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Oralcon and pregnancy

Hi. I have been using yaz for about 7 months but switched to oralcon. I am currently at my second red pill of the month but I haven't started my cycle yet. I do have extreme cramps, breast tenderness and tiredness but there is no signs of my cycle. I have taken it religiously, and have used extra protection during intimacy with my husband, however we are not ready for children and now we are worried that there might be a chance of pregnancy. ## Irregular cycles can be a normal side effect of oral contraceptives, according to NIH studies, some women even stop having periods entirely, while taking them. Other side effects may include nausea, headache, mood changes, and weight changes. However, the only way to really be sure is by checking for pregnancy. Are you on any other medication...

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Yaz vs Trigestrel for acne and contraceptive

I want to know the best one for acne and for regulating my period. Would you all recommend Yaz or Trigestrel? ## I have no Idea, but im here for the suggestions.. So apperently i have to make this more detailed but as I had said before that I too am here to see all the replies from all of yall that do have a clue. ## Hello Oby, According to the NIH both of these contraceptives are designed to prevent pregnancies but due to the nature of the medication and their effectiveness at balancing hormones they are also effective at treating acne. Below is a link to where the NIH discusses this in further detail. [1] NIH pubmedhealth Since both medications are going to be effective at helping you with your concerns you should really only worry about which of these two medications better works wit...

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Yaz birth control

So last year I was on yaz and after about 3 months, I started having cramps and gas and always felt like my stomach wasnt settled. My mom thought I was lactose intolerant but when I stopped my pills over summer, my stomach was back to normal. Now I am on yaz again and after 2 months the same thing is happening with my stomach. Has anyone else experienced this with yaz? Should I be worried. I think I am going to ask my doctor to switch. ## Hello, Marz! How are you? Has there been any change? Those can be side effects of oral contraceptives, according to the NIH. You may also experience headache, PMS-like symptoms, and spotting. Speaking to your doctor about switching to a different one is most likely a good idea. With many medications, it is a matter of trial and error to find one that w...

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Yaz or Althea pills?

Hi i just want to know if yaz and althea pills have the same effect? which one is better? i've tried yaz pills before and my mens became regular but know im having problems with my menstrual cycle again because i had hormal imbalance and have stopped taking yaz for a year already and i visited my OB and asked me to take althea pills. ## HI, Ann! Yes, they are both hormonal contraceptives that prevent pregnancy and can help regulate your cycle. Has any testing been done to see which hormones are imbalanced? ## HI I WOULD LIKE TO ASK PO BECAUSE I AM A USER OF ALTHEA FOR ABOUT 2 MOS. AFTER MY LAST TAKING OF ALTHEA MY MENSTRUAL CYCLE SEEMS TO STOP AND START IRREGULARLY. IS THIS NORMAL? THANKS ## Hi my Name is Perloe, i have irregular menstruations eversince, this year january i already ...

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novodol tablets for irreruglar periods

Aoa, my cycle is irreruglar last two months ,my dr suggests me daina 35 ,then yaz tablets nd now suggests me anovodol tablts,bt my circle is not stopped.wat should i do??plz help me ## Im unmarried girl 21 years old My periods becomes irregular for last 2 years....i got periods after 3 months and my weight is increasing day by day....before this problem i was 65 kg...my hight 5.6...but now im 88...im quiet worried...plz give me some suggestion....plzz ## my daughter is 18 years old unmarried she gain wait and about 3 months her periods in not regulate last 2 months she took medicine then period was start but without madicin this month not start pls .suggest what can i do g\for her period regulate ## Im unmarried girl 29 years old My periods becomes irregular for many years....i got peri...

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pills for PCOS

Hi! I'm new here. I just wanted to ask, what pills I should take if I have PCOS? ## Hi. My OB advised me to take althea pills just for today, but my menstruation is not yet coming. Is it ok or is it the best thing to do? ## I have a pcos problem and my doctor said to reduce my weight. Currently, my weight is 60kg and I am 20 yrs old, and my height is 5 feet. Can medisilm help me out for pcos? ## Pwde po ba uminom ng myra e kasabay ng yaz and metformin as primary medication for pcos? __________________________________________ English Translation (via Google Translate): Can you take myra in conjunction with yaz and metformin as a primary medication for pcos? ## Please help me, i need answer ..where i can see the answer here? Can i take myra E if i take diane pills? I7years already i t...

