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Michelle Says:

I have used PREMSYN PMS over the counter for several years now and there was a time when I could buy it anywhere, but now it is so hard to find. Why is this product so hard to find in stores?


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Verwon Says:

Premsyn PMS contains Acetaminophen, Pamabrom and Pyrilamine.

There are several places online that offer it and I can't find anything about it being discontinued, so it may be that some stores have just stopped carrying it. The same ingredients can be found in several other products, including Midol PMS, Menstrual PMS and quite a few generics and store brands.

Have you tried just asking your pharmacist to help you find an equivalent?

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Bella Says:

You can buy a generic form of this pill at Dollar General for just a few dollars. It is exactly the same. Good Luck

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Cuca Says:

I love this product. I used to buy at CVS all the time and now they just don't have it anymore... I can't find it else where. I need this in my life!!!

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Todd Says:

Hi, my wife has a brain illness and I do all the shopping. I've watched this product leave stores and now left Walgreens. The only way you can buy it now is to order it online or over the phone at Walgreens or other places like Walmart. I asked why and they say sometimes it's a decision that's made between the vendor and the CEO. I do know it's owned by pamprin. You're right it is a good product and my wife doesn't use anything else.

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willow Says:

I have tried others & its the only one I have found that works for pms & cramps. It does not totally get rid of pms but it makes it so you can handle it. I swear by the stuff. My boyfriend will too lol

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willow Says:

agree 100%, It has saved more than a few lives/relationships. lol

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Amanda J Says:

I agree, I've used this product for years and cannot find it in stores anymore! Premsyn is a miracle worker and the strongest medicine for PMS! Ive tried countless other generic brands and other products and they do NOT work like Premsyn!!

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Lorraine Says:

Where can I find Premsyn PMS? It's been a lifesaver for me for years, now I can't find it in stores anywhere...

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Kat Says:

Re: Lorraine (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Amazon carries it in bulk packages. I have taken this since I was a teenager and was upset when they took it out of stores. One pill and within the hour all my symptoms are gone. Nothing else compares. I buy it from Amazon in bulk. I hope they don't take it completely off the market. {affiliate link added}

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sewcrazy7 Says:

Re: Amanda J (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

totally agree with you - and now it's disappeared completely from the web too. can't find an article anywhere to explain why

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Annie Says:

Re: sewcrazy7 (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

I just wanted to let you know that Walgreens has it online only.

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Kristie Says:

Walgreens carries it. I can not find it in any other store

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CAT Says:

Re: Cuca (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Go to Amazon. You can buy it there. They ship it to you. {affiliate link added}

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Yomama Says:

Re: Lorraine (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

You can order it online at Walgreens and Amazon... I have also found a generic one that CVS sells in their store.

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m3r1 Says:

Chattem, Inc., sold Premsyn to Focus Consumer Health. I have written to ask about production. Here is the contact info Chattem supplied:

Via phone at 440-528-4286 or email at [email protected]

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m3r1 Says:

Re: m3r1 (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Update - New reply for the ticket #FCH00258656:

"Hello, Thank you for contacting us and thank you for your interest in our product. We have not received word that Presym PMS is being discontinued, but I do see it is hard to find. We will be reaching out to our client to find out what is going on with the production of this product. As soon as we have an answer for you, we will reach back out to you and let you know. Thank you for your patience with us while we work to find a solution for you."

Eboni W
Focus Consumer Healthcare
Consumer Affairs
[email protected]

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