prolifen to me and told me to start taking it from the 2nd day of my periods till the 6th day, so i have to take one tablet of 50 mg in the morning and one at night,it makes 100 mg prolifen everyday for 5 days,this is the right way to take it and forget about what the leaflet says,just follow your doctor's advise...and dont be disappointed if ...

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wanna fall pregnant but hv been using nur isterate for da past five years

Im 25 years living at boksburg parkdene,and I've been trying to fall pregnant, please help I'm desperate ## Hi majoy, I'm so sorry to hear that you're not experiencing positive results with the Nur Isterate medication. Have you been working with a fertility doctor while on this medication? I know there are fertility injections, commonly known as in vitro, is that method of fertility treatment available where you live? If you're interested, I've listed below- a couple suggestions for increasing fertility: Maintain a healthy weight. Engage in intercourse during the "fertile window" as doctors call it. The fertile window is the 6 days that end on the first day of ovulation. Pregnancy is most likely to occur with intercourse within the three days before ovula...

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getting pregnant

Have been using Ovacare for 3 months along with Letro for 6 months, Clomid and now m2-tone. Will any of this help me conceive? ## Helllo, Vivian! How are you? Did your doctor prescribe these, or have you been taking them on your own? The M2 Tone is just an Ayurvedic product that's not actually proven to help with anything. Are your periods regular? Are they very heavy? How long do they last? ## HOW LONG WILL I HAVE TO TAKE M2-TONE BEFORE I CAN GET PREGNANT? ## I have completed 1 month of m2-tone tablets and want to know how long it'll take before I can get pregnant? ## I am 28 years old and I've been trying to conceive for the last 3 years, but we are not having any success. My period is regular at this time. What tablets do we have to use for fertility? ## I'm taking ov...

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how to take primolut for periods

I have Pcos and I have been trying to conceive since I got married in 2008 to no avail. I have been experiencing worrisome cycles for over 6 months now. I always start spotting for about 4-7 days followed by fairly normal flow for about 5-7 days and it eventually ends with spotting for about 5-7 days. Hence I was given Primolut-N 5mg tds for 5 days. I will be starting clomid when I am menstruating..Please tell me if I am on course? Lest I forget, my hubby has a low sperm count and was placed on Manix. ## My wedding is on december 4th and my last period was on november 3rd. I want to prepone my periods. I want them on the 25th of nov. so that it finishes on the 30th; after which I am free to attend all the ceremonies. Please suggest medicines and dose. ## I haven't had my period for ...

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combitic global caplet pvt ltd part 2

Bought some clomid 100mg and received furtile 100 tablets and it says it has the same ingredients as clomid. Are they fake or real? I don't want to take them and they are something else. Anyone who has taken this pill, please speak up. Thanks ## If you're not buying these from a legitimate source then there's really no honest way of knowing what they are outside of having their contents analyzed by a lab or drug panel. However, it would seem that other individuals here also share this predicament in the following discussion thread: Discuss/furtile-50-mg-273015_s2.htm There are just over 100 comments in that thread and I haven't read them all yet. But I do see some cases where people didn't find the "furtile" pills effective at all and that makes me a little m...

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