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Meprate and Isotretinoin

The Meprate tablet was prescribed to me for regulating my periods. I was asked to take 10 tablets this cycle and then for the next three cycles (every 15-25th day) but this tablet is giving me lot of acne. I've already suffered from acne for the last 10-15yrs. Please help. I want to know if I can take Isotretinoin along with Meprate?

how do you apply tracoz forte lotion

I have been advised "tracoz forte lotion" for ulcers on my tongue to be applied locally. Is it ok? If so, how do I apply it? ## I am a resident of INDIA in the northern state of U.P in it's eastern part in a city known as Gorakhpur. I am suffering from intense pain in the tongue with lot of itching , reddiAgnes's,can not eat anything which is not sweet . Even anything containing salt gives pain and itching. Doctor has ruled out any malignancy though I was chewing tobacco which I have given up.The condition is not improving. Dr has prescribed Tacroz forte lotion (Tarcolimus) to be applied once daily on the tongue and also "kenacort" ointment twice daily. He has also advised Betnesol 10mg OD and isotretinoin tab OD. Can somebody help me telling if it is OK.I have d...

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Isina 20 Uses and Side Effects?

Hi, I have pimples on my face and one doctor suggested the Isina 20 tablet. Can you tell me the side effects and is it usable? ## hi,,, As far as i know,my aunty used that tablet and now am using it with the prescription of doctor.She didn't get any side effects and her pimples also get cleared with the usage of 30 days and am also not facing any such side effects and i'm seeing some changes on my pimples. ## I can't find anything listed under this name. Can you please double check the name and spelling and post back? Do you know what country it is from, or what the active ingredient is? Learn more prescription drug details here. ## Hi.... Recently I visited a doctor @Chennai fr clearing acne on my face... He too suggested some tablets isina, gloplus, mplus100mg, oflaric.......

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Isotretinoin Reviews

My dermatologist reccomended the medication Isotretinoin for me and strongly suggests it. But while reading over the side effects, me and my father had a lot of second thoughts and said we'd think our decision over. Our doctor said the only side effect that would mainly occur are chapped lips and some depression. If anyone can help me out with either their experiences or has known someone who has taken it, let me know. I'm still a 'kid' and need to know what i'm doing before taking action. ## Some depression wow... My son was on the drug, now depressed and can't sleep. The guilt I have is overbearing. Type in isotretinoin and brain at google scholar and research. The Dr. has apparently never been clinically depressed. ## I don't think it's that bad. I too...

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barr 454

It is brownish red in color and it says barr on on the left and 454 on the right side. It is a capsule. It is long and cylinder shaped. ## isotretinoin 30 mg ## The identification provided by z is correct, to be specific, this is a name brand for it that's called Claravis. Learn more Claravis details here. It is also more commonly known by the name Accutane and it used to treat Acne. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness and headache. There are also some side effects that may be permanent. Are there any other comments or questions?

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