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campho phenique scab relief

Is campho phenique scab relief still sold? If so, where? If not, is there any other like vthis product that is the same formula? ## The Cold Sore Scab Relief has been discontinued. The active ingredients were Pramoxine, a local anesthetic, and White Petrolatum, so all it really did was temporarily alleviate any pain or irritation and moisturize the area, since the other ingredient is just pretroleum jelly. I didn't find this exact combo listed in anything else, but you can try asking your pharmacist. Are there any questions or comments? ## I disagree. I've used petroleum jelly, I've used healing creams for lips and still, if I awaken in the morning and yawn, the scab will crack and bleed. When I use the Campho Phenique for scab relief, it seems to stay on and keep the scab m...

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