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Birth control, also known as contraception and fertility control, is a method or device used to prevent pregnancy.[1] Birth control has been used since ancient times, but effective and safe methods of birth control only became available in the 20th century.[2] Planning, making available, and using birth control is called family planning.[3][4] Some cultures limit or discourage access to birth control because they consider it to b...

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Hyan contraceptive pill side effects

I've been on Hyan contraceptive for the past two months after a c-section and my period is a very dark red blood. Is this normal? ## That can be normal, when using a form of hormonal contraceptive, according to the NIH, other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, and irritability. However, it never hurts to have it checked out, if you're concerned. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I've been using hyan for about a year and just changed to oralcon. How's this gonna affect me ## Hello. I have been taking Hy-an now for a month. I am 47. But I had breast tenderness and my period is now 9 days delayed! Where before it was only 4 days. It is lighter but 9 days is getting to be a bit long. ## Hi I have been taking this pills Hy-an after giving birth to ...

Dry Mouth While On Lo Loestrin?

Hi, so I've been taking Lo Loestrin for 5 days now and ever since the day after I took the first pill, it's been difficult to swallow and eat without choking. I also have bad breath because of the dryness that I can't get rid of, no matter how many times I brush my teeth. If anyone is experiencing similar things, please let me know, and maybe we could work on a way to get rid of it or decide if it's better to stop taking Lo Loestrin all together. ## Most medications can cause dry mouth, but I've never heard of it being that severe, from oral contraceptives. As reported by the FDA, other typical side effects may possibly include dizziness, headache, irritability and PMS-like symptoms. Given the severity, I'd suggest speaking to your doctor about trying a different...

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Contraceptive pills and Myra E 400 IU

Pwede bang uminom ng myra e habang umiinom ng contraceptive pills? ## Pwede po ba ako uminom ng myra 400 while taking meliane pills? ## Can I take meliane on the 3rd day? Is it safe? ## Hi im using diane pills before but after my last menstruation i switch to lady pills...its was seven days of my menstruation when.i started the pills..then i didn't yet finish the white pills but my menstruation i still have 4 white it safe if i cannot finish the last 4 it safe?coz i already have a!thanks and.hoping for.your.kind response ## Good evening its ok I take mera 400 together with diane pills? ## Hi, may tanong lng nagtatake ngaun ng cerazette pills oklng din isabay mag take ng myra e. Thanks. ## Can I take myra E and lady pills at the same ti...

Took the wrong day of Exluton pills

Help naman oh nung sunday nut ko lang nalaman na maling araw pala ang nainom ko on saturday night kasi ganito yun tama naman na sat pill ang nainom kaso yung sat pill na yun pala is for may last week of may packet. Na dapat saturday ng week 2 sana. Then that sunday morning we had contact effective pa rin ba yun? hindi naman ako nalate or what namali lang ng inom. First blister KO pa yun then start of my second week sa pagtake. I need your thoughts. ## Hi. Good evening po. Pa help po. Nagatake ako ng pills since july tapos nung lastweek po menstruation ko. Tapos hindi ko po nainum ang last pils ko... Bumili ako ng bago pakete tapos uminom ako. First day at second day nang pag inum ko may nangyari samin ng asawa ko. Tapos patuloy ako uminom hanggang sa ngayon kulang nakita nagkamali ako i...

What are famynor red and white for?

I have been using nur isterate last year from January to October and I stopped, but I have been experiencing non stop bleeding. So I went to a clinic and the nurse gave me Famynor, and she cut out the red ones. What are the white ones supposed to do? I want to get pregnant. Plz help. ## I got 5 months now I can't see my periods and they gave me Famynor pills it's now 1 and half week nothing has happened and I want the baby please ## Hello Makwanda Famynor is a contraceptive that prevents ovulation and in turn stops menstruation bleeding. Generally contraceptives have active and inactive pills (placebo), I suggest you contact your PCP to discern if that is the case with the discarded red pills. If you are attempting to get pregnant you should consult your primary care ph...

implant and yellow non itching or smelly discharge

My implant is about to expired on october 8th. Is it normal to have yellow discharge? ## Hello, Jesse! How are you? You may have developed vaginitis, which the FDA lists as being a possible side effect, you may also experience spotting, irritability, and headache. It would be best to have it check out to be sure. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hello Jesse, It is not normal to have any discharge from Esperal as long as you haven't consumed alcohol. Esperal doesn't infuse any chemicals (Disulfiram) into your blood stream. So, you are clean alcohol wise you can't have any side effects from Esperal. ## I want to purchase the Esperal implant. Where can I get it in India? Does it require a prescription?

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Petogen and pregnancy

I've been using petogen consistently for 6 months now which is 2 shots. Seven weeks into the second shot I had unprotected intercourse and I'm experiencing excessive hunger these days... Could I be pregnant? ## Not likely, as long as you made sure to receive your shots on time. It is a long-term contraceptive that contains Medroxyprogesterone. The NIH does warn that it can cause increased hunger, weight gain, nausea, irregular bleeding, and headache. Are you on any other medications? ## I'm not on any other medication. I have another question, if I go for a shot a week later than prescribed, would it be much of a problem? ## Hello. My girlfriend was on the Oralcon 4th red pill and she went to opt for the Petogen shot, but she sees her periods. Is she still protected or could...

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Trigestrel vs oralcon

Hi, I was on trigesteral for a year, but then I moved. When I went to the doctor I'm my new town, she said that trigesteral was too strong for me. And recommended oralcon. Is this safe? Will I be able to be intimate without protection while I'm on oralcon? I was happy on trigesteral but she said it might cause infertility, due to it being too strong for me ## Hi, was wondering if you can help me, I been on oralcon contraceptive for a year and my doc did not have any more in stock of oralcon and gave me 3 months supply of trigestrel. I am on my last red pill of oralcon and just finished my period 3 days ago. When must I start the trigestrel and where on the pack? As I had intercourse last night. Please help!!! Thanks ## I have been on Triphasil/Trigestrel for years but when I wen...

Taking trust pills on the wrong day

I'm on the 8th pill but I accidentally took the 14th pill... Is it ok to take the 9 pill on the next day and continue taking the pill or should I stop taking this pack of pill. ## Hello, Celle! How are you? Yes, you can just continue taking them, there is nothing specific in the tablets that makes it so they have to be taken on any certain day. They active tablets all contain the same thing and can be taken on any given day. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Nagkamali din ako sa pag inum ng trust pills instead of 8, 14 yung nainum ko then i stopped taking pills muna pang 3 days pills ko na sana mamayang gabi.. Wala rin munang contact sa partner ko.. Ok lang ba stop muna ako o i.continue ko nalang yung pag inum? So bale 3 pills na yung iinumin ko mamaya? Pls help me.. ## i s...

what are Famynor tablets for?

Hi. I haven't been seeing my period for months 3-4 months, went to the clinic for a pregnancy test and it is negative. The doctor said there might be fat on my tubes. I'd like to know what else can the problem be except for fat in my tubes because its been happening for a while now my period is on and off and the doctor prescribed famynor tablets. ## Hello, Heily! How are you? It is most likely due to a hormonal imbalance. Famynor are used to prevent pregnancy, but taking them for a few months may help to rebalance your hormones, so your body starts to cycle normally, again. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi I didn't get my period for a month now and I did pregnant test and checked in my blood they both negative should I be worried that I may be pregnant,the doct...


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