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Epitrel Cream

My grandma bought me epitrel and it is from Mexico. I do not understand exactly how to use it because it is in Spanish. My acne is about gone but I have scars from it and was told that this is supposed to help. Is this true? How often should I apply it to my face? ## Hi Elizabeth, I can confirm that it is an acne cream, with the US product equivalent called "Retin-A". Epitrel contains the active ingredient Tretinoin; which is mostly used to treat severe acne. The directions say: "Apply a very thin layer, at night, before bed. You only need to use a very small amount. Wash your face in the morning with a good cleanser, then follow with a good moisturizer." Learn More: Tretinoin Details I hope this helps! ## Use a dime size on affected areas only twice a week until your sk...

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a topical cream ## Where can I buy Epitrel (generic for retin-A) ## This is used to treat acne, or prevent wrinkles. The FDA warns that it may cause side effects, such as redness, itching, burning, and flaking. Are either of you on any other medications?

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what is tocoderm acida retinoico

I would lilke to know more information on tocoderm acida retinoico ## You can buy it in Mexico, for a lot cheaper and it's available over the counter. I buy it in Cozumel every year (I go on cruises). I've also bought it from Ensenada, Mexico. ## I buy tocoderm .5 in Algadones. I like it, but loved the results of epitrel better. Cannot find it in Algadones anymore so I'm just buying tocoderm. I use it nightly. Just wash your face in the morning. Much cheaper than in the USA. $15 for name brand, $3 for generic. I am going to try the name brand next to see if there is a difference. Pharmacist said only difference was the price. If I can buy epitrel in Algadones, I would like to know where. ## This medication is used to treat acne, skin bumps, and wrinkles. The NIH lists its ty...

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Epitrel Acido compared to Reacel-A?

I have a tube of Reacel-A (Tretinoina Crema .05 g/100g.), which a friend bought for me last year in Mexico. My Dermatologist tells me it is the same thing as US product Retin-A. I have used it for a year and had no problem. My friend this year was not able to find this exact tube in Mexico and bought Epitrel Acido Retinoico Crema .05. My question is: Is this tube just like my last year's tube from Mexico? ## Hi Traveling Lady, Based on my research, the Epitrel Retinoic acid cream you received contains Retinoic acid (0.5 %) as the active ingredient. Retinoic acid is basically the same thing as Tretinoin. This cream may contain different "inactive" ingredients, since it was most likely manufactured by a different company. However, it seems as though the active ingredient is th...

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Regarding Epitrel Tretinoina Cream

How often (how many days per week) should this cream be used? I am 67 years old and am using it to treat sun damage (actinic keratoses) on my face. ## From what I was able to gather, the primary ingredient in Epitrel Tretinoina Cream is Tretinoin. Although I couldn't locate specific information stating how many days per week this should be used, I did find some other very important user information that you may find beneficial. The safety and administration guidelines for this medication note the following: "The effectiveness of Tretinoin Cream, USP (Emollient) 0.05% in the mitigation of fine wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation, and tactile roughness of facial skin has not been established in people greater than 50 years of age OR in people with moderately to heavily pigmented s...

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epitrel acido retinoico

We would like the instructions for using the above product because it is in Spanish. Thanks ## Hi Sam, The english translation for this med is Retinoic acid, more commonly known as Retin-A (Tretinoin); which is indicated as a topical treatment for acne. I don't know what percentage of active ingredients it contains, but the instructions for using this cream state that you should apply it once daily, and only at night, after washing your skin with mild soap and water. Applying excessive amounts may cause skin irritation, so I'd just be sure to use it conservatively if your skin starts itching or has any burning sensations. Additional details on dosage and administration can be found here: I hope this info helps! ## I have me...

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where to find epitrel cream

I have a tube of Epitrel and I love it, I use on my brown spots. Where can I find it? ## Hello, Sandy! How are you? Epitrel contains Retin-A, so it is only available via prescription in the U.S. It is most commonly prescribed to treat severe acne, due to the risks it causes of skin burning, drying and possible scarring. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Sandy what country did you get it from? I think it might be over the counter somewhere like Mexico but I'm not sure. ## May I please get some epitrel via online order ## Were you able to find any place in Mexico to get EPITREL?

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Retin A Cream Canada Shipping No RX?

I've been using Retin-A from alldaychemist for a few years now, a friend in the states would have it shipped to her and then she'd ship my tubes to me here in Canada. Unfortunately she moved back to Canada so this no longer works. Is there any online pharmacy that ships to Canada without needing a prescription? Some pharmacies I've seen that do sell here charge over $100 for the same product ive been paying $12 for 3 tubes. Any help is greatly appreciated. ## Hmmm. I think your best bet would be to try searching among reported "reputable" online pharmacies through the following accreditation sites:PharmacyCheckerVIPPSI can't say if you'll have luck finding this product without a script, but at least pharmacies which are certified offer some assurance that you...

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Omnacortil of retina inflammation

Taking Omnacorti 70 Mg For Last 20 Days Is This Ok Doctor Suggested this for inlammation in posterior part of retina ## Hi, This is an urgent request... My mother is 57 years, taking medicine for high blood pressure,Two years back in 2012 she got vitreous hemerage in her left eye then she got 2 sittings of laser treatment to cure the broken again in Jan 2014 and in April 2014 she is observing it in her eye again, even she is observing blurred and low vision...I'm scared that it shouldn't lead to sever conditions.... can you please suggest what to do now???, how it will get cured after she have done laser treatment as well ???

