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educate on sideeffects of the medicine

Hello, i request someone to please educate me about the side effects of the tablet cintapro in detail. thanks ## I believe Cintapro is a prokinetic drug, that works to speed up the emptying of the stomach and the motility of the intestines specially in dyspepsia (a digestive disorder). Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## i`v been prescribed th cintapro for pain at the site below the liver.. i thought it could be due to indigestion..but i went for check up... and he its due to defect in duodenum..the doc gave me cintapro tablets and ask me to take it once at night and day for 2 weeks... i asked bout the effects and wut it is for..he said its a pain killer.. is it true?? ## my father has tuberculosis and has been given m cin tabs once a day...

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