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White round pill ON underlined 10

What is a white round pill with the letters ON underlined on one side and 10 on other side? This is a Canadian pill. ## This appears to be a brand of Oxycodone 10mg from Canada called Oxyneo. DIN (Drug Identification Number): 02372525 OXYNEO 10MG CONTROLLED-RELEASE TABLET Each round, unscored, white, biconvex, controlled-release tablet, marked with "ON" on one side and "10" on the other, contains oxycodone hydrochloride 10 mg. Nonmedicinal ingredients: tablet core: butylated hydroxytoluene, magnesium stearate, and polyethylene oxide; tablet coating: hydroxypropyl cellulose, hypromellose, polyethylene glycol 400, and titanium dioxide. Ref: Healthing.ca

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Can I take Graviola with Tamoxifen?

I am diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 six months ago and had bilateral mastectomy and after that prescribed with Taomxifen-Nolvadex. I am taking two tablets per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, meaning 20mg per day. My CA is positive in progesteron and estrogen. My brother bought me Graviola as he was told that is a good one for cancer, but I am afraid to have it with tamoxifen, If someone knows anything please tell me. And my periods did not stop yet I have them on monthly basis and my gynecologist now insists to remove both ovaries and uterus. ## Hello I'm looking for that information too. Maybe we can talk about your experience. My wife is the patient and I have been researching for a lot.

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used in drip for bone cancer pain ## Relative experiencing secondary caner (in bone) after 3 yrs remission from breast cancer(removal of breast + chemo). Relative recently transitioned from tamoxifen to arimedex. Zometer being receommended for use during treatment. Is this a form of chemo? What are the side effects? What is the remedial use or purpose of zometer? ## I'm sorry, did you mean Zometa? It contains Zoledronic Acid, and can be used to treat bone damage caused by some types of cancer. Its typical side effects may include nausea, back pain, indigestion, alopecia, and constipation.

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Tamoxifen / Numbness in hands and feet

I have been on Tamoxifen for almost five years and have had many of the side effects - horrendous hot flashes, joint pain, leg cramps. About 6 weeks ago I started noticing my hands and feet were going numb and tingling and they are sore and hurt. I have had blood tests for Lymes, B12 deficiency, A1C and CBC, etc. - all negative. I had an MRI on my shoulder blade as I. Had such a pain/knot, thinking pinched nerve ~ negative, MRI on my neck, awaiting results. Went to chiropractor and confirmed not pinched nerve. I am wondering if anyone on Tamoxifen has had this side effect? Luckily, I have 25 more days on this med and I am finished my treatment. Waiting to feel better and certainly will not miss the hot flashes. hope to hear from someone. Thanks! ## Hello, Mallory! How are you? Those sym...

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Beginning Tamoxifen

I started my Tamoxifen today. 1st pill of five years. So far today, so good. Y biggest concern (after the obvious) is weight gain. I have been in Weight Watchers for a year and have worked so hard in my weight loss journey. I am so afraid it will come back. Are there many cases out there of people maintaining their weight or is it that big of a side effect that it's pretty much guaranteed? Any and all comments would be appreciated!! Best of luck to the other ladies out there too. ## It's actually hard to say, because some people have been known to lose weight while taking it. Have you discussed the issue with your doctor? They may be able to help you find ways to mitigate such an effect. Are there any woman who can post that have already taken this and have experience with it? #...

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Vaginal yeast infections and itching down below

I'm nearly 5 years in from my breast cancer diagnosis... I was 34 I'm now 39 and at the end of October it will be 5 years clear! My issue is I've had no side effects apart from slight weight gain and bad skin or skin changes, I've ended up with hyper pigmentation which I'd never had before not even during pregnancies but my worst side effect by far has only been affecting me for the last year and a half but it's pretty much constant uncomfortable feeling down below like when you have thrush, it's itchy and annoying but also lots of discharge much more than normal... I've been advised to stay on it until 2029!!! But I don't think I can, my oncologist said have a break and go back to it which I did and as soon as I stopped the thrush symptoms stopped an...

