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Birth control, also known as contraception, anticonception, and fertility control, is the use of methods or devices to prevent unintended pregnancy. Birth control has been used since ancient times, but effective and safe methods of birth control only became available in the 20th century. Planning, making available, and using human birth control is called family planning. Some cultures limit or discourage access to birth control because they consider it to be morally, religiously, or political...

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pregnancy from implanon

Hi, I am 39, three kids 3-19. I have had my implanon for 3 years its set to be removed on 1/13/17. My question is, is it possible to get pregnant when its set to expire. I have taken pregnancy test and they were all negative, but I feel like I am pregnant, flutters, going to the rest room every 5 minutes increase in appetite. With the implant I was on my cycle twice a month, in December my cycle only lasted for like 3 days and that was it. Normally it would last for more than 7 days. My stomach feels heavy and its getting bigger. Is this a sign if pregnancy or just the implant wearing off. ## In such cases, it is hard to say what may be causing such symptoms, you might be pregnant, since abstinence is the only foolproof method of preventing pregnancy. However, they could also be due to ...

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norethinderone and sprintec to delay period

Can i take norethinderone and sprintec to delay my period. I have taken norethinderone alone to delay my period . But I have recently been prescribed sprintec as a BC. I haven't started it yet and am on my period now - 3rd day. I am traveling next month and do not want to have my period when I'm away. Is there any reason I shouldn't take both meds or would it be to much. I'm just afraid continuing the blue sprintec pills, wont be enough to stop the cycle . Any suggestions? Thank you. ## Have you consulted your doctor to see what would be best, and safest for you? Usually, women can just skip their period by continuing the active tablets, rather than taking the inactive ones for that week, however, this may not work for you, since you are new to taking the birth control, ...

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novodol tablets for irreruglar periods

Aoa, my cycle is irreruglar last two months ,my dr suggests me daina 35 ,then yaz tablets nd now suggests me anovodol tablts,bt my circle is not stopped.wat should i do??plz help me ## Im unmarried girl 21 years old My periods becomes irregular for last 2 years....i got periods after 3 months and my weight is increasing day by day....before this problem i was 65 hight 5.6...but now im quiet worried...plz give me some suggestion....plzz ## my daughter is 18 years old unmarried she gain wait and about 3 months her periods in not regulate last 2 months she took medicine then period was start but without madicin this month not start pls .suggest what can i do g\for her period regulate ## Im unmarried girl 29 years old My periods becomes irregular for many years....i got peri...

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Krimson 35 irregular periods

I am 22 yrs old and am an unmarried girl. I am suffering from PCOD since the last 3 years. Earlier my doctor advised me to take Doris and it was cured only for a year but again i faced problem of irregular periods and i consulted another doctor who gave me Krimson 35. i started using from 16th june 2014 but before completing 21 days i have seen few drops of period within 2 weeks i.e on 29th june'14. should i stop using these tablets? and along with Krimson 35 doctor also gave me APCOD sachets. is it gud? please advise what should i do and will the problem be solved of irregular periods? ## Hi Nikki! I would call your Doctor and let him know what's going on, and, your concerns. ## Hi...i have used krimson 35 for one month and i got my period on the correct date after usage...Howe...

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Pregnancy after jadelle removal

I had jadelle implants for 5 years and removed the implants in May 2013 and up till now I am still not pregnant. I have had normal menstral cycles after removal and still cant understand why i cant get pregnant. How soon will the effects of Jadelle wear off so i can become pregnant ## After having it in your system for 5 years, it can take awhile for you to be able to get pregnant again, once it has been removed. Jadelle is still a hormonal contraceptive that prevents ovulation, so it's likely that you're not even ovulating yet, so soon after its removal. I'd suggest getting an ovulation test kit to see if you are, or not. Have you consulted your doctor for advice? ## thank you for the response. I did go to see my doctor and he recommended i start taking a fertility drug Clo...

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Jadelle side effects please

Hi there I had jadelle inserted two days ago. Just wondering when are side effects likely to start? I have experienced none so far ## My side effects started about two months after But from what I have read and heard everyone is different. I hope you don't experience any. ## There is no set answer that can be given, since we are all different as Valeisha stated, someone could experience side effects almost immediately, after insertion, or they may not experience any side effects, at all. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, irregular menstrual cycle, spotting, and headache. Ref: Hormone-Based Contraception Information How are you doing, now? Has there been any change?

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Betamox 500mg and Pregnancy

I took 500mg Betamox - What are the chances of me getting pregnant? ## Hello, Nikki! How are you? Do you take oral contraceptives? If so, and you engage in unprotected intercourse while taking this antibiotic, it can increase your risk of pregnancy. Otherwise, it will not do so. The U.S. FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. ## Is it safe to have intercourse after using Betamox 500mg?

On Setlakin and bleeding for 20 days

I started Setlakin on April 22nd, I then started bleeding on May 20th. It’s non stop. It’s not spotting, it’s like a normal period. Cramps, bloating, all of it. I called my OB and she told me to double up for a week, which ended already so I called again to report no change and the nurse ignored me and said I need to give it time to work itself out. 20 days of bleeding is a LONG time. It’s ruining my relationship, the irritation and constant cramping. Thankfully we’ve been together for 2 years and we know this will pass but for the love of all that’s holy I can’t handle this much longer. Has anyone else experienced this and how long did the bleeding last for you? I know everyone is different but I feel there’s no end in sight! Help! ## Thi...

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memory plus gold side effect and it;s advantage

Hi I'm Virvz. Nursing student, I'm attempting to use this Memo + Gold but i have lots of nababasa na side effects... Should I have to try or not? Kelangan ko kasi mayroon kaming midwifery board exam on april. thanks po ## just take it very effective you will sleep bit more so sleep by 8 pm and study from 4 30 am take butter too with cleared the 16 day long nonstop medical exam with memory plus with 67% marks .. ## hi virvz pwde koh makuha no mo ## I take memo plus gold for a week but start nun hirap n ko matulog s gabi then after a few hrs napaginum ko pra n kong lutang minsan natutulala p ko sayang dmi ko p namn bnili one aday ko lng dn namn cya iniinum lalo p cguro kng 2 a day nagkarun n dn ako ngadaming uban s buhok. ## I have been taking memo plus gold these past few ...

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Dry Mouth While On Lo Loestrin?

Hi, so I've been taking Lo Loestrin for 5 days now and ever since the day after I took the first pill, it's been difficult to swallow and eat without choking. I also have bad breath because of the dryness that I can't get rid of, no matter how many times I brush my teeth. If anyone is experiencing similar things, please let me know, and maybe we could work on a way to get rid of it or decide if it's better to stop taking Lo Loestrin all together. ## Most medications can cause dry mouth, but I've never heard of it being that severe, from oral contraceptives. As reported by the FDA, other typical side effects may possibly include dizziness, headache, irritability and PMS-like symptoms. Given the severity, I'd suggest speaking to your doctor about trying a different...

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