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Kenalog- 40 it was 20mg

This orthopedic Doctor gave me 20mg of Kenalog-40 in the back by my shoulder. I did not realize what he was injecting in me at the time. How I regret it it made me feel really bad. How long does this stay in your body. Side effect were terrible. Km ## Kenalog is a corticosteroid class medication that is used to treat various conditions, such as skin issues, allergic reactions, and inflammation, among others. What types of side effects did you experience? Typically, it is known to cause nausea, headache, insomnia, mood changes, vertigo, and skin irritation when used topically, according to FDA reports. How long ago was it administered? ## Hi Kim I am having the same reactions. When did yours go away snd when did you feel well again? It has been 6 weeks and I feel just terrible still :( D...

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Kenalog injection - nothing - no results pro or con

I was given a Kenalog 40 injection for a systemic skin rash (starts below the skin). After a week there was no change. Rash on arms and some on other parts either remained the same or spread slightly. Is it possible to be resistant to it. I'm 6' 1", 198 pounds, and, otherwise, in good health. In past several years I've been prescribed oral course of Prednisone which worked. However, even with a tapered dosage over 10 - 12 days the rash would rebound after about a week of clear skin. ## Kenalog contains Triamcinolone, it is another type of corticosteroid, but not every medication works for everyone that tries it. Its typical side effects may include administration site reactions, headache, rapid heart rate, irritability, and acne. Do you have any details on what it causin...

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Kenalog of AA

I discovered a small bald spot on my head in Ausgust of 2017. I went to the dermatologist and received Kenalog shots after the PA looked at it and diagnosed me with alopecia. After the injection, i experienced pain and atrophy. I went back next month to find my spot had grown 2 inches and was almost in tears. She rushed the whole visit and asked if i wanted more injections. Stupidly, i agreed. I was just scared of loosing it all. Now im loosing hair like crazy. I wish i had found all this information and steered clear of the drug! I advise anyone to do some research first, and consider the benefits and risks. Good luck ## Oh my goodness! I am seriously experiencing literally the same exact thing. I literally have a bald spot on the back side of my head from the Kenalog. I really don...

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Kenalog Destroys

I had one epidurals of kenalog that destroyed my life. Three days after I couldn't sleep relax or rest. My heart was pounding my muscle were weak terrible cramps in arms and legs ears very sanative to noise whole body filled with fluid . Utterly confused very anxious. This carried on for 3 months till I collapsed and ended up in hospital doctors were useless. I carried on getting worse eight month after I had steroid myopathy electrolytes problems stomach bowels tendon damaged problems fibromyalgia I didnt never had before or wouldn't of if I had no had the kenalog. I now suffer numerous terrible long term health problems that effect my whole body and my husband is my carer as I can no longer take care of myself.I would like to speak to anyone else who has had similar problems c...

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Adverse reaction to Kenalog

I had 3 shots of Kenalog injected into my scalp on September 22nd. Within three weeks I noticed 2 "dents" atrophy where the dermatologist injected into my scalp. I have discoloration around the site as well but worst of all I have lost SO much hair on my temples from the shot. My dermatologist admitted the atrophys is from the injection as well as the discoloration. She acted dumbfounded that my hair had thinned out to almost nothing around the sites injected (temples & back of my head hairline). So I went in for another opinion this past week. They did a scalp biopsy that I'm anxiously awaiting on. I have not officially been diagnosed with anything yet! The first dermatologist thought my hair line may be thinning due to alopecia and she told me we would try injection...

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kenolog ruined my life

I had mild psoriasis on my scalp, elbows, and a few on my legs. Within three days of being given an intramuscular injection of kenolog10 my hair began to fall out and I started getting these small dots in various places on my body. My dermatologist swears it is unrelated to my injection, but two months later I am covered head to toe psoriasis, including my face, and I have lost 80% of my hair. I have also been on my period for going on four weeks now. This stuff is pure poison!!! ## Hello, Jackie! How are you? I am so very sorry about what you're going through. Skin reactions like that certainly can be side effects of it, they are listed in the FDA detailed prescribing information, they just aren't very common, so they weren't able to provide a specific incident percentage f...

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Kenalog VS Predisone

Which is safer Kenalog or Predsione? I have taken Kenalog shots for years but my doctor retired and my new doctor prescribed Predsione. Any reason? ## You may be able to compare the two drugs and their side effect profiles by vising the drug information pages for Kenalog and Prednisone. Hope it helps. ## Overall, it really just depends on how you react to any given medication, and what your doctor prefers. One might work better for you than another, but the only thing you can do is try them and see. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and lowered immune response. Can anyone else with experience chime in?

