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Developed allergy to EEMT, don't want to stop taking it. 16 REPLIES

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Estratest is back

I had to change hormone treatments as Estratest was taken off the market. I have been taking estradiol for a year now and was not happy with it. Last week I had to see my doctor for yearly visit and guess what?...Estratest IS back on the market. The same dark green pills as before and I am ecstatic. I have my prescription filled at our local CVS instead of Wal Mart, where I always seemed to get partial script. Hopefully now I will get my libido back and the relationship I used to have with my husband. Just wanted to let other women out there know that Estratest is truly back!! ## Hi Paulette, Thank you for sharing that information! Here's some additional information regarding Estratest: Estratest is a hormone replacement therapy medication that combines esterified estrogens with met...

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Estratest User 11 years - I miss it, need it. Is it avail outside US

Estratest is the only hormone that fit me perfectly for weight, attitude, sex drive, energy, youth. I have been miserable without it. Can't find anything, not even bio's that take it's place. Can we get it in another country - Mexico? Canada? Everything has changed with me since I quit taking it because it's not available in the US. ## Estratest contains the active ingredients, Esterified Estrogens + Methyltestosterone. The company "Solvay" has discontinued the manufacture of Estratest and Estratest HS Have you considered looking at other brands which contain the same active ingredients? Brand names with these ingredients are listed below: Covaryx, Covaryx HS, EEMT, EEMT DS, EEMT HS, Essian, Essian H.S, Menogen HS, Menogen, Syntest HS, Syntest DS I've also he...

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why won't prescription coverage cover estratest or eemt?

My doctor just renewed my prescription for eemt (originally estratest) but my insurance won't cover it and the pharmacy said it would be $407.00 for a 90 day supply. I can't afford it any longer. I have used estratest &/or eemt for many years and it was the only thing that works. My hot flashes and night sweats are miserable. The pharmacy said it was not "Obama care" that cut off our HT. ## Hello, TutuTerri! How are you? Many insurance plans are starting to question covering HRT, due to the possible risks that can be associated with it, such as cancer and cardiac events. Especially, if you've been using it for years, most women don't need it for that long, they use it for awhile, until they are through menopause and things settle back down, then they stop tak...

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Estratest hormone replacement

Is Estratest a hormone replacement medication? ## From what I've read, this appears to be a hormone replacement medication used as menopausal hormone therapy. The ingredients listed are: esterified estrogens and methyltestosterone. (NDC 50220-002, among others) Source: DailyMed

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estrogen m test

alternate generic prescription to m test- info welcome ## what is the generic version of estratest= .625 estrogen/1.25 testosterone--is it available in separate pills , namely estrogen in one & testosterone in a second pill?? ## Generics are available, now, for M Test, which is a combination of Estrogen and Testosterone. The typical side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, weight changes, and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Estratest Law Change January 2012

Greetings, Since my wife has been having the same problem obtaining Estratest in California, I decided to do a little research on the problem. Here is what I found: Estratest is a combination of Esterified Estrogens and Methyltestosterone. Methyltestosterone is a Class III restricted drug on the Drug Enforcement Administrations controlled substance schedule. Methyltestosterone is an oral steroid with mild anabolic steroid effects. Estratest had been previously exempted from the Class III restricted drug schedule. There was a change in the law or regulations on January 1st that eliminated this exemption. This means that the drug manufacturers, distribution centers and drug stores or doctors now have a completely new system for reporting the sale and transfer of Estratest. It also require...

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estratest ds replacement med

I' ve been a mess since the change from estratrest ds. I also have low thyroid. I have recently heard that the estrogen directly affects or cancels out to some extent the thyroid replacement hormones. I've gained a lot of weight and been depressed and have been having body & joint pain since they decided to have the pharmacist custom make my hrt meds. now they have changed them again with 1.25 estrogenm 1 mg progesterone (to counteract breast cancer risk), 2 mg testerone & 10 ng DHE (to increase the benefits of testerone without negative side effects) the pharm. said. I was wondering if anyone has this meds and can tell me if it is a good substitute for estratest DS, as I am afraide to take these because it is a different formula. They say they can't get the exact in...