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epitrel cream how to use

If used as just to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, how often would I apply and how much (dime size or less) ? ## Hi Debi, Epitrel is most commonly used as an acne cream, but I don't know if the application would be any different for treating fine lines and wrinkles; so that may be something you'd want to confirm with your doctor first. From what I could gather, the US product equivalent is "Retin-A". However, both products contain the same active ingredient (Tretinoin); which is mainly used to treat severe acne. The directions from Retin-A state the following: "Apply a very thin layer, at night, before bed - only using a very small amount. Then wash your face in the morning with a good cleanser, followed up with a good moisturizer." You can learn more about this ...

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crema epitrel tretinoina

I have been using the .025 version of this cream for a year and wish to get more but am not traveling to Mexico this year (unfortunately). Do you know of a reputable web site where this cream can be found? thank you. ## Hi Sandy, Based on my research, Retin-A (tretinoin) is reportedly a US brand of the same topical cream that your seeking. The only thing is, this medication has to be prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist here in the states, so you wouldn't necessarily find it online w/ out a valid prescription. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Retin-A Details I hope this info helps!

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Growing up my family didnt have the resources for dermatologists, and expensive late night infomercial acne solutions and at 14 years old my acne was horrible. Luckily we lived 20 miles from the Mexico border (Baja California) and after my mother visiting her favorite pharmacy a nice lady working the counter introduced me to several generic Retin-A creams that were only $5 for a 40g tube; one of them being EPITREL 0.05 g. I'm now 38 and my complexion never looked better and I do not have one wrinkle or breakout on my face. Only use at night before bedtime! Wash, exfoliate, moisturize. 3 steps! Retin-A has also been shown to GREATLY reduce the appearance of stretch marks or newly formed stretch marks over long term use but scars not so much. For acne it is best to apply a dime size a...

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generic for Retin-A? ## What is epitrel? My husband bought this cream in Mexico several years ago and we can't remember what it's for. ## it's an acne and anti wrinkle cream, its the generic form of Retin-A ## That is correct, they both contain Tretinoin, the acid form of Vitamin A, though it does have more uses than just as an antiwrinkle cream, such as being used to treat acne. Learn more Tretinoin details here. However, if the ones you have are several years old, it is likely that they are expired and no longer retain their effectiveness, so you may want to check on that, before using it. Are there any questions or comments? ## Ok i used epitrel and one day i forgot to wash it of and now i feel like my skin is peeling every night how can i make that stop

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tocoderm acida retinoico

retinoic acid cream 0.050% ## I believe the retinoic acid cream you are referring to comes from Mexico. Retin-A would probably be the closest equivalent in the U.S. if that's what you are searching for. Retinoic acid assists communication between cells, which helps encourage aging cells to continue their renewal process, and rebuild collagen and elastin to prevent the appearance of aging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. Retinoic Acid is used to treat various different cancers and severe acne. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Retin A Details I hope the info helps!

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epitrel, .05% tretinoina crema

I purchased epitrel at Cabo and can't read the instructions in spanish. How do you apply and how long to use leave it on your face? ## Epitrel contains the active ingredient Tretinoin, it's Retin-A. It is mostly used to treat severe acne. The directions say: Apply a very thin layer, at night, before bed. You only need to use a very small amount. Wash your face in the morning with a good cleanser, then follow with a good moisturizer. Read more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## Is there an expiration date. I have some that is 10 years old. unopened. ## can i use epitrel in conjunction with oracea

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Duxaril - Tinitus and Eye retinopathy due diabetis melitus

Can Duxaril help in treating tinitus as well as swelling in the retina of the right eye? In 2000, I had a blurred vision in both eyes and after taking Duxaril for 30 days, vision were restored. However, I had Tinitus for 3 years now and blurring recurred in right eye. Is is alright if I take Duxaril again? ## Duxaril contains the active ingredients Robausine and Almitrine, it is usually used to treat age related neurological problems and tinnitus. As to vision problems, I am sorry, but I don't really have any information on that, so I would advise discussing this with your doctor. Do you know what is causing the problem with your eye? ## I am 63 yrs old and was prescribed by my doctor piracetam 800 mgs per day. my friend was given duxaril. are they the same?

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My father is 73 years old. He suffering from Vission Problem. We took him to the local Doctors. Doctor told that the diseas concern with Retina. Doctor did OCT test and he told that a fluid type substance has been accumulated inside the Retina wall. Sometime this fluid gets dried and sometime it come back. Due to occuring rapidly the cells are gradually ruined. He can't see well, always sees hazy everything and sometime sees violet colours. This days he can't read book even the Headlines the newspaper. Doctor gave him AVASTING Injection 2 times. After taking the 1st injection a little improvement was observe but it becomes again the same and now the vission is getting reduce day by day. Doctor told there is no treatment for this diseas. Is it realy ? Can't it be saved in any...

Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

What is wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD)? Wet AMD is a very serious form of AMD and is a major cause of vision loss in adults. Wet AMD occurs when: - Blood vessels in the back of the eye grow abnormally - As the blood vessels grow, they leak blood and fluid, which damage the macula - This leakage can cause scarring to the retina, damage to the macula, and loss of central vision Are you or someone you love living with wet AMD? Wet AMD doesn't happen overnight. Symptoms include wavy lines, hazy vision, and blurriness. You should get an eye exam as soon as you notice any of these symptoms. If you think you or someone you love may be showing signs of AMD, see an eye doctor immediately as an early diagnosis is key. Get more information about wet age-related macular degeneration...