Mederma for Kids

Active Ingredient(s): Onion Extract, Allium cepa
Category: Skin Care

Mederma is a topical product used to improve scar appearance. It is a gel based on an onion extract and produced by Merz Pharmaceuticals[1] of Frankfurt, Germany, although it is not sold in Germany. Mederma's marketing claims it can make scars "softer, smoother, and less noticeable".[2] Generic versions are sold under the name cepalin. Contents 1 Effectiveness 2 Active ingredient 3 Full ingredients 4 Similar product 5 References Effectiveness One 2006 cl... [wikipedia]

Dosage List

Mederma for Kids 10 mg/g Topical Gel
NDC: 0259-1101
Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Mederma for Kids 1 g/100g Topical Gel
NDC: 73302-202
Hra Pharma America, Inc.

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