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Tamoxifen & Hot Flushes

I am 51 and it is now a year since I had a lumpectomy. Prior to starting taking Tamoxifen I was having regular periods but since taking the tablets they have stopped which is great, however, the hot flushes are unbearable especially in this hot weather, they are embarrassing as I literally break out in a sweat. I have also put on a considerable amount of weight which I am finding hard to lose. Please could anyone advise how long the hot flushes are likely to go on for, is it 5 years? I hope not as I don't think I can cope with them. I have tried accupuncture which seemed to help with the flushes but it is relatively expensive as I think it is an ongoing problem. Also worried as a friend who finished taking Tamoxifen a year ago has had to have a hysterectomy due to thickening of the ...

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pill with h 86

I understand there is a pill out that will cure certain or all cancers. It is call H-86. I just got the information on my e-mail yesterday. I would like to know what it is, what it cures and what are the side effects. Thank you. ## I'm sorry, Yolanna, but I was unable to find any information on this. However, I can tell you that while some amazing breakthroughs have been made recently in cancer research and treatment, there is no pill medically and scientifically proven to cure all of them or anything of the sort. What was the source of the email? ## Go to natural news and sign up you will get all the natural news and theer is a book u can get which will give u the info u want about h-86 and dbx-13 all kind of good info all you gotta do is sign up for their news at no cost, very int...

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cilacar 20 tablet and tazloc H

Hi, I have been prescribed cilacar 20 and tazloc H since 3 months. Now my bp is on average 110 /80. I need to reduce. What should i take less of? Please advise. I am also on tamoxifen 20 tablet per day. Thanks. ## You should take the medications your doctor has prescribed and not reduce, or change them, without their approval. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Has there been any change?

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drug interactions with amox clav & losartin

Is losartin 25 mgs okay with tamoxifen clav 875 125mg...feeling sore throat chest pains and taste of blood in throat. Went in for help when a large amount of blood was expectorant ed from my head and throat was told I have strep throat.Oky for this level of both medications? My stomach is bothering me. ( For my husband am concerned if okay for him? He had Ulcers as a young boy and has a very sensitive stomachs. Not a complainer but sat me down to tell me he is feeling ng ## CORRECTION to above prescribedbefore strep throat.Oky and taking Amox Clav 875 125 mg and losartin 25 mg prescribed for heart. Is this okay and is dosage correct on Amox Clav with losartin? ## Hello, Helen! How are you? That is a normal dosage of this antibiotic. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly inc...

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chronic yeast infections while on tamoxifen

I had a breast reduction in 2014, the biopsies they did on both breasts showed that I have pre cancer cells. It took me a year to make the decision to go on tamoxifen and started in Jan 2016. Since then, all my peri systems have increased but tollerable...hot flashes, night sweats, hair loss. The one thing that isn't tolerable are the constant yeast infections I have gotten since (5 documented w/obgyn and 2 self diagnosed and using otc meds). Is anyone else on tamoxifen having these SE's and what is being done? Knowing this isn't one of the higher side effects, I feel like my docs aren't taking me serious. I also have Mirena (IUD) in and thought that the two together may be the issue, but again the docs say no. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated...please and t...

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Breast cancer and Tamoxifen side effects

Hi, I have just finished treatment for breast cancer. I had a mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. The lump they found was 5.5 cm but only 2.5 was cancerous. It spread to 3 lymph nodes in spite of it being grade 1. I'm now on Tamoxifen and have been since February. Shortly after starting them, I developed a rash around the vagina. My symptoms sound nothing like any I've read and I'm frightened it might be a secondary cancer. My rash hasn't really spread since February but is a little sore with no itching at all. It also feels a bit swollen. I've been to the doctors but she didn't seem to know what it was and said it was probably a side effect of tamoxifen. Has anyone else heard of my symptoms being related to tamoxifen? ## Hello, Lemony! How are you? Yes, such an ...

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Tamoxifen question

Has anyone experienced severe muscle spasms especially around the body beneath the breast. I have been on tamoxifen for 1 1/2 years and have experienced these spasms since I started. They are so bad they sometime take my breath away. My dr says it is not the tamoxifen. I have experienced ALL the listed side effects. ## Hello, Linda! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. No, that's not a known side effect of Tamoxifen. Have you had this checked out via x-rays or an MRI? You may want to consult a different doctor to get help discovering what's causing it. ## Thanks for the reply. I figured out the cause. I stopped the tamoxifen several weeks ago and the pain is almost gone. I think when the drug is completely out of my body, it will be complete...

