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I would like to know if Sulfoxyl lotion can be used for extremely itchy skin. My son has had an itchy rash that does not go away. Ranitidine, Benadryl, hydrocortisone lotion etc. etc. have been prescribed with no success. He has seen an allergy specialist who did a skin biobsy. No results showing why this is happening. Areas of itchiness, abdomen, lower legs, upper thighs. He is also a saturation diver. Nothing has worked and it has been at least 3.5 years of being itchy. When not diving the itch continues. The allergy specialist thought that the diving suit was the cause, but there is no relief after being out of the suit for a few months. Need some answers. ## Has he visited any other doctors and had any other tests? Those are also areas that have been known to get itchy if someone ha...

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