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Estratest (generic EEMT) made by Seton Pharmaceuticals

Hello: I have been a long term user of estratest HS. It has been the only medication that has helped me completely. I was very happy with it for 7 years with the brand name, then it was switched to generic EEMT made by Amneal Pharmaceuticals and I continued to be very happy with the product. But...once Amneal stopped making this medication and production was made by ANI pharmaceuticals, the medication was just not right for me. Began to have very uncomfortable systems with the ANI EEMT product such as greasy skin, and insomnia and mood changes. I decided to try and use other hormone replacement therapies and nothing helped. Then I discovered recently that the same generic EEMT product by Amneal pharmaceuticals, was being produced by Seton pharmaceuticals. The color of the pill, and the ...

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Estratest Replacement

i need EXACT replacement, dosage, for Estratest HS. EXACT. thanks for any help. ## The exact replacement is a new product called Covaryx. It has the same active ingredients as Estratest. This was according to Centrix Pharmaceuticals. ## This whole thing is so strange. Costco would not fill my script for Estratest, or any generic, but Krogers would. I don't know what is going on with this stuff. I know Syntex is a replacement but as far as I can tell, it is unavailable. I have read from the company that the generic will be available soon, it is a matter of reclassifying the drug as a controlled substance because of the testosterone and the abuse of it by men looking for steroids. Thanks for your answer.... ## yeah, and since that is not a generic, i bet it costs a fortune. not that w...

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stopped taking estratest

I stopped taking estratest about 3 weeks ago,i am having headaches, dizzy ,I passed out this morning,hot flashes,will be soaking wet in the morning,i had a partial in 1977 I am 64 yrs old,i am calling a obgyn in the morning,my dr can not give pap smears or estrogen.any suggestions. ## Hello, Shirl! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having. Some of them were likely caused by the sudden withdrawal, when you are adding hormones, your body stops producing any of its own, so stopping abruptly may cause sudden withdrawal symptoms, just like that which happens with actual drugs. However yes, if you are passing out, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Why did you stop using it? ## I am 49 Ang have been taking it for 22 months. I can't afford ...

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How long does the leg pain last after you stop taking Est Estrogen?

I was taking a specially compounded formula of hormones that worked quite well for me. But they were very expensive so I asked my primary care doctor if he could recommend some bio-identicals that my insurance would cover. He prescribed Est Estrogen Mtest Tab Amne. They are green stamped IP 77.About 3 weeks after starting these I noticed my teeth were very sensitive to heat, I talked to myself A LOT and I started having pain in my hips, knees and ankle as well as leg and foot cramps. When I called the doctor they told me to stop taking the pills and if the pain got worse to go to the ER over the holidays. That's been a week and I still have pain my legs and hip. How long before these effects go away? ## Does est estrogenmtest tab amn cause severe hip, leg, and knee pain? At times, I...

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Estratest generic on indefinite back order!

Could this mean it may no longer be produced? I had a complete hysterectomy in 2000 and nothing else has worked for me! HELP! ## Hi Msgirl, May I ask where you found information stating that Estratest Generic is on an indefinite backorder? I couldn't personally find any information claiming that it's no longer unavailable. However, I did find out that there was a shortage of Estratest's active ingredients: "Esterified Estrogens" and "Methyl testosterone" - but according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, that issue was resolved in 2011. Source: Please let me know if you come across any more information. Thanks! ## Just today, my WalMart Pharmacist could only fill 7 pills. Then my...

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Estratest and gallstones

Hello. I'm not sure if anybody will respond to this, but has anyone taking estratest experienced gallstones or gallbladder problems? I ask this because I have taken estratest for years and I was recently diagnosed with gallstones which happens to be a side effect with estratest. I was just tying to see if anyone else developed gallbladder problems after years taking estratest. Thanks. ## Yes, the FDA does list increased risk of gallbladder issues among it's possible side effects, along with nausea, headache, tender breasts, and menstruation changes. Has anyone else experienced such issues? ## Hi, I was on Estratest for about 14 yrs. I do not know if the Estratest had anything to do with this, but during a CT scan they found a gall stone. I had stomach problems for a long time an...

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estratest generic no loner manufactured?

