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autoimmune disorders linked to accutane?

I took accutane in the early 90's when I was in my 20's. I took all but the last "phase" of the prescription. I had no problems with it at the time. The only warning from my dermatologist was don't get pregnant. In 2009 I developed a blood disorder and autoimmune disorder. I have pain in my joints and fatigue. My husband is convinced that it is from accutane. I have had many stays in the hospital because of this. Has anyone else developed these or similar symptoms? ## Hi, yes, I have been diagnosed with multifocal motor neuropathy recently, which is believed to be autoimmune and currently has no cure. I dont know how to stop the damage. My diagnosis means the disease is progressive, and will cause severe disability. ## Sorry to hear about both your experiences coming...

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Accutane long term side effects

I have a son that took accutane 60 mg a day for six months in a row three years ago. Now after many trips to doctors over strange medical problems, it seems accuatne is the culprit medication that has caused servere joint and muscle pain, severe dry lips, redness in face, eye infections of own immune system attacking itself, systems of osteoarthritis in both shoulders, both wrist and right hand, blood in stool, possible hair loss, abnormal liver function test results in AST and ALT. My son went from being a high school football and track athlete while taking this medication three years ago to someone that is in constant pain just washing a car. After I have researched this drug extensively, I can't believe that the FDA allows this drug originally made for cancer patients to be marke...

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My Xray Report States That I Am Having Hand Fracture Problem And M Severe Pain In Even Dont Able To Work For Sometime Is This Recoverable Doctor Has P

my X-ray report states that i am having hand fracture problem and m having severe pain in hand ..even dont able to work for sometime. is this problem recoverable ?? my Doctor has prescribed 3 Medicines 1)OSTEOWIN-PLUS Tablet 2)ACTIROL SACHET & 3)ENZOWIN Softgels so i want to know about the formulations of all these medicines. Regards ## OSTEOWIN PLUS TABLET INDIA'S FIRST COMPELETE CALCIUM THERAPY CONTAINS CCM+CALCITROL+VITAMIN K2 ## Drives Away D3 Deficiency Vitamin D deficiency is a major concern in India affecting all age groups. ACTIROL SACHET a brand of vitamin D3 containing 60,000 IU of Cholecalciferol has been introduced to address this health concern. Increasing awareness on Vitamin D deficiency and its implications is widening the market of Vitamin – D...

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Where can I buy epitrel?

I used to buy epitrel cream on Amazon but it isn't there now. Where can I purchase it? ## Please let me know the cheapest place online to purchase the product? ## Was this originally an over the counter product? Other threads on this site have listed the active ingredient as Tretinoin, with a US-based equivalent of Retin-A. However, I did search on Amazon and there is a sponsored product which says "compare results to Retin A or Tretinoin", so maybe that could be of some use?

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Sulfur & Cream of Tartar Wafer

Years ago, given to each of us once per day for keeping mosquitos from biting & if they bit us, would not cause problems. ## Where can I find Sulfur and Cream of Tarter Wafers? I took them as a kid and never had any problems with bug bites and ticks and we played in the woods every day. As I got older I never had acne. I wanted to have my daughter try it, but can not find them. They were a little flat wafer about the size of a quarter and chewable. The taste was not bad at all....and a somewhat sweet. Can someone help me find this product if it exists? ## Linda, glad to see that someone besides I remembers these wafers. I still have not found them anywhere but I will keep checking smalltowm pharmicies & hopefully locate them somewhere!!! I just know they were wonderful! ## I fou...

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Accutane Effects After 20 Plus Years...Destruction!

I Took Accutane ore than 20 years ago...for moderate Acne. I Experienced the so called Usual Side effects...Dry Lips chapped lips and joint pain..along with severely irritated Stomach...(Sudden allergy to Diary)and other Problems I was ASSURED would soon as i stopped taking the ACCUTANE... Well....Lets just say....The effects do gradually subside....and the Acne is better. Something else I discovered is.....Slowly....The Joint pain returns...only much more severely...the Stomach problems get worse...and eventually your stomach might even begin to bleed...and feel as though it was burned by acid.. Then..Maybe you will need an x ray...for some small May have suffered...At the Young age of 24....possibly on accout of a Dizzy Spell....(Associated?...)Maybe..You fa...

