Active Ingredient(s): Methyl Aminolevulinate
Category: Skin Care

Metvix Overview

Methyl aminolevulinate (MAL) is a drug used as a sensitizer in photodynamic therapy. It is a prodrug that is metabolized to protoporphyrin IX. It is marketed as Metvix. Metvix cream is applied topically and some time later the skin is illuminated with a proprietary red light (630nm) source (medical lamp 'Aktilite') to activate the photosensitiser. Metvix is developed by Photocure and Galderma has bought all rights to Metvix.[1] Approvals and indications Interim result of...

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Metvix for Acne

Since 11 days ago i got my first Metvix treatment for acne on the back and on the chest. Im a bit worried.. the pain stoped but i still have some red parts over my back and chest. I would like to now if these red-pinkish marks are gonna go away... thx


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Methyl Aminolevulinate
  • Cream: 16.8%
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