Is this generic Estratest manufactured? Is there a compounded much does it cost? ## Hi Maggie, Unfortunately the rumors are true. If you'd like, you can have a look at the facts linked below, regarding the FDA "unapproved" Estratest. I think it can answer a lot of questions patients have about the medication and what equivalents are out there: I hope this helps! ## Mine was filled at Wal-Mart in Georgia for $104.00 (no insurance) New drug " Covaryx Tab " replaced EST Estrogenmtest Tab compared at $78.00 for 90 day supply ## Here is a recap of the information available on this and a few other Estratest threads. There is a supply distribution problem for the medicatio...

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Estratest is NOT Schedule II. Educate your pharmacist!

Do not put up with this unnecessary interference. Estatest, and most of the generics, are on the DEA exempt list. Go to this link, print it off, and take it to your pharmacist. Send a copy to your insurance. Quit putting up with this garbage. This medication would not be likely to be diverted for use as an anabolic steroid, because bodybuilders would not want the estrogen. And it appears that the FDA is not as stupid about this as they are about a lot of other things. A bright spot on the horizon... ## I am not sure what a DEA exempt list is, Please explain. I am paying $200 for 90 day supply. I will do what I have to do to get insurance to approve

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estratest - what can i expect?

Doc just switched me to estrastest, the green pill 0.625-1.25 mg dose....what can I expect in terms of side effects? Any weight gain? I have been on HRT estrogen only patch for the past 15yrs due to a complete hysterectomy. I recently commented to my doc that i've had zero libido for several years so she said i can try estratest... i thought this might cause weight gain and mood swings and facial hair due to the testosterone ...Any feedback or reviews before i start would be appreciated :) ## Yes, those are all possible side effects, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, and headache. Though the weight gain is usually minimal, less than 10 pounds. Are you on any other medications?

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ok for age 73

At age 46 I had complete hysterectomy and was prescribed Estratest which I continued to take until age 63. Due to bad publicity for this medication, I informed my primary care dr. that I was not continuing to take it. He did not agree and told me he was making note of "my choice" in my medical history. Now, 10 years later, I am having severe dry eye problems and am allergic to Restasis. No optical meds for relief are available...over the counter eye meds give no relief. My son suggested that I get back on Estratest. Since I have had a complete hysterectomy, and other major medical issues, what is the risk to getting back on Estratest??? ## Hello, Jan! How are you? The risks are the same as always, when using HRT, it can cause blood clots, that could lead to heart attack or strok...

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Estratest 1.25/2.5

has anyone found a replacement for estratest? The generic form doesn't work for me. I have taken estratest for 6 six years with no side effects. It has helped me to feel normal after a hysterectomy and has continued. Without it I am tired, joint pain, no sexual desire, mental tiredness, night sweats, depressed and overall just feel bad. I am hoping to find something that will be identical to the estratest. I need a miracle. ## Please help me find estratest tablet nothing ekes works ## I've not been the same since they taking estratest rx away from me. Body aches,mod swing, you would not believe body change. ## I was told a drug called Covaryx is the replacement. I will let you know how it goes. Good luck, Meryl ## has it helped?? ## MaryBeth, just wondering if it helped? ## Toda...

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Estratest availability outside US?

I have taken Estratest or generics of same dosage/combination for years after my total hysterectomy with very good results. I work on a cruise ship and am rarely in the US. With the new FDA decision to treat it as a "controlled substance" due to the testosterone and the new prescribing regulations, I am having a VERY difficult time getting my medication and have been having to take other estrogens without testosterone in between my visits to the US. Does anybody know if there is a combination med equivalent to Estratest in other countries? I have been unable to find it in the few I've checked. ## I have never herd of this intil today! Estratest sounds like heaven at this point! Is it by RX only? Do b you need blood work and all the other expensive tests? ## It is by prescrip...

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Thoughts on Covaryx

This is coming from someone who had a complete hysterectomy in 1992. I have been on HRT since then. I too believe that nothing works better than the Estratest. Not only does it control all menopausal symptoms it increases my sex drive, which was an added bonus. Since I was FORCED to change to a drug that is supposed to be identical to the Estratest, Covaryx I can attest that it is not the same. All the reasons I was taking it, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mental and emotional well being ect. have returned. I have been on the Covaryx for about 90 days. I am very upset about this. I do know the drug is available in Canda. I am in the process of getting a prescription from my Dr. To get them out of the USA. I will keep you all posted. ## Hi Paula, Sorry to hear about your experience with ...

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