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Estrogen Patch/alora o.o75

I have always used the Alora Patch & love it. It really works for me. I have a question...I lost my job due to an injury on Seoptember 17, 2010 and am in need of these paches. I can not afford them & without them I am experiencing majior bad hot flashes. Do you know of anyone who could help. Like I sated, I lost my job, waiting for Social Security & do not have any income. Could you please let me know of anyone who can help. I appreciate your effort & will look forward to hearing from you. Carol A. Powers ## No, I'm sorry, but there doesn't appear to any assistance programs for this medication. Most assistance programs are for medications that are considered life sustaining, so they aren't often provided for others. Have you tried speaking to your doctor abou...

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comments on alora use

I would like to hear from women using the Alora estrogen patch. I am currently using the Estradiol patch and find it does not want to stay stuck on for the full week. Is Alora better? ## The Alora patch stays on if you put it on dry skin. I try to keep it dry. I keep water off of it while bathing.

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