Active Ingredient(s): Copper-Tripeptide Complex
Category: Skin Care

Iamin Overview

Copper peptide GHK-Cu is a naturally occurring copper complex of the tripeptide glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine. The tripeptide has strong affinity for copper(II) and was first isolated from human plasma. It can be found also in saliva and urine. Contents 1 Overview 2 History 3 Wound healing 3.1 Biochemical studies 3.2 Wound healing in animals 3.3 Human trials 4 Current research 4.1 Anti-inflammatory activity 4.2 DNA repair 4.3 Nerve regeneration 4.4 Effect on stem cells 4.5 Anti-cancer effe...

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moriamin definition

what is moriamin? ## I have used Iamin (copper peptide) hydrating gel for sores on my legs with considerable success. But it doesn't seem to be available on the web any more. Its a unique product - can anyone help me find a source to buy it from? Or recommend a substitute? I will be very grateful - thanks


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