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ziana effects

I just started using Ziana for my acne- my skin looks as if it is peeling off my face, and I am still breaking out.. a lot. dont know if i should continue using........ ## Ziana is a good medication for acne because it is a combination of an antibiotic and a tretinoin which is in products like tazorac. You should only use a small amout (pea size) on the areas you are breaking out at first and only use it every other night until getting used to it. If you use to much it can cause redness and exfoliating of your skin. Topical medications may take a while to work which is why you are still breaking out. I don't know how bad your acne is but you may need oral antibiotics like solodyn ## Ziana takes some times to work since it is a topical medication instead of oral. I have used ziana an...

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