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Not getting periods after Ovral L

im not getting my periods after i have stopped taking ovral l. I took this pill for 6 months for irregular periods. at that time my periods were exceeding. now it has been 4 months after i stopped taking the pill (and im not pregnent. i have tested several times). still im not getting my periods. can any body tell me wats the cause? do i have to go for any investigation? ## It would be very difficult for anyone to diagnose the cause just from a post on the Internet. There are many things that can cause a woman to skip her menstrual cycle, being underweight, excessive exercise or a hormonal problem, of some type. Your body may be having a problem rebalancing your hormones, after stopping the tablets. Yes, it would be advisable to see a doctor, to get to the root of the problem. Does anyo...

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Ovral 28

emergency contraceptive pills ## I am on the two-month contraceptive injection because I get irregular periods but I was given the Ovral 28 pills. I'd like to how or if I'm supposed to take the first 21 pills everyday, or when I am menstruating? ## I'm taking Ovral-28 pills and am now on the red set of pills, but am afraid to take them cause I am thinking that I may be pregnant, cause last month I didn't go on my periods (nor even this month)... So can I continue with the red Ovral pills if I am pregnant?

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