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Kenalog Inj. and hair loss

I experienced a severe adverse reaction of 75% hair loss after having a Kenalong inj. to my thumb on 3/1/17. Stay away from this poison! I had to buy a wig; and my hair is still progressively falling after the 12 weeks! Dehumanizing! ## That is odd, it is actually used to treat hair loss. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including administration site irritation, redness, dryness, and flaking. Are you on any other medications? How long after receiving it did the hair loss start? How old are you?

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Kenalog injections

is anyone getting intramuscular kenalog for arthritis and fibromyalgia? are you getting relief and what are your side effects. ## Although I personally haven't taken this medication, I went ahead and posted a list of potential side effects for those looking for more information. Side effects of Kenalog injections can include: -fast, slow, or uneven heart rate; -feeling short of breath, even with mild exertion; -swelling, rapid weight gain; -dangerously high blood pressure (severe headache, buzzing in your ears, anxiety, confusion, chest pain); -problems with your vision; -eye swelling, redness, discomfort, or drainage (may be signs of infection); -severe depression, changes in mood or behavior; -seizure (convulsions); -muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness. -nausea, bloating, appetit...

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kenalog in orabase

I used Kenalog in Orabase for mouth ulcers, but SA discontinued it, I can only get from N Zeeland and that is difficult, where can I get something with the same ingredients, someone also said Tetracycline antibiotics can help for my Stomatiis? ## Also used the same for severe mouth ulcers, was so useful. Can't get it in the UK but I would buy it if i knew where to get it from.

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Kenalog 40 mg inj. gout

How long do the effects of a Kenalog inj. last? I got gout while traveling alone on a cruise, and my only option was a Kenalog inj. This was a week ago today. My results have been completely favorable with no side effects (so far), but had I had the option, I would NEVER have chosen to have cortisone. I'm wondering how long the pain relieving effects of Kenalog last (1 week, 1 month, 1 year?) but mostly I am wondering if I may have untoward effects later. Has anyone had any experience in a case like this? ## It actually contains Triamcinolone, still a corticosteroid, but a different one. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, acne, weight gain and fluid retention, as reported by the FDA. It's actually usually dosed weekly for gout,...

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kenalog oralbase - why do you have to give personal details to the pharmacy

Why do you have to go through the long (at times embarrassing) over the top “lecture” having to give your name, details of where you live, also what are you using Kenalog oralbase for, etc, when you go to purchase it from a pharmacy/chemist?

kenalog lot number

My Husband was injected in the knee December 2012 and caught Meningitis, I am trying to get the Lot Number ## Hello, Toot! How are you? You'd need to contact the doctor that gave him the shot for that information. There is no national databases of drug lot numbers and who they were administered, too. Did they definitely tie it to the shot?

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maracain injections for C4,-5-6

I suffer from cervical stenosis. My neurologist gave me an occipital nerve block with Kenalog, which is cortisone, in Feb./14. This made me worse. I went to see my physiatrist and said this was bad for the neck. He wanted to give me maracain injections, but I refused because I was afraid it would give me more pain. He said to go back in 1 month and he would give me the injections. I am skeptical and afraid. Did anyone ever have maracaine injections for C2-3-4-5-6? ## Hello, Lea! How are you? Marcaine is a local anesthetic, so it should not worsen your pain. The biggest risk with it is cardiotoxicity, so if you have a heart problem, you cannot take it. Common side effects may include numbness, dizziness and vertigo. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi Vervom, Thanks for the rep...

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lot numbers

I was given a kenalog injection on 12/28/2012. When I got into my car I started reading the paperwork and discovered the shot they had given me was 6 months expired. What should I do? ## If you had any concerns about the safety of expired meds, I think the following information will at least help put you at ease: "According to a Harvard Medical School family health article, except in rare cases (i.e. tetracycline), there is little chance of danger due to taking medications even up to 15 years beyond their expiration date. This conclusion was based upon a study conducted at the request of the US military due to stockpiles of expensive drugs they could otherwise need to replace every few years. The conclusion was that 90% of those drugs remained effective 10 - 15 years after the expir...

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DISCUSS INJECTIONS OF KENALOG TO HEAD FOR PSORIASIS?? ## Kenalog Info Click Here ## I received a Kenalog shot in multiple spots of psoriasis on my body. Three days after, I started breaking out in hives all over my legs and body...was I having an allergic reaction to the Kenalog?

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