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Tamoxifen side effects

I had stage 3 her2 positive breast cancer and had 2 ops, chemo, radio, herceptin and am on tamoxifen for 5 years with about 14 months to go. Apart from the weight gain, blurred vision, aches&pains, hot flushes etc I suffer from awful bloating. This seems to have become worse the longer I am on this drug. Has anyone been prescribed anything to counteract this? If so what? I have tried over the counter remedies, probiotics etc but not much help really.

Tamoxifen from 5 to 10 years.

I have been on tamoxifen for over 5 years. I was excited to go off of it from all the side effects. She now told me the new protocol is 10 years. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know WHY? I'd really like to go off it and am not sure what to do. I am perimenopausal, 49 years old and was diagnosed when I was 43 with stage 1 HER 2 positive. ## Hello, Marian! How are you? I'm sorry that you're disappointed. But yes, the new treatment regimen is 10 years, as they have discovered that there is a better response when taken longer, plus it helps prevent recurrence. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness and hair loss. Has anyone else had their protocol changed recently?

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Bleeding while on Tamoxifin

I have taken Tamoxifin for 3 years after a single Mastectomy.I quit having regular periods last November2013.For the last 16 days I have been bleeding .It is a light flow.Is this something to worry about.Saw my Oncologist last month,got "the all clear".Has anyone else had this experience? ## Hello, Aine! How are you? Is the bleeding still going on? You need to have this checked, because the Tamoxifen can sometimes cause some issues that may require medical treatment. They are rare, so it's most likely nothing to worry about, but best to proceed with caution. Are you on any other medications? ## Definitely check out Tamoxifen has a risk for causing Endometrial Cancer

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any pain meds

I have breast cancer and going through chemo, I have not tolerated it well, my chemo plan is ACT,the side effects have been horrible and I have to work, I was hospitalized for staph and a blood infection, my oncologist decided to cut my chemo dose in half to help with all these side effets. Im on the last drug which is taxoen or something like that, but I am having alot of bone pain which I cant hardly take and I have to work and my oncologist will not prescibe me any narcotics, I have heard from many people that taking clartin-D along with a pain med immensely makes the bone pain better but my dr only tells me to take the claritn D which does nothing for me. How can I get some pain meds to get me through this last stage of chemo so I can work and not want to crawl in bed and stay there...

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Tamoxifen cured my migraines

I just started Tamoxifen 10 days ago after lumpectomy and radiation for ER+. Breast cancer. Clear margins, sentinel node negative. My oncologist recommended radiation and IV chemo for one year. I agreed to radiation, refused chemo. Arimidex recommended, I agreed and started taking as soon as I finished 6 weeks of radiation. I was unable to tolerate the joint pain and bone aches, and the very frequent and severe hot flashes so I stopped Arimidex after 3 months. That was 3 years ago. At my last oncology visit, my doctor recommended I start Tamoxifen just to be safe, as I have no signs or symptoms of recurrence. I reluctantly agreed to give it a try and started it 10 days ago. The amazing thing about starting tamoxifen is that my almost daily migraines have suddenly stopped. I have had sev...

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tamoxifen & breast cancer

Fellow breast cancer survivors beware of Tamoxifen! I have just found out that Tamoxifen Increases your chances of getting a stronger and more deadly form of endometerial cancer by 50%! I'm so angry at my Doctors for telling me that because I had breast cancer I had an increased (30 to 50%) higher chance of getting uterine cancer. They didn't bother to tell me the percentage increased due to the Tamoxifen. All they told me about this drug is that it would decrease my chances of the breast cancer returning by 35 to 40%. Thank God I had so many issues with the Tamoxifen that after one year I made them switch me to Arimadex over all their objections that it would screw up their statistics. I'm not making this up. Please research this drug beyond the standard B,S. we have been b...

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Raspberries instead of

I had a breast removed 5years ago. Because I had infection the oncologist told me they could not guarantee chemo would work since it was 5 wks since surgery. I asked if he could guarantee it anyway. No answer. I started eating 1 cup raspberries a day as I had heard they were as good as tomoxafin, and felt they could not hurt me. When my infection cleared after many months I had no Cancer signs in my blood work and I refused chemo. They put me on arimidex for five years. I have no energy, muscle pain in my legs, I can only walk a short distance and standing any length of time is exhausting. I had bouts of depression and crying. All in all I was not happy with the meds. I just finished my 5 yr and hope the symptoms disappear. ## I just started tamoxifen almost 4 week ago, I feel so tired,...

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