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Paula Says:

This is coming from someone who had a complete hysterectomy in 1992. I have been on HRT since then. I too believe that nothing works better than the Estratest. Not only does it control all menopausal symptoms it increases my sex drive, which was an added bonus. Since I was FORCED to change to a drug that is supposed to be identical to the Estratest, Covaryx I can attest that it is not the same. All the reasons I was taking it, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mental and emotional well being ect. have returned. I have been on the Covaryx for about 90 days. I am very upset about this. I do know the drug is available in Canda. I am in the process of getting a prescription from my Dr. To get them out of the USA. I will keep you all posted.

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David Says:

Hi Paula,

Sorry to hear about your experience with Covaryx. From what I understand, many of the symptoms you mentioned are listed as potential side effects of all hormonal-based medications. However, since both, Covaryx and Estratest contain the same active ingredients (Esterified Estrogens + Methyltestosterone), I'm thinking there must've been some sort of difference in the binders/fillers.

If anyone happens to come across a list of inactive ingredients, it would really help pinpoint the underlying difference between Covaryx and Estratest. It's been stated that certain inactive ingredients, such as modified corn starch, gluten, propylene glycol, etc, can have an affect on the absorption rate and therefore impacts the overall efficacy of the drug.

I hope this bit of info helps, and wish you good luck on getting your medication back!

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carolrat Says:

Has anyone used the estrified estrogen along with a testosterone cream instead of the estratest? I was using a walmart mail order pharmacy located in Texas and the last time trying to fill the estratest there was problems in getting the order through because it contrains a class three controlled substance.... methytestosterone. From what i understand a regular? testosterone is not controlled. ?? So can the testosterone be substituted for the methytestosterone and taken seperately but with a estrified estrogen. And if so, would this reduce the price any in doing this or just create another expensive prescription? Also, anyone know of prescription assistance for estratest?

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R in Texas Says:

I'm a user and very much a beliver in this Estratest. Here is why It works for me, it works very well; and I like the results and so does my husband. My sex drive was great. That was almost 6 years ago. so now it jan 2014, and husband is wanting to know what is going on. Had a very long detailed conversation with my doctor.. needless to say he was not very happy with me or what I was tell him. What difference does it make to him or any other doctor if I sign a document stating the fact that I know the side effects and warrings and still want to drug? 4 Doctors have told me that I have to change..well lat ta da...tell that to my husband! When I did, they all said that they would talk to him and he needs to be understanding. What is their to be understanding if you don't have libo and do not have a desire for sex? Turn the tables on them and ask them what would they do if it was their wife? Here is the fact...there is nothing going to take the place of this meds because all too many women as well as doctors complain about all the side effect on other parts of your body and of course you should care for others. The med is only available in Canada and it over 200.00 for 30day supply if you can find it. The makers of this drug are in Europe and things are different their. The US government and the FDA don't want it here, neither to other generic drug manufactures because they can not make a clone that is good enough, that's why there is no generic that work! It was band from coming to the us by the FDA. I have had many a conversation with the manufacture as just a everyday consumer. some smart doctor well tell them, don't worry about sex after, 60. See how outrage they get. There is no drug on the market that work for these conditions for women..but they have numerious drugs for men with the same issue,not fare as far as I can tell, and they are not looking to find one eather.

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Swirlpop Says:

I was also taking estratest and am currently on covaryx. I would like to share an interesting problem I had with covaryx. I filled the prescription through my local pharmacy and loved it. Everything seemed great and it appeared to work the same as estratest. I then refilled my prescription through my mail order pharmacy as required by my insurance. THE PILLS DID NOT WORK. So I went back to the local drug store and again everything worked fine. I called Centrix (that's who makes covaryx). They were very nice and thought maybe the difference was in the temperature from being processed in the mail. I am currently paying out of pocket and not using my insurance to fill my prescription locally. Wanted to share in case you may be having a similar problem and not realize it.

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Ria Says:

Who is the manufacturer in Canada? How do you get it?

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