Estratest Is Back

Paulette Says:

I had to change hormone treatments as Estratest was taken off the market. I have been taking estradiol for a year now and was not happy with it. Last week I had to see my doctor for yearly visit and guess what?...Estratest IS back on the market. The same dark green pills as before and I am ecstatic. I have my prescription filled at our local CVS instead of Wal Mart, where I always seemed to get partial script. Hopefully now I will get my libido back and the relationship I used to have with my husband. Just wanted to let other women out there know that Estratest is truly back!!

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Jenna Says:

Hi Paulette,

Thank you for sharing that information!

Here's some additional information regarding Estratest:

Estratest is a hormone replacement therapy medication that combines esterified estrogens with methyltestosterone in one pill. Its primary use is to treat menopausal women who suffer from hot flashes, but do not get relief from estrogen-only therapy. It is also used to treat dryness, burning, or itching of the vaginal area.

Side effects can include:

Lightheadedness, dizziness, headache, stomach upset, nausea, bloating, weight changes, increased/decreased interest in sex, or breast tenderness

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Estratest Details

If there are any questions, please post back!

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Pat Says:

As of todays date (2/3/14) is estratest still available. I took it once before and it improved everything. I heard they quit making it but someone told me that it is available again. It is the only thing that worked for me and I felt like a million dollars. Now have pain in all my joints, can't sleep, no libido, depressed and no energy. Please help!!!!

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Thank you for your post. I have had the same experiences as you when estratest was removed..... nothing has worked to replace it. Please tell me who manufactures or distributes it and where and how to find it ASAP. My life is in shambles! No CVC in my area (Utah). PLEASE HELP ME NOW!

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jm prince Says:

I have experienced the same problems as you in the absence of Estratest. My life is in ruins and no viable substitute has been found. Can you point me to a source of estratest or a manufacturer, distributor or pharmacy that can get it for me ASAP? PLEASE!
Thanks! jm prince

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Mary Williams Says:

Hello, I live near Los Angeles and I can't find anyplace that has Estratest. I really need this pill, I have been taking EST ESTEGN METHTESTEST but it's not the same, I'm having hot flashes, ect.
Please let me know where I can get Estratest.
Thank you

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Paulette Says:

Solvay Pharmaceuticals manufacture estratest or this is what I have found when I did research. If you have a Costco in your area they can order it I believe. Sorry I have no other advice or information. Wish I could help.

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Rebecca in Seattle Says:

I have heard wonderful things about Estratest and wanted to ask my doctor for a prescription for help with my very disappointing lost of my libido due to painful intercourse due to dryness from menopause. But when I called the Seattle Costco Pharmacy as well as a CVC pharmacy here in Seattle they don't carry it. Any suggestions?

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Allyson Says:

Did it cost alot more than the generic form? Walgreens is trying to order some for me because our CVS didn't carry it.

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Christy Says:

I agree!!! Estratest did miracles for me. After stopping it, I have had break thru bleeding, cramps and all kinds of problems. Also, my libido is way down. I am so ecstatic that it is back on the market. The Mayo Clinic gave me my first prescription and they have watched me closely! I am 64 years old and still have a very active intimate life. I had to have a biopsy to make sure I did not have endometrial cancer. It was quite a scare. The problem all stemmed from having to take the lower dosage of estratest due to the FDA taking it off the market.

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Sara Says:

I remained on estratest well into my 70's along with a form of promethium. Then I read that there was a higher incidence of mental deterioration among women on HT. Going off it for over 5 years, I dried up TERRIBLY ( skin, eyes, especially mouth), lost over 2 inches in height. After slowly going back on them a year and a half ago, one night 2 months ago I started bleeding heavily. This lasted for over a week. Yes, I went off the harmonies until it could be determined that I don't have cancer. Now I'm trying to get back on them because for the past week my bones are aching all over me body , especially my back... across the shoulders, down the right part of the back and across my lower back from right side to left, not to mention other joints like right knee and both feet ( the feet part I had before and that hurt gets totally lost in the back pain. I just turned 80. My bone density in July was excellent. My blood profile I would challenge against anyone at any age. Other than HT, I take No MEDICATIONS!!! The pharmacist just refilled my RX, but with something called Covary. It's suppose to be the same thing. Any comments?

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S Says:

I hope this is true. I haven't found it for three years, and despite efforts to get more have not been able to!

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S Says:

Are you sure? Where do you find it? I am healthy and drug free except for when this was discontinued. Since then, I've been suffering!
PLEASE! Any more information? {edited for privacy}. Thank you!!!!

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S Says:

I was so excited to see your message, but could not find estratest. Do know where I can find it?

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Vicky Says:

I have been on Estratest for 15 years or more. I was just told by my gynecologist that it has been discontinued. I am very, very upset. The medication is a miracle. I am about to panic about having to change to some bio identical medication. We women need to protest.

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Jeannine Says:

I Love Estratest - Have been on it for about 4-5 years. It used to be available at most pharmacies for a low price....$30 for 3 month supply. Now I get it at Walmart for $54.00 for 90 pills. The price varies a lot - some pharmacies charge $192.00 for 90 pills. Insurance does not generally cover this drug. Thank goodness it's still around.

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Vicky Says:

I hope you're right. I am about to check with my pharmacist. Thanks for the info.

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Christy Says:

My insurance covered it! 90 day supply for $5.00 co-pay. I just had a check-up at the Mayo Clinic and they advised it was okay to stay on it. I am SO glad it is back. It really made a difference in my libido.

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Jeannine Says:

Me too....I have to pay more =my insurance doesn't cover.....The best medication I've ever been on.....and I'm 75!!!

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Patty Says:

This is wonderful to see I am not the only one that feels like the rest of you do!!! Want my little dark green pill back, to get my life back!!!

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Christy Says:

I had the same problem with Walmart. They only gave me 20 pills! My family physcian is hesitant to prescribe. I guess I will have to go back to the OB/GYN. I am thrilled they are back. They seriously make a HUGE difference to the libido.

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