Epitrel/retin-a 0.05 G

Johnny Says:

Growing up my family didnt have the resources for dermatologists, and expensive late night infomercial acne solutions and at 14 years old my acne was horrible. Luckily we lived 20 miles from the Mexico border (Baja California) and after my mother visiting her favorite pharmacy a nice lady working the counter introduced me to several generic Retin-A creams that were only $5 for a 40g tube; one of them being EPITREL 0.05 g. I'm now 38 and my complexion never looked better and I do not have one wrinkle or breakout on my face. Only use at night before bedtime! Wash, exfoliate, moisturize. 3 steps!

Retin-A has also been shown to GREATLY reduce the appearance of stretch marks or newly formed stretch marks over long term use but scars not so much.

For acne it is best to apply a dime size amount in the palm of your hand then distribute over your forehead, chin, and checks avoiding the eye and mouth area and under your nose. It is best to wait 10 minutes after washing your face to apply the product due to damp skin absorbing the cream which will cause excessive redness and peeling.

Follow up in the morning with a light oil free moisturizer with SPF for face or a moisturizer that has the SPF already mixed in. The reason you want to use a SPF is the retin-a ingredients with make you extremely sensitive to uv rays so NO TANNING! If you do decide to tan use a spray on.

Hope this answers your question.

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Lisa Says:

I would like to know how to find Epitrel cream on line? I bought a couple of tubes last year on a cruise and just love it.

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Jenna Says:


I'm glad to hear that the Epitrel cream worked so well for you! I've used a gel form of this topical medication before and had somewhat positive results, but unfortunately it did not totally clear up my complexion. I find that removing certain things like dairy, wheat, and refined sugars from my diet clear my skin up a great deal.

This cream (like other Retin- A creams) contains the active ingredient, Tretinoin. Tretinoin works by increasing collagen production in the dermis.

Side effects:

In addition to dry skin and sun sensitivity, usage of tretinoin may also cause thinning of the skin. It is recommended that patients who are using Tretinoin refrain from hair removal waxing. Upon removal, the wax may pull off the top level of epithelium (skin) with it, leaving behind a red, inflamed, sore mark for several days.

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Tretinoin Details

If there are any questions regarding Tretinoin cream or similar medications, please post back!

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