Primolut-n And Clomid... A Workable Solution To Conceive?

Drz girlfriend Says:

Hi. I want to become pregnant. I am old enough to...I am in 26-27ish. I have a boyfriend, n wud love to have a baby by him. But d problem is that he lives and works in a place which takes about six hours journey by road. Both of us r working n often would get leave from work to meet during the natural ovulation I heard abt Clomid tabs dat can release eggs/induce ovulation five to six days after intake. The thing is I had my last menses period on 3 nov 2014....very light watery blood for three days after which heavy real red blood bleeding came,for four days etc...later in nov 15. Nov 23rd we met n had intercourse....well nov15 comes under natural ovulation date as per ovulation calculator....n my nxt mensus was due on dec 3rd....i didnt....i was almost into believing that I had gotten pregnant. But since two days, everytime I wake up in morning n go n do pee...i saw blood...(not d brown chocolate colored blood dat comes during d first time of mensus, when d egg breaks...but red blood...liquid) 2-3 drops.....i saw d same today 6-nov morning too...but I wiped ....down with towel,i saw a small clottish thing confused now.... coz am not in a mensus....but I see blood drops n even saw a small clot...yet now its evening...n still no proper regular bleeding....n I cant understand how who have regular 28 cycle....for d past five years or more.... couldnt have periods till from monday how can it stretch or postpone to saturday or maybe next makes no sense to me....ok...assumed that I am pregnant....then y did I see blood drops every morning when I pee? not once...three days I saw that....n the third day (ie today) I saw a small thready clot too.....

Now coming to d point.... in case if I start regular mensus two or three days later...then as per what I've read... in order to improve chances of pregnancy I shud take clomid.....but tht wud mean 5-9days after I stop dtabs I will ovulate...n I shud take it 3-5th day of my mensus....but I know I wudnt b able to meet him on d ovulation date.....we r stuck with I have another option....let me.have mensus....fine....n I take clomid 5-7days before I meet him,ie I wud have my eggs/ovulation wen we have intercourse...but will it happen,even with tablets??? in one month..first ovulation naturally n.d second one induced by clomid....but there comes another problem.....imagine dat by clomid intake I did get ovulation second time in d same month....even then....will my uterine lining stay there to let the second clomid induced egg which luckily got implant,till then?coz by 30nov....wudnt it be the 26 or so day of my cycle? will dat fertilised egg b able to implant on d wall?will d wall stay ripe n fresh for tht?....or like maybe it was preparing to shed n say bye bye...but then this tiny egg came n nailed in d will my uterine wall stick back n let my tiny baby egg to bed n grow?.....

If yes...if there is a possibility....then....shall I simply take clomid...or shud I take primolut n first ...3-5 prolong my period date.....thereby facilitating d uterine wall to stay longer time...n then take clomid by 22nov or tht eggs r tht by 30nov wen we meet n do....d chances of getting a fertilised egg n a bed for it to implant, both will b there????

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Arti Says:

Hi. I've been trying to conceive for a long time now but couldn't. I've been on clomid before but this time i went to see another doctor and he gave me clomid and primolut. So i took clomid 50mg on my 5th day of menses and started to take primolut on the 14th which is today, and my menses is always on time just a 1 or 2 day difference before or after sometimes, but very regular. Is it safe to take primolut and clomid together to conceive? Awaiting your reply desperately. {edited for privacy}

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Re: Arti (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Arti.. I think you are following wrong process. Primolut N is used to indue the period. You should take primolut frst and get your period. Later u shld take clomid as directed by ur doctor.. Few dctr advice to take frm c2-c6,few c3-c7 and few c5-c9 so it depends upon ur dctr. It takes 5 to 8 days for you to ovulate from the last day you finish the clomid. So you should use tat ovulation period n TTC. Clomid is used to trigger ovulation if you havent ovulated inthis cycle .. Then ur dctr myt increase the dose in nxt cycle. You shld nt take clomid aftr 3 cycle. Thanks

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vijaya Says:

Re: PRIYQ (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Primolut N contains Norethisterone which is synthetic form of progesterone and has many other uses. The GYN must have asked to take clomid for 5 days starting from 3rd day or 5th day depending upon the flow length of the period. This encourages ovulation. From 14th day onwards body secretes progesterone to thicken the endometrium to prepare for implantation. So depending on the cycle length GYN may recommend taking Primolut N from day 14 or from day 19 for about 12 days to support the leutal phase. If pregnant, AF does not arrive. Else it will arrive after few days after the last pill of Primolut N.

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Sara Says:

Hi I'm also take primolut and clomid together for 4 days what will happen?

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Jojo Says:

I last saw my period dec 2019 can i take primolut N to bring back my period?cos i'm a ttc for a year now

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