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Pyrithione Zinc - where to find single ingredients?

Is it possible to get Pyrithione Zinc only to add to your own products? I don't like sulfates. ## Hello, Dayleeyah! How are you? I'm sure it's possible, because labs have to be able to get a hold of it for manufacturing purposes, but there may be special licenses required and such, I'm not sure. There are sulfate free products already available. Have you tried any of them?

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Sulpha drugs allergy effects same as for pyrithione Zinc?

If a person is allergic to Sulpha drugs, what is the effect of them of pyrithione zinc? ## Hi Lita, Based on my research, pyrithione zinc shouldn't have a negative effect on someone with a sulfa drug allergy. I'm not sure what other effects it could have, could you be more specific? You can learn more about this drug on the page for Pyrithione Zinc Details I hope this info helps!

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