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actavis microgestin vs watson microgestin

Over six yrs my b/c was Watson brand Microgestin now the new pills I picked up Actavis Microgestin is making me have side effects...breakthrough bleeding and cramps. If the company name changed, I'm assuming the medication as well! If my body is already immune to this medication why the side effects... ## I am having the same problem. Im experiencing side effects (headaches, mood swings) on the actavis microgestin fe 1/20. I am getting off of it. ## Hello, Kym and Sandy! How are both of you ladies doing? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having. There can be slight fluctuations in the amount of the active ingredient from one generic to another, so the new one is most likely a little higher or lower, which could account for these new side effects. I used to experi...

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What is the best pills for me

Hello may I ask some questions regarding on taking pills. I have been taking yaz pill for two months but I have a problem by having a severe headaches everyday and can't able to sleep at night. So please tell me which pills is best for me, I'm only 21 years old and of course married but not ready to get pregnant. Is it allow to switch another pills as my pills is about to finish and only waiting for my montly period? Thank you. Waiting for your reply. ## I have tb and prescribed with myrin p forte tabley. Taken for 65 days and my menstration was disrupted as i dont hsve menstration last two werks. Will i resume my diane pills. ## Please be very cautious and research anything & everything before you start or stop any medication!!! For your safety as well as your unborn child....

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metazol and bleeding

Last night I took my last dose of metazol for BV and since Sunday I have been bleeding like I am on my period (5 days of bleeding) which is only due tomorrow (on Yaz). The doctor did tell me that the antibiotic would throw out my pill but is this normal? Prior to this I was spotting for 4 days as a result of the infection. I assume that the infection has cleared because there is no longer a foul odor or discharge. ## Hello, Seraphina! How are you? When you have your period while on oral contraceptives, it is due to a withdrawal of the hormones that they contain, thus, when an antibiotic affects the amount of the hormones that you absorb, it basically causes the same thing, a withdrawal bleed. So yes, it is normal. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you so much for replying...

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Hormonal contraceptive ## is dronis20 the same as yaz? ## am not a doctor. but i know dronis 20mg is same as yasmine. only diff is dronis is 24 days course and yazmine is 21 day course. content of drugs in boh is same. dronis is 24 days as one of the drug content in dronis is 0.02mg and in yasmine is 0.03mg. so dronis being 0.02mg is the course of 24 days. i konw this as my wife was pescribed with yasmine. and i have a friends pharmacy shop so he informed me. that the price if dronis is expensive compared to dronis. after tht i confirmed with my doctor tht yasmine is not available is dronis ok to take. he advised me its same u can take. ## I am 23 years old and doctor prescribed me Dronis20 as a contraceptive pill. Is it safe taking the tablet or there are side effects like acne, dark s...

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Small round pill scored in half on one side and imprinted hexagon opposite

I found two small off white or pale yellow pills. They are round with beveled edges and scored in half on one side. The other side is imprinted with a hexagon but, it's empty. There are no other markings at all. ## The Hexagon imprint is usually used on Yaz birth control tablets, which would explain why they are small. They usually have the letters DS in the hexagon, though. It is possible, however, that this could be a generic or from a foreign source. Was it found in the U.S.? ## Yeah, I live in Florida and haven't gone outside of my city lately... And I am certain that save secret espionage, none of my friends or family have been outside of 50 miles recently. Thanks for the info though you're probably right. ## LOL! Well, I had to ask, we do get a lot of posts from people...

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Lost 2 active Yaz Birth Control Pills

I started taking birth control this month. My dog got hold of my pill pack and now 2 of my active pills are somewhere in the garden. Should I extend the placebo period for 2 more days so 7 days instead of 5. Or take a new pack right a way and have no placebo period till the next pack is finished ?

Will alcohol decrease Yaz effectiveness?

