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round white pill biochem

I ordered nolvadex and recieved white round pill that says biochem on one side and a line on the other. ## Hi John, Tamodex (also known as Nolvadex or Tamoxifen) is actually the brand name that is associated with Biochem. And it looks like they come in either 10 or 20mg dosage forms. I can't say for sure if what you have is real or fake, since you may have ordered over the internet from another source. However, Biochem does appear to be a reputable manufacturer based out of Mumbai, India. Unfortunately I can't seem to locate any more specific details on these pills, but I hope this helps to answer your question.

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KF inprinted pills, orange and white.

I got Nolvadex and Clomid from a suppplier. Both have a KF imprinted on them, nolvadex are orange in colour and clomid are white/beidge in colour. There are round and 7mm in diameter and 2 mm thick. The letter K have a weird curvy ending tail on it. There is a line across the pill on the back. Wonder if there are clomid and nolvadex this ways? Just checking if they are legit or not and what the dosage are like.

Square dark Blue pill With G On One Side 10 The Other

think these are nolvadex, not sure though. NEED HELP. ITS A SMALL DARK BLUE SQUARE PILL WITH THE LETTER G ON ONE SIDE AND A 10 ON THE OTHER ## The closest match I can locate is that of a square yellow pill marked with "G" on one side and "1" on the other. - identified as Alprazolam extended-release 1 mg. Not even google turns up with any results on a square blue pill marked G 10. So perhaps it's a foreign or over-the-counter medication. Whereabouts did you find this pill?

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White Pill With Two Ps On It

It's a white 8 sides hexa shaped pill, with two uppercase P's imprinted on one side. On the other side is just a flat line going through the middle of the pill. I was told it was some type of anti aromtase, possibly nolvadex, but I dont think so. Know what it is? ## This imprint (including physical description) does not show up under any of the U.S. drug databases. Because of that, it is very likely that this pill falls into one or more of the categories listed below: -Manufactured outside of the U.S. -It is an over-the-counter medication -Fake -Party drug (ecstasy or something else) -Has been discontinued for one reason or another Did you possibly find this pill somewhere or obtain it from a friend? I wish I could be of more help, but one thing you can do is take the pill over ...

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A Blue Square Pill With S M On It

This was supposed to be nolvadex can anyone help me ## Based on my research, there's no information in any of the drug databases regarding this pill. I did however see another thread in which someone else was also trying to identify this exact pill; stating that it is "supposed to be" Nolvadex as well. The user posted a photo of the square blue pill, but it is of bad quality and none have been able to confirm it as real or fake yet. If you go to google images and type in "nolvadex square blue pill", you'll see the image I am referring to. I'll be sure to post back if I am able to gather anymore information on the pill. ## Thanks I still got them just not sure yet

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Ip On Both Sides Small Round White Pill with redspecks

can u please tell me what tthese pills are littel white pill with red specks and ip on both sides ## Unfortunately, I've been unable to find a listing for this, though I've searched quite a few times. The marking leads me to believe that it's an over the counter product, but there is also a chance that it could be a foreign medication. Was it found in the U.S. or elsewhere? ## I believe it is a nolvadex.

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Yellow capsule with no markings

I found this pill, yellow oblong capsule no markings/imprints in a bottle labeled nolvadex. a steroid and really need to know what this other pill there something commonly used with the anabolic steroid nolvadex..need to find out as soon as possible...for the safety of a loved one. thank you ## Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to positively identify a pill without any specific markings (unless you want to spend the money and have it analyzed in a laboratory). What country are you in? ## It sounds like nolvadex, an anti estrogen used by some bodybuilders. My friend was one growing up and it sounds like it... it is used to combat side effects from other steroids but is not one itself. I think some people use it if they have high estrogen levels... I think I had a friend that ...

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44 159 Medium size round white ## Based on the description provided, I found your pill marked 44 159 to be Genaced; which is a combination of Aspirin (250 mg), Acetaminophen (250 mg) and Caffeine (65 mg). For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you.

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