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Storage temperature

I accidentally left my duac tube in my car while I was at work. It recommends that it is stored at 77 degrees. However, I am sure that inside my car it reached over 100 degrees today. Does anyone know if this will affect Duac? Can I still use my prescription or do I need to get it refilled? ## I see this was posted several weeks ago, did you ask your doctor, or pharmacist? Usually, the excess heat can cause the ointment to start breaking down, but it can really depend on how long it was exposed to such temperatures.

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Can I store Duac in a container other than its tube?

Hi, I have been using Duac gel for several months and have seen some very impressive progress with my acne. I live in one house on week days and another on weekends. (I keep my Duac refrigerated.) Originally I was packing up my Duac each Friday and Sunday in a cooler bag to bring back and forth, however this is really tedious. I was wondering - can I squeeze some of the Duac into another container to keep at my secondary house (aka - a little travel container with a screw on lid) so that I don't have to bring the tube back and forth all the time? I wasn't sure if this would some how affect the effectiveness of the medicine. Thanks! ## From the images I am finding, it appears to be in a plastic tube, therefore I'd think that any type of solid container that seals out air, suc...

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