I have been taking Yaz for less then a week so I am still getting to know the basics about the pill. I just had a couple glasses of wine and I questioned myself the effectiveness... Now to be honest I am NOT taking Yaz for it's birth control purpose. Doctor prescribed it for Hormonal issues, to be specific HIRUTISM & ACNE. Also Doc said it's OK I can have a couple of drinks with Yaz but I was just wondering if it will continue helping me with my issues, not as a contraceptive per se. I do like my wine I admit. A glass or two most 'normal' days. Sometimes 5/6 glasses at occasions like weddings etc. So my question is will Yaz continue reducing the hairs if I drink? thanks in advance. ## Yes, alcohol is not known to alter its efficacy, as reported by the U.S. FDA. Howev...

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from yaz pills to althea

hi doc,my OB recommend yaz pills and so i used my 1st tablet yesterday but i read a lot of negative reviews about yaz and now im planning to switch to althea today.it that ok? shall i take the 1st tablet of althea today or would that be the 2nd tablet? ## Well, first I would like to state that this site is not doctors, nor any type of medical professional. That said, have you spoken to your doctor about switching pills and the proper way to do it? In some cases, it is okay to just continue as normal, but in some it isn't and only a doctor or pharmacist can properly advise you. ## hi ask qlng ndi xe q sexually active e ok lng b mgtake nto ireg kc mens q isa p pde q b itake yan i have sensitive stomach kc mgrereact b yan s hyper acidity q? ## hi..ask ko lang pwede bang magtake ng alth...

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Safe To Switch Pills

I've changed pills and have been on my new pill for 2 days am I safe ## What type of pill? Are you talking about an oral contraceptive? And if so, did you do a direct switch without missing any? What are the names of them? Learn more oral contraceptive details here. ## i was taking lolette then changed to yaz lolette's active pill starts on a monday whereas yaz starts on a wednesday so i didnt take anything after the sugar tablets mon and tues then started my yaz on the wednsday ## Hi good day i was taking daphne pill and plan today to switch to sophia is it safe? I let my baby feed on the bottle already... I will be wating for your rply thank you. ..

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oralcon first time user

Hi there i just started taking oralcon, since my bf says he doesn't a baby, is the pill going to help with my acne and a little bit of weight gain and shaping my breast.....? I used to use yaz pill and it made me depressed hence i changed to this one.... ## Yes, it can sometimes have such side effects, as listed by the U.S. FDA. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, spotting and PMS-like symptoms. There are no guarantees that it will, but it is possible. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Lo Oval 28

Birth Control Pills ## this med was prescribed for severe menstrual cramps at age 16. I have been taking it for 2 and a half years. I am experiencing tiredness stomach aches, just not feeling well. I have had some blood work done and so far nothing has come up abnormal, can this med be making me feel bad? ## Oh, yes. It also caused weight gain and other side effects. There is a new pill called Yaz that my doctor switched me to, you might try that one. It's worked wonders. I hope that it helps. ## Hello I've been using the oval 28 pills for a month now I have stomach cramps and feeling tired I nce took a pregnancy test but my result was negetive now I don't know what to do is this normal

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Can i take yaz and hypospasmol

Hi im 21 and currently on yaz i was wondering if i can take the following medication and what effect will it have on the effectiveness of my birth control Adco-dol Hypospasmol Neurofen Stilpayne ## Basically you should not have any direct interaction of yaz with these medication. You need to avoid the dosage schedule of all the pills together.

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yaz and dormonoct

Can Dormonoct have an effect on the effectiveness of yaz? ## Hello, Suzanne! How are you? No, Dormonoct contains the active ingredient Loprazolam, which is a benzodiazepine that's used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders and it will not affect your contraceptive. It does, however, carry the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with?

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oralcon contraceptive pills side effects also

Hi I av been usen yaz frm 2010. Bt resently I av been taken oralcon which av been wid sum side effects lyk I av noticed dat I'm nt wet anymor wen haven sex n da clothen of white subtains n also for dis month my bf as picked up pimples in his gentles its red pimple which burns n only cums wen we are haven sex even me I hav a burning dwn der wen u av sex why is it its coz or da tablets ## Kenny-sounds like doctor time for you both. This sound like an infection. Get it checked out now-and both must go!! Good luck!:)

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