Lac-Hydrin Five

Active Ingredient(s): Ammonium Lactate
Category: Skin Care

Lac-Hydrin Five Overview

Ammonium lactate is a compound with formula NH4(C2H4(OH)COO). It is the ammonium salt of lactic acid. It has mild anti-bacterial properties. It has E number "E328" and is the active ingredient of the skin lotions Amlactin and Lac-Hydrin.[1] Ammonium lactate is the chemical combination of lactic acid and ammonium hydroxide. It is used as a skin moisturizer lotion to treat dry, scaly, itchy skin. Those who are using it should avoid exposure to sunlight or artificial UV rays, suc...

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Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

Ammonium Lactate
  • Capsule: 10mg, 5mg
  • Cream, 10%, 12%
  • Lotion: 12%, 5%
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