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Buro Sol discontinued?

I went to my pharmacy today here in Canada to be told that Smith Kline Glaxo is no longer making Buro Sol. Is this the case and, if it is, what are my alternatives? ## You mean the antiseptic powder? Unfortunately, since it's never been available in the U.S., I can't find much information on it or why it was discontinued. I can't even find a listing of the ingredients. Learn more antiseptic details here. Did you try asking a pharmacist if they can recommend an alternative? I would, but I'm not sure what's available in Canada. ## I currently am using Buro-sol powder with water to make solution. I live in a town west of Toronto Canada and its available here in most if not all the pharmacy's. some are now keeping the powder behind the counter but others have it with...

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Buro-sol...ear infections

Buro-sol has been removed from the Canadian market and states it's discontinued. I have used this product to manage a chronic infection that I have had for the past 45 years. Its the only medication that helped manage it. Not one specialist has been able to correct the reoccurring infection. Is there another close alternative that's availableL

buro sol life

How long is buro sol good for after opening the bottle ## I wasn't able to locate any information on the shelf life of Buro-Sol Otic Solution, as there doesn't appear to be much information online. However I did end up finding out that the manufacturer was "Trans Canaderm Incorporated" (a Canadian based company). The company's contact info can be found here: pharmindex.com/company.aspx?PI_Number=13363 I was thinking that you might be able to get a direct answer from one of the workers there regarding the shelf life of their product. If you could post back the answer from them, that would be great also!

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