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Iluvien for DME

Has anyone had iluvien insert for Diabetic Macular Endima? What was your criteria to go for Iluvien vs other treatments? ## Hello, Chris! How are you? Inluvien is approved for us in patients who have previously tried a course of corticosteroids and had no significant rise in intraocular pressure. One provides sustained treatment for 36 months. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including cataract formation, optic nerve damage, visual field defects and secondary ocular infection. Has anyone used this that can chime in? ## How many ILUVIEN shots can I get in one eye? I heard that the capsule does not dissolve and remains in the eye forever. I have had just one implant so far and it will wear out soon. It's been almost 3 years since I received it.

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how long must I use persivate ointment?

I have dark marks on my face and I once used it for only 2 weeks and my skin got lighter.the dark marks disappeared as time went.may I still use it again? ## I am having terrible dark marks on my face and I tried almost everything. I am told to buy persivate ointment but when checking how ppl comment about it I become scared. I really need help cos it's frustrating me!

memory plus can cause breakouts?

Hello po ask ko lang side effect po ba ng memory plus ang pag break out ng acne sa forehead? Dati kasi im taking it tapos nag ka breakout then nung naubos na di na nakabili then napansin ko nawala pimples then ngayon na mag eexam na my mom bought me again and 14 days ko na siya nagagamit i notice my breakout ako sa forehead. Please answer. ## I have the same experience. Maganda sana sya kasi aside from nagiging sharp ang memory, ang ganda din ng tulog ko but I stopped taking it since I got acne breakouts, maybe it contains an ingredient that triggers a certain hormone to cause the breakouts.. ?

Althea for acne cure

Hi! I'm a 30 y/o single female not sexually active & have never been pregnant; with a history of PCOS (diagnosed when i was 19) and with it comes severe facial/back acne & other skin problems . To correct my condition, my OB prescribed Gracial OCP, which i have to take for a month. As promised, i got my period after finishing the whole pack. However my body seemed to not favor the pill as i gained immense weight immediately, acne got more severe, arm pit /groin darkened severely & dark brown spots appear on my nape and cheek, my skin was at the worse, i was bloated all the time i looked pregnant! It was the most horrible experience of my life. It took it's toll on my self esteem, i was depressed for a while due to my appearance...In my exasperation I did my own resea...

Omnacortil 60mg side effects

My sister is suffering from hypereosinophilic syndrome since 25/3/2014. She has taken omnocortil 60mg for 20 days & now she is taking 50mg for a week, but later on the dosage has to be decreased to 40mg and 30mg weekly. Currently, she is having some face swelling and weakness so plz guide us. ## I have been suffering from acute colitis for 3 years with no solution. Please advise whether omnacortil can help? ## Those can be normal side effects of this medication, and it is always best to follow a doctor's instructions. And no, this is a steroid class medication that can actually cause acne as a side effect. according to NIH reports, such as nausea, weigh gain, and fluid retention. How are you both doing, now? Are you on any other medications? ## I am taking omnacortil for 6 month...

What Is The Difference Between Nefrosave Tablet And Nephrocapwhether Use Of These Medicines Will Reduce Serum Creatinine

whether the use of nefrosafe tablet reduces serum creatinine level? How long the tablet can be used by a diabetic patient? what is the difference between nefrosafe and nephrocap? ## Last month my brother serum creatinine1.7mg/dl and blood urea is 40.He is using teriparatide injection and fosamax alternate(one month injection ,daily 20micrograms nd next month weekly one tablet.)Means injection(1st month) - Tablets(2nd month) - Injection is running(this month).This month i check the creatnine,we observed creatinine rises upto 2.6mg/dl.Doctor refers nefrosave tablets. any side effects r there with this and is it safe to take long time. Pls give me the reply. ## is nefrosave lower the creatinine level? how long a diabetic person can use this ? any serious or chronic side-effect of this medi...

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Soravil Cream

It is a cream for psoriasis, looking for more details. ## I have tried Soravil and was sooo disappointed. The woman on the phone had me sp excited and enthusiastic about this product. It did not work at a matter of fact it dried it out and made it itch even more. Plus, It stung soo bad. Not worth the money at all. DO NOT BUY ## Its worked wonders for me for decades. It does work for some people. when nothing else does. you have learned we are all different, dont discourage a treatment to the masses just cause it cant help you. be an adult and care about the others suffering as you do and allow them to try to find what will help them even if it didnt help you ## I was sure I had leopracy - never had psorasis till after 60. I just want to say that this is really expensive and not...

Unexplained bruises and itching

For months I've been experiencing itching which causes scabs and unexplained bruises that won't go away. What kind of over the counter medicine should I use? ## Hello Lucy, Sounds to me like you need to take a visit to your primary care physician to see what the possible cause could be. I had a family member who was had the same thing happen and when they finally went to the doctor they found out it was because they were thrashing in their sleep. Ultimately they had to do a few sleep studies to find out what was causing the sleep issues. I'm not saying you have the same problem, I'm simply saying it's best to talk with your doctor on the subject to find the root cause rather than treat the symptoms. Keep us updated.

clobetasol propionate 0.05% usage

Can clobetasol propionate .05% be used to treat athlete's foot fungus on my feet? ## Hello, Jim! How are you? No, this is a steroid medication, so it won't help with athlete's foot, which is a fungal infection. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including skin redness, irritation and dryness. To treat it, you need an antifungal cream, there are many available over the counter, if your doctor approves of your using them. Alternatively, they can prescribe something for you. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can I use renovate as an skin antifungal? not athlete's foot

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vitiligo and zempred 16mg

My son of 11 years has been taking zempred 16mg twice a week for 3 months. Earlier on he took it for 18 months at dosages of 16mg, 8mg and 4mg; but when the dr stopped prescribing it, the white spots started spreading. How can my son be cured? ## I hv been prescribed this medicine too for vitiligo... not sure whether to hv it or not after reading ur reviews!!!! ## Mr. PK , I am not aware which city you live, however if you are at Kolkata, please try to book appointment with Dr. Samiran Dhar @ Madox Square, Ballygunge, Kolkata. He is a pediatric dermatologist and I have seen excellent results through his treatment for Kids. He prescribes "Immune Suppressive" medicines like Psorid 50 mg, Immonaral etc. and those works wonder with UV therapy....but please do not take these medicine...

What is Betametasona Clotrimazol Gentamicina cream used for?

I live in San Antonio, Texas. Is this cream available in the States? Is it SAFE? ## @ERQ, The combination of Betametasona + Clotrimazol + Gentamicina is marketed towards treating various skin conditions such as pain, inflammation, itching, bacterial/fungal infections, etc. From what I've seen mentioned in another thread here, this cream is allegedly available with your doctor's prescription here in the US. However further reports suggest that it costs only a fraction of the price down in Mexico for the same ointment (i.e. $30 in the US and less than $2 in Mexico). Given this information, my suggestion would be to just get it prescribed in the US since the cost of driving to Mexico and back from Texas is probably a lot more than the difference you'd end up saving in the price...

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Little black moles on your body could be what?

I noticed some little black dots maybe half the size of a dime coin, and they are on my left leg. There's like 3 or 4 and I am wondering what they could be? ## It is very hard to say, it could be anything from harmless age related changes in melanin, to a form of skin cancer. The best thing to do would be to see your doctor and let them look at them, they can also do a biopsy, if they feel it is necessary. Most skin conditions, including cancers are very treatable, if caught early enough, so it would be best to have these checked out sooner, rather than later. You should always do so, if you notice something new and odd on your skin. How long ago did they appear?

Santyl Ointment

Hi! Can I use Santyl on my face to remove dark skin and on the lines of the face? ## Santyl is a collagenese ointment that is normally used for debribedement, such as when someone has a wound that won't heal and has developed necrotic tissue. Has your doctor told you to use it for these purposes? Otherwise, I can only think that such use would be inappropriate and is likely to cause more harm than good. You can learn more about it here: ## I had a severe infection in my rectal area and the surgeon had to dig deep to clear out the affected tissue. I am left with a deep cavity which requires daily changing of a fistula, and wound care. The cavity seems to be narrowing. Santyl is used in wound care, but it's too expensive. Can you recommend a substitute? ## Can Santyl be used on th...

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Can Ichthammol be used for hidradenitis?

My son was diagnosed this week with hidradenitis. I was wondering whether or not ichthammol (black drawing salve) could be used on it. I have another friend who used it on some boil-like areas on his butt and under his arm which seem to be much like the hidradenitis areas I've read about. ## the ichthammol ointment 20% is black in the tub is this the color it should be or is this color because of out date . ## Hello Teachermom114, If your son has hidradenitis then it is possible that Ichthammol would be able to help him. Some members of the dailystrength hidradenitis-suppurativa section report that they carry a tube of this everywhere with them. My only concern is that most doctors will advise you don't pop or squeeze the sores because this can cause infection and I'm not ce...

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