Morgans Lysine Creates More Sores

Allen Says:

Felt the cold sore tingle this morning on the right side of my upper lip. I had left home and could not take Lysine tablet. I stopped at the store and got Morgans Lysine. Started using it immediately.

Now it is evening. The sore got worse. Another started on the left side of my lip, and one in the middle. As well, everywhere there is one on my upper lip, one has began on my lower lip. Now I have 6 cold sores.

I would not recommend using Morgans Lysine. The tablets you get at the local health/nutrition store are much more effective.

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry that it got worse, I know it sucks.

However, to be honest, there's really nothing that's guaranteed to work, all the time. There are various products and remedies that are claimed to help, some work great for some people and some don't.

However, cold sores are caused by a virus that isn't curable and sometimes, regardless of what you try to use to prevent them popping up, or getting worse, it will still happen and there won't be anything you can do about it.

How long do they usually last for you?

Have you ever tried some of the other products available that are supposed to help?

Learn more Lysine details here.

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Maxine Says:

i take 1000mg of L-lysine a day, those from Hollans and baretts, and they work for me, i rarely get them now, and if had an outbreak they always speed up recovery for me. Avoid foods with Arginine in such as chocolate, oats and nuts. They need these amino acids to grow but lysine helps to block it

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Jane Says:

I know the post was several years ago, but wanted to reply. I too have used Morgan's and found it to be unbelievably effective! My cold sore disappeared almost immediately following application. In comparing Morgan's to several other treatments, I find that it has the highest level of lysine in it which is likely why it works so well. I have only had to use it twice on too different cold sores. Both times my cold sores disappeared almost immediately after applying Morgans.

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