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Iluvien implant visible and moving around

I read that patients can't see the implant but it's clear as day swimming inside my eye to me. Is this normal? Will it settle up or down, or am I forced to live with this thing floating around forever? ## There are cases where it can move to the front of the eye, such as if the posterior part of your lens is missing, or torn. Have you contacted your doctor to ask about this issue? They may be able to offer you a solution. The typical side effects of the Iluvien implant may include serious eye infections, eye inflammation, and retinal detachment.

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Iluvien for DME

Has anyone had iluvien insert for Diabetic Macular Endima? What was your criteria to go for Iluvien vs other treatments? ## Hello, Chris! How are you? Inluvien is approved for us in patients who have previously tried a course of corticosteroids and had no significant rise in intraocular pressure. One provides sustained treatment for 36 months. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including cataract formation, optic nerve damage, visual field defects and secondary ocular infection. Has anyone used this that can chime in? ## How many ILUVIEN shots can I get in one eye? I heard that the capsule does not dissolve and remains in the eye forever. I have had just one implant so far and it will wear out soon. It's been almost 3 years since I received it.

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