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Fumaderm - how long for results?

Hi. I'm on fumaderm for psoriasis. Been taking it for almost 2 and a half months now (been on 6 full strength tablets a day for almost 3 weeks) and I haven't seen any improvement to my skin yet. The leaflet says results are usually seen around 8 weeks so I'm worrying it may not work for me. Anyone else been on this and had to wait a few months for results? Thanks. ## Hello, Herald! How are you doing? Has there been any change, yet? In most cases, when they give a certain number of weeks for results, they usually mean one steady dose for that period of time, because things can fluctuate, as long as your dosage is still changing. Have you been experience any side effects? The NIH lists the most common ones as possibly including abdominal pain, diarrhea, and flatulence. Are you...

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Fumaderm Drug Information

What is Fumaderm? What are its side effects? Is it better to take than Soraitain or Methatrexate? ## Hi, I've been on Fumaderm for around two months now and have found the results really good. I still have small patches here and there but the majority has cleared up. I havent tried Soraitain or Methatrexate, but I used to be on Cyclosporin, which I didnt like as it lowered my immune system and I always felt generally unwell and couldnt shake off a cold for weeks! The side effects are less if you slowly build up the dose, I took one 'initial' tablet for a week, then two for two weeks before going up to one 'blue' tablet per day which I've been on now for almost 5 weeks. I have had some side effects but nearly as bad as some others I've heard of. The main one i...

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Fumaderm and Night sweats

Hi all, I've been on the full dose of fumaderm for a few weeks now. My skin is clear and she side effects of flushing etc are rare now. However in the last week I've started to wake up soaking. I'm soaked and my bed. I wonder if this is from the meds or something else ## Hello, Sarah! How are you? Yes, that can be a side effect of Fumaderm, also with cramping and skin tingling, as reported by the FDA. Users report that they typically go away, with time, as your body gets used to the medication and they start to occur far less frequently. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thanks for your reply. I was freaking out thinking I had some form of cancer or something. I hadn't heard of night sweats as a symptom. Just the hot flushes and I've never sweat with the flu...

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been taking fumaderm for three years

hi i have been taking fumaderm for about three years not getting to many side effects only uppset tummy but just recently ive come out in a itchey rash the doctor thought it was shingles but it was'nt could this rash be a side effect because i've been on fumaderm for three years ## It is always possible to develop new side effects, or even an allergic reaction to any medication, even if you've been taking it for years without many issues, because your body always changes with time. it's just part of the aging process. Learn more Dimethyl Fumarate details here. Has the rash gotten any worse? Did it clear up? Did you try an antihistamines for it? ## Same issue with me, been on tecfidera for 16 months with no problems and within the last two weeks I have red bumps on my arm...

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Fumaderm tips on side effects

As a Fumaderm user of over 2 years I hope this message helps . Having suffered from psoriasis (severe) for over 35 years and having tried all types of creams, light treatments , cyclosporin and methotrexate I've found Fumaderm to be the most effective treatment yet . Obviously this treatment won't suit everyone but in my case it has almost completely eradicated the problem and allowed me to live a normal life again . The side effects for me were stomach cramps , hot flushes coupled with red face and stinging facial skin and eyelids . All of these died down over time with just an occasional hiccup . The flushes, cramps and stinging skin would normally last approximately 30 minutes before easing off . These days it is rare for me to have any problems but I would take the side effe...

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Pregnant using Fumaderm

Does anyone know if i can have a baby, or any side effects? ## Hi Melissa, From what I could gather, prescribing information notes that you should try not to become pregnant whilst taking Fumaric Acid Esters (Fumaderm) and should use a reliable form of contraception during treatment and for one month after treatment. It also encourages you to please tell your doctor if you think you may be pregnant. The problem with Fumaderm is that it's unlicensed in the UK, so there isn't a lot of readily available information... Other reviews I've come across mention that they've conceived with no problems while taking this medication. So I can only assume that it effects each person differently. With that said, you should really speak with your Dermatologist about the risks v.s. bene...

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Fumaderm Side Effects

Hi im looking for inforamtion on the side effents on Fumaderm, which i will be starting in the next week or two. Thanks a million ## The information available seems to be somewhat limited, but from what I can find, the most common side effects are gastro-intestinal related. They may include stomach upset, diarrhea, cramping and flatulence. Are there any other questions or comments? ## been on fumaderm for 5 Weeks That equals 150mg à day side effect is diarrhoea stomach cramps and caches in kidney area will this subside because at moment the benefits dont outway thé side effects

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Fumaderm Side Effects, painfull tummy

hi all I have been on fumaderm for three days, and am experienceing a very painfull tummy? is this normal as I have just started the treatment? im not sleeping properly because of the pain and am sweating a lot a night too, I also have 3 small children, which are becoming increaseingly hard to handle as I am in so much pain, any info would be great, thank you! :) ## Hi Bridget, From what I could gather, abdominal/stomach pain is in-fact listed as a side effect of Fumaderm. You're not alone on this though - Another user review I came across was also complaining about these pretty gnarly stomach cramps. I'm not sure though, how long they are expected to last; but if the pain has become too bothersome or severe I would certainly suggest talking to your doctor